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Reebok Stock Market – Reebok, Going Public Via SPAC? $BHSE | SPACs Attack


Reebok Stock Market – Best Deal Right Now?

Why was $BHSE up 20%?
-Chris Katje takes us behind the headlines and informs us what an ex-NBA player Baron Davis and rap artist Master P (Percy Miller) have to do with the possible merger of $BHSE and Reebok.

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Where my Main Sidekick, Reporter Chris Katje is the real brains of this show.
SPACs Attack breaks down everything in the SPACs industry.
Along with any notable IPOs that are to come out on the market.

This show is all about getting you the information you need so you can go from beginner to expert in the SPAC industry.

Co-Host: Mitch Hoch

Co-Host: Chris Katje

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