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College Ave Student Loans Reddit – How to Choose

For this milestone 100th episode, I’m joined by all four consultants. Because we’re just one week away from the election, I’m talking with them about the election and what we expect could happen to your student loans regardless of who wins the 2020 presidential election.

In this episode, you’ll find out:
✅ A recap of Travis’ paternity leave
✅ Travis’ preferred brand of diapers for his new baby
✅ The difference between a “trip” and “vacation” when you’re a parent
✅ The probability of there being a “blue sweep”
✅ How the Biden plan could impact student loans going forward
✅ Bipartisan support that we’ve seen during stimulus discussions
✅ How long we think the payment and interest freeze can last
✅ Will the consultants get a COVID vaccine when it’s released
✅ The impact of inflation of your financial life and spending plans
✅ The role of gambling and trading cards in the pandemic

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