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We are joined today with Borko Milosev
Borko is an active investor in Pennsylvania in the real estate market since 2003.
Borko graduated from Moravian College in 2004 and is co-founder and managing member of Post Road Management, LLC.
The company is a Bethlehem-based real estate investment and management company, which currently owns, manages, or asset manages over 16,500 residential units valued at over $1 billion throughout the United States.
As an undergraduate at Moravian, he made his first real estate investment, acquiring a distressed single-family home in West Bethlehem.
In the years since, his passion has been purchasing real estate, with focus on multi-family properties. He leads a team of 50 staff members, and at any given time Post Road Management employs up to 100 independent contractors working on multiple projects.
Previously, from 2008 to 2012, Borko served as director at Iron Hound Management, Co., LCC, a boutique real estate advisory firm started by Robert Verrone ’90,.
At the New York City firm, his focus was on commercial loan restructuring. Before Iron Hound, he worked in the real estate lending group of Wachovia Bank for four years. During his time at Wachovia, Borko was part of a team that originated and structured more than $2 billion of financing.
A high school exchange student from Serbia, Milosev graduated summa cum laude with honors and a 4.0 GPA at Moravian, earning with a B.S. in mathematics, with a dual degree in financial economics. In addition, he participated in the College’s Amrhein Investment Club.

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