The College Student Loan Scam


hyatts dwyer keeping it complimentary you understand I hate to see anyone get made use of lets speak about the present situation with trainee loan financial obligation today first as an aside let me point out that I settled my own trainee loans about 15 years earlier right I understand what its like to accumulate the debt problem that originates from going to a costly private school and a pricey personal law school right I understand the sacrifices early on that you need to make between paying your student loans and other possibilities in life right the system work for me its possible however lets discuss the current scenario right now government has actually made a lot of promises to a lot of individuals we have unfunded liabilities in the trillions of dollars right all of these expensive federal government programs where they are assisting people giving individuals advantages paying individuals covering individualss health care expenses and other expenditures you can think of all of those things cost a terrible lot of cash and as we all understand our federal government is trillions of dollars in debt right we need for some individuals to pay more than theyre getting too close the financing gap right especially provided our demographics child boomers aging they have more requirements more needs that they require fulfilled from the system like we require for somebody to pay those bills now it might shock some people however what we consider the trainee loan program might be construed I would argue need to be interpreted as a method to get working and middle-class youths to spend for the system right understand that not just trainee loan debt right now more than real estate debt in America but you require to even more understand that student loan financial obligation is not dischargeable in bankruptcy the reason that loan providers are making trainee loans is due to the fact that they get a revenue on the backend like theres a reason its called a trainee loan and not a grant right theres earnings involved on the backend you borrow X you repay x + 1 to the lending institution now under the guise of eliminating the intermediary the federal government is now presuming these student loans theyre eliminating the private financial institutions theyre getting access to this pool of non-dischargeable receivables from youths the youths who need student loans to participate in college today all of individuals who state that youll be able to quickly pay back student loans they cant anticipate the future 10 years ago could these individuals have anticipated the iPad I indicate if forecasting the future were so easy wouldnt all of us be multimillionaires by virtue of the stock exchange would not we never ever be surprised by continuous market conditions if you believe as does Warren Buffett by the method that it is really tough to beat the marketplace that these hedge funds ultimately long-term are not going to outshine index funds if you believe that financial fact then you require to ask yourself if its so hard to pick the financial future of our nation how could anybody discuss with you your ability to repay a trainee loan in your monetary future right isnt what is actually going on youths building up 20 30 40 50 60 80 90 100 and I know there are some young individuals enjoying this video stating keep going literally a hundred and 10 thousand dollars worth of trainee loan financial obligation while the individuals around them are saying dont stress youll have the ability to pay it back meanwhile you have this debt its not a home mortgage since you dont have your house that opts for the financial obligation however you cant cut the debt by offering the house right or liquidate the bed by selling your home to pay off the home loan no this is even worse than that this that just hangs on you cant discharge it in insolvency you truly have to pay it back if youre going to do anything like get a home mortgage from a lending institution or have a federal government license right you know you youll be amazed you cant have a medical license or a legal license thats legitimate if you have a big financial obligation hanging that you have not paid back right therefore to the federal government similar to taxes thats where were headed when the government cuts out the intermediary on the trainee loan program lets go even more and I encourage financial expert to do the numbers on this lets get intriguing understand that the student loan program is also a huge transfer from the 99 percent to the one percent right due to the fact that the one percent pays for college in real time they do not need to repay the trainee loans right an argument can be made that its the one percent who are profiting off trainee loans right understand that indebted middle class graduates have to take tasks to pay off the financial obligation right jobs with constant salaries to put it simply when you leave college and you have this debt you cant compete with the inefficient companies around you right you cant begin your own company since you need a constant stream of income to pay back your monetary obligation right and so heres where it gets dicey so youre going to have to work for a business that can provide you that constant stream of earnings and what you need to understand is that since youre not alone because theres an entire group of graduates a whole class if you will lets say the class of 2012 striking the labor market at the very same time right its actually a rat race for a minimal number of jobs being offered by wealthier people best and due to the fact that of the laws of supply and need and your debt you might have to take a lower paying task you might need to trade off bigger more unpredictable revenues for lower paying constant income to have the income to pay off your student loan financial obligation right in essence youre working for the one percent and youre working for them for less right you understand its a genuine difficult one all I can say is to everyone thinking about going to college I would encourage you to carefully think about the financial obligation youre sustaining in college and I would motivate you to look at the individuals who are 24 25 26 27 who just recently graduated from college and for those you trust you should discover from them what their debt burdens are and how theyre dealing with them and how it has actually affected their lives including their capability to start households by home mortgages things like that then you need to look at the income levels of the college finishes in your location and you require to compare and contrast that with the income levels of individuals who did not total college right not just people who didnt go to college individuals who did not complete college due to the fact that you have an entire group who began college and after that decided that College was not for them and after that you require to ask yourself whether or not the individuals who have actually finished college are doing so much better than everybody else when you consider their financial obligation concern right if I total college and im making a hundred dollars a week right five thousand 2 hundred dollars more a year than the individual who didnt go to college is it worth it if in that year Im paying ten thousand dollars towards student loans and have a student loan debt concern of a hundred and ten thousand dollars right those are the concerns constantly be mindful of the cost right lots of people are finding out quite frankly when they finish from college that the expenses outweigh the advantages right the world has actually altered since I went to school lots of years earlier simply the modification towards making student loan debt non-dischargeable in bankruptcy court has actually considerably moved the threat to the student let me also explain that you know your parents went to college at a time when the expense of college was a lot lower than it is now ideal bankruptcy nondischargeability aside comprehend that the expense of a college education has exceeded the rate of inflation for several years for years right College is just simply more pricey than it is right now so when any older person is telling you about their experiences going to school in the 80s and 90s if youre a prospective college student what you require to do is to figure out what their tuition was then and whether their experience then is remotely comparable or would be from another location analogous to your experience now there are a great deal of people in debt since of trainee loans funding our Great Society today and regrettably people in their 20s have one of the greatest unemployment rates in the country and naturally this financial obligation is simply sitting there like travel luggage you cant leave before youre in that situation believe it all through let me likewise mention too that you have a myriad of instructional opportunities today that you didnt have in the 80s and 90s you have online universities that rather frankly arent paying the costs of preserving an expensive real college campus unreal residential or commercial property right where I in high school now I would definitely have to consist of those universities in my calculus on whether or not to go to college and whether to go to conventional college let me also point out too that theres a huge chance cost to enter into college young people frequently are more creative than older individuals not just that you have a group with you your peers 19 20 21 years of age who are a lot more affordable to hire and to work with just from an out-of-pocket cost viewpoint theyll take lower incomes then individuals who are in their 30s 40s and 50s right Steven jobs and others had the ability to start their companies when they were young 18 19 20 21 22 and of course they had a lot of concepts they werent beaten down by operating in 95 s for decades they had a lot of concepts they could in the garage produce the next Apple and of course their friends remained in the very same boat right a great deal of energy to alter the world when youre 18 19 20 21 right when you go to college you dont have quite the exact same opportunity youre currently juggling a collegian workload right youre going from senior year of high school hanging out with the friends and taking pleasure in youth to unexpectedly being in classes with data calculus college professors things like that right youre investing your energy and time not in the garage developing apple but in the classroom attempting to get an A right theres a chance to cost to that people require to think about too since youre just 18 19 20 and 21 when in your life let me know what you believe leave your remarks for me here online visit us at keeping it totally free da blogspot com and wealth spin blogspot com thanks for viewing.



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