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Lesa Reverse Mortgage – Reverse Mortgage LESA-No More Mortgage, Property Tax or HOI Payments-An Interview with Mel & Leo


Lesa Reverse Mortgage – 4 Tips

Mel and Leo had a tough time paying their mortgage and bills due to Leo’s cancer. This interview tells their story…

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Mel & Leo are a wonderful couple who live outside of Los Angeles.

Leo got cancer, and the cost of his treatments(along with the rest of the bills like the mortgage, homeowners insurance, grocery bill etc) were too much to handle.

Especially while on fixed income.

So, I had to help these beautiful people😍

To make a long story short…we ended up closing their reverse mortgage.

Mel and Leo no longer have to pay their mortgage, and we’re paying their taxes and insurance for the rest of their lives too(with the reverse mortgage LESA they literally have no housing payment).

A reverse mortgage in Los Angeles(and really all California reverse mortgages) are special because of the ease that seniors can have their property taxes and homeowners insurance paid through the loan.

By the way, we also gave Mel and Leo a little tax free cash to store in their piggy bank.

Most important…Leo doesn’t have to choose between treating his cancer and paying his mortgage. And his decision saved his home.

My goal for the seniors I help is NO SENIOR CITIZEN FORECLOSURE. Go ahead and watch our interview together, and then if you’d like to look into a reverse mortgage you can…

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    Want to see if a reverse mortgage can help with your bills and cash flow? Give me a shout at (888) 309 9705 or email

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    July 27, 2021 at 2:59 am

    They love you Jason! Great testimonial!