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0 tenants rights repair work even if your home requires repairs you need to pay your rent on time every month if you do not you risk being forced out first ask your property owner to make the repairs if that doesnt work you can try to get the repairs made by bringing a real estate code enforcement suit likewise referred to as a payment into court action whats a real estate code enforcement suit its your landlords responsibility to make sure your apartment or condo requires state and regional fire real estate and health codes you may sue your property owner for not fixing issues such as peeling paint in your home plumbing electrical or heater that do not work correctly even if you spend for heat and hot water broken windows no smoke detectors and rodent or bug infestation when you submit a payment into court action you pay lease to the court instead of to the property owner the judge can order the property owner to make repairs you can also ask the judge to reimburse some or all of the lease youve paid what must I do before I file a lawsuit action 1 ask your landlord to make the repairs you can do this face to face over the phone or in composing if you do it in writing conserve a copy of your letter otherwise ensure you have a reputable witness with you if your property manager does not make repairs continue to the next action step 2 contact the regional housing code workplace or call your city or town hall and request the department that imposes the real estate code make a problem and an inspector will concern your house show the inspector whatever that requires to be fixed right down the inspectors name if you do not make a main complaint first you cant take your property manager to court no matter how major the issues in your home are action 3 if the problems have not been fixed within 21 days after youve submitted a main complaint you can file a case in court how do I submit a real estate code-enforcement suit you will be asked to pay various filing fees throughout the lawsuit if you cant afford them the clerk can inform you how to request for a cost waiver youll need to fill out two types and see a fit and problem you can get the forms of the housing notarys workplace or online fill out the types and bring them to the real estate court clerks office if you have not paid your rent for the existing month bring your rent cash with you bring money or a cash order as individual cheques are not accepted you will pay your lease to the notary for as long as your case takes once you start a suit you should support what the judge says you cant alter your mind and get your refund the judge will decide what takes place to the lease you pay if you miss a payment the court can toss or dismiss out your case what occurs next the court clerk will send the lawsuit to your landlord by qualified mail if your property owner does not get the qualified letter youll have to get a marshal to deliver the papers for you the clerk will normally set up a hearing date within two weeks after the property manager gets notification of the fit the clerk will also send a copy of the claim to the inspector who came to your apartment or condo how do I prepare for the hearing the hearing is your possibility to tell the judge about the repairs that require to be made and how youve been hurt or bothered by your proprietors failure to make repairs when you get the notice from the court clerk telling you when your hearing date is arranged ask the clerk to provide a subpoena to the code inspector this will require the inspector to come to the hearing and bring a copy of the report on your house the clerk can tell you how to give the inspector in the subpoena you may also bring photos of the issue in your home and ask others to come to court to testify you may be asked to consult with a real estate expert before you see the judge the real estate expert will attempt to assist you and your proprietor reach a contract if a contract cant be reached you can still talk to the judge what occurs at the hearing youll be sworn in as a witness tell the judge if youve asked your landlord for repairs and what repair work need to be made in the apartment you can then ask the code inspector to affirm and show the assessment report to the judge asked the judge to order your property owner to make repairs you can likewise ask for a refund of the rent you paid while the issues were being ignored by your property manager and you can ask the judge to buy your landlord to pay you cash for damage to your valuables what happens after the hearing after your preliminary hearing the judge may ask you and the Landlord to go back to court to report on the repair that was purchased dont forget to ask the court clerk about your next court date if the repairs are not made you ought to tell the court the court might designate another person called a receiver to utilize the rent money to make the repair work at any time during your claim you may talk to your property owner or to his or her attorney and accept a repair work schedule put the schedule in composing and submit it with the court where does the cash go that I paid into court when the repairs are done and the claim is over the circulation of the rent cash that you paid into court will be chosen by the judge or by an agreement that you make with the landlord if the judge is making the choice inform the judge why you think you should get summer all of the cash the judge can decide to provide either you or your property manager some or all of the cash you paid into court can my property manager evict me if I submit a lawsuit no as long as you pay your lease to the notary on time monthly your proprietor cant evict you for not paying lease if your property owner sends you an expulsion notice after you file a payment into court suit you have an excellent defense versus expulsion can I submit a claim if the property manager has begun an eviction action if your property owner has actually already provided you a notification to stop you might not have the ability to submit a payment into court action speak with a lawyer prior to filing your case if your apartment requires repair work dont wait to get eviction documents make an official grievance and get your apartment or condo examined right now and remember dont quit real estate code violations in your apartment or condo may provide you a defense to the eviction to learn more go to CT la help org if you require a lawyer call statewide legal services at one eight hundred 4 5 three 3 three 2 zero Read More: 5 Common Millenial Money Mistakes Explained|| SugarMamma.TVAs found on YouTube

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