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AITA for letting our son use his untouched college fund as a down payment on a house, and not using it to pay off our daughter’s student loans?
Not the A-hole
Our son just graduated college. He was extremely studious in high school, and was able to get a full scholarship to the school of his choice. The college fund we saved for him therefore went untouched.

Our daughter is a couple years older than our son. Despite our best efforts, she was never the greatest student, so while she was able to go to college, she received no scholarship money. The college fund we saved for her (which actually amounted to a little more than we saved for our son) covered about half her tuition, with loans making up the rest.

Our son did extremely well in college and graduated with a great job. We therefore decided to gift him his college fund to use as a down payment on a house (and with the stock market’s gains over the last four years, it’s grown quite a bit since he went off to school).

Our daughter was furious when she found out that our son’s college fund went towards him buying a house. She said that he’s already way ahead of her in life (since he graduated debt-free with a much better paying job than our daughter’s), and it’s not fair to put him even further ahead. She maintains the “fair” thing to have done is to have put our son’s fund towards paying off her loans.

Both my husband, our son and I think our daughter is being entitled but she told some of our extended family how “unfair” we’re being and they are taking her side. Are we somehow the unfair ones here?

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