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Brazos Student Loans – Whats The Best?

Brazos Higher Education is a classic example of a company that should make the big student loan lenders worried if they streamline their borrower application process. Brazos is a non-profit lender in Waco, TX that exclusively makes loans to Texas residents.

Why should you care about Brazos if you live in Texas and have student loans? In many cases, they offer much lower interest rates than the big names in student loan refinancing. They also happen to offer Student Loan Planner readers a large cash back bonus if you apply through our link (check the main refi page for the latest bonus).

Who Can Apply with Brazos Student Loan Refinancing?

Brazos wants to see a credit score over 720 with income of at least $60,000 to consider you for a student loan refinancing. Their minimum loan size is $10,000 and their maximum loan size is $150,000 for bachelor’s degree holders and $250,000 for borrowers with professional degrees.

While they allow cosigners, they still ask the primary borrower to have a minimum income and credit score, which is unusual.

Who Will Get a Fantastic Offer from Brazos?

As a small non-profit with a regional focus, Brazos has an odd way of doling out interest rates. Brazos focuses on FICO score. If you go on their website, you’ll notice that they will tell you what kind of rates you can qualify for based on your credit score.

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  1. Aaron
    July 23, 2021 at 12:02 am

    This lender had the lowest rate for me by far. Like he said, if you live in TX for sure check them.