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Reddit Refinance Student Loans – Podcast #138- Managing Student Loans and When to Pay for Advice


Reddit Refinance Student Loans – Most Popular?

Today we learn unique strategies for managing student loans as well as tips on getting professional advice. This and lots more. Show notes:

There is a huge issue with student loans in our country today. I think it is currently at $1.7 trillion. That is almost half of the annual federal budget. One out of six Americans over the age of 18 have student loans. We have discussed many times on the blog and podcast the huge student loan burdens that physicians and dentists are dealing with. In this episode, I interview Travis Hornsby, a student loan expert at We have a great discussion about unique ways to manage your student loans and techniques that you have probably not heard of before. We talk about who needs to seek out formal student loan advice and who probably doesn’t. Managing your student loans takes into account retirement contributions and how you file your taxes. It can be very complicated and advice from the professionals at is just a few hundred dollars but can likely save you thousands of dollars in interest and other costs associated with your loan. Listen to this episode to learn techniques for managing your loans and to better understand whether you need to seek professional advice for your student loan burden.

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