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Wakovia Student Loans – Julie Talks Money : COVID-19, Student Loans!!


Wakovia Student Loans – 7 Tips

Julie Talks Money : COVID-19, Student Loans!!
Julie Falen is a successful LA-based real estate investor, teacher, speaker, coach, and radio show host. Julie moved to LA from the Midwest and worked in Music, event and TV production. but eventually become enthralled with real estate, got a Real Estate license and hasn’t looked back! As a numbers person Julie focused her initial efforts doing mortgage home loans, becoming a top performer at World Savings, Wachovia, among others. She conducted dozens of classes for agents and buyers on loan types, credit, calculators and investing and also presented seminars on real estate loans and finance for refi’s and investing. After the meltdown in 2007, Julie became a full-time investor herself, buying, fixing and flipping houses as well as building her own rental portfolio of property in and outside of California.

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