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Union Home Mortgage Review – How Has COVID-19 Affected the Mortgage Industry?


Union Home Mortgage Review – Highest Rated?

Covid-19 and the mortgage industry
Paula Switzer of Union Home Mortgage joins Matt Leicht to discuss how Covid-19 has affected the mortgage industry from a residential aspect. She covers loan forbearance and what mortgage interest rates are doing during this pandemic.

1:25 – How has Covid-19 affected the mortgage industry?
3:50 – Are mortgage interest rates lower due to coronavirus? Where do you see them going the next few months?
5:05 – How volatile are interest rates right now?
6:12 – Is now the time to refinance? And who should consider doing a refinance?
7:40 – What is loan forbearance and how does it work?
11:15 – Will an income dip during Covid-19 affect their ability to obtain a mortgage in the future?

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