Money Saving Tips: How We Save Over $14,000 Each Year (Minimalism + Live Simply)


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are you curious how we save over $14,000 this year well in this video I’m breaking down the eight simple money habits that we change over the past year that has racked in over fourteen thousand dollars worth of savings let’s jump right into it hi everyone welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is Meredith Rines I’m a certified financial planner a budget strategist a working mom and I love helping families learn how to budget their money so they can start paying down their debt and living in life they’ve always dreamed of on this channel I like to share weekly videos with you so that you can learn new money hacks and other tips to better protect plan and prosper with your family so make sure you hit that subscribe button so you never miss a new video in this video I’m gonna help you lower your monthly expenses so that you can really rack in the savings year after year like I said we saved over $14,000 yes $14,000 this year alone with just a few simple changes in our daily lives I’m also gonna share with you how you can grab my budget success checklist it is my 9 step go to handy dandy guide that can help you kick off the new year and see exactly where your money is going I even include a budget template in this 9 step by the ground running with no problems the first thing we did is we cut the cord we got rid of cable and satellite in our lives we invested in an Amazon of fire stick we were already Amazon Prime members so we were already out that expense and we traded in our 130 dollar monthly bill for a one-time $40 purchase of an Amazon fire stick overall that is an eighteen hundred dollar savings each year the second thing we did is we stopped buying books and audios and things like that for a while my husband was driving back and forth over an hour each way just to go to class every single day and we opted that instead of investing in you know the subscription services and other audio books or just books in general for me because I do enjoy reading we got a membership to our public library and that is a free membership and they have apps such as hoopla I know other libraries use other apps but ours uses an app called hoopla you can get audiobooks for free and you can also check out books for free and get books on tape so we opted to do that instead of having to buy a rent or do other subscription services each month we estimate that to be over two hundred and fifty maybe close to three hundred dollars worth of savings each year because we’re not having to pay those prices the third thing I did I unsubscribe from all of those promotional emails all the emails that you get every single day when you first wake up you get the email from the clothing store for the shoe store from the home store from all these different stores giving you incentives to buy promoting you to buy and it’s just a huge temptation that we did not need so I unsubscribe from a ton of those emails I also found a service called unroll me and I’ll put a link down below of it but basically I can funnel all of these subscription emails into one daily digest and they’ll send me a daily digest of the unroll emails that go into this and I can easily see them all in one screen I can click the ones I actually want to read and for the most part I end up just deleting that email as well because I’m not missing it and that has really helped stop the impulse temptation shopping especially during the holiday season when you’re getting blasted with multiple emails every single day from the same company all the companies every company so I unsubscribe from those promotional emails I estimate that savings to be about 500 dollars a year when I talk about estimating the amount that we’re saving that really is a true estimate I did go back and look because we do keep our budget and our chief financial officer budget template so I can easily go back and look at those miscellaneous expenses and this is about how much we spent with in previous years so I’m assuming that we saved that amount this year the fourth thing we did is we really really buckled down on our meal planning we decided that this year we really wanted to get better at eating healthy get better at eating at a dining-room table as a family together so we really have buckled down on our meal planning we’ve meal plan for about two weeks at a time so that way I’m only going grocery shopping like a big trip two weeks and we have really done well with this now we’re not perfect I do meal plan for about six days a week so that means I am planning for 12 out of 14 days every single two-week period now those other days are usually spent with eating leftovers maybe going out to with family or friends or maybe just going over to my parents house for a family dinner so we’re not necessarily eating out every single time that we don’t meal plan but we do occasionally eat out and it has really been a huge money saver for us I’ve also found that I am sticking with my grocery budget a whole lot easier when I’m meal plan I’ve opted to start using the Walmart grocery app so that I can really keep track of how much I’m spending before I even get up to the checkout the cash register I know exactly what I have in my cart because it’s subtotals in the app for me that has been a game-changer because I’m not impulse buying I don’t have a toddler in my cart going mommy mommy and pulling snacks down I don’t have a husband you know adding things to my cart I don’t add things to the cart because I found that I was always going shopping right after work as soon as I got done picked up her son I would head to the grocery store I would be starving he would be starving we would make poor decisions I’d forget half the things on my list i’d add things that I didn’t even really need or one and they would go bad and we were wasting a lot of money I estimated from what we spent last year how well we’re doing this year that I have saved over $2,400 and just opting to a meal plan and using the Walmart grocery app instead of trying to go grocery shopping when I’m tired and hungry the fifth thing that we’ve done it really is in conjunction with meal planning is that we are not eating out half as much so we are eating out only that one time each week if that so in reality I want to say we’re eating out two or three times a month instead of two or three times a week yeah it was pretty bad so by doing that we’re saving so much money because if you think about when you guys go out to eat and your family goes out to eat you have to buy a meal your husband buys a meal your kids get meals even if they share it still a meal everyone has to get drinks sometimes you get Tai’s errs and it really adds up for our family of three it can be anywhere from forty to fifty dollars after a tip just to eat out at a decent restaurant like the Mexican restaurant up the street that’s not even a five-star restaurant just a normal restaurant cost us anywhere from 40 or 50 dollars that’s crazy when you’re doing that two or three times a week when you can barely afford to pay down your debt we have been meal planning we have been eating out less so not only have we been saving a ton of money at the grocery store but we’ve been saving a ton of money but not eating out and you would think that if you’re not eating out and you’re not buying the food with grocery store how are you eating well we’re buying better food at the grocery store we’re buying in bulk so that we can meal plan and meal prep to make our meal stretch so by not eating out each and every week or as often as we were we’re saving about two thousand dollars a year the sixth thing we’re doing that I talked about in another video so I will link it for you is that I make our meals super super easy because I am like most of you by the time I am done for the day I am done like I don’t want to cook a huge meal I have started using our slow cooker if you have an instant pot you can use that as well I use our slow cooker so much in the summer in the fall winter spring all year every week I’m using my slow cooker I tend to cook two maybe three meals a week using our slow cooker and that is enough to feed us for the whole week I’m not using our stove or oven as much as I used to and then saving a lot in our electricity is saving a lot in just the meal prep itself is saving a lot in food waste because I can just put it in the slow cooker if I make too much I can freeze it if we’re not going to eat it within a day or two so we’re saving about two hundred and fifty dollars I would estimate in electricity bills and also just food waste as well each and every year by opting to make meals easier on us the seven thing we’ve done is we use an in-home sitter we do not take our son to a structured daycare each day and really that started out as a necessity I couldn’t find a daycare that had an opening wit for a newborn when our son was six months old I finally found an in-home sitter that had an opening I had friends that knew her through church so I felt very comfortable using her and I took our son and he has fit in beautifully with her and her family and it’s just worked out very well so he’s been going to this in-home sitter since he was six months old he will be three in just a few months and it’s kind of crazy to think that they’ve been in our lives this long and what we would have done without them but yeah so I don’t go to a structured daycare I go to an in-home sitter when he’s old enough for preschool we will switch and do that but right now that is a huge chunk of money around here a in-home sitter costs less than half of this structured daycare yes they don’t you know have the learning that they get at a structured daycare like for the most part however he is loved and they do fun activities together and my son is not behind it so I don’t have to worry about you know him starting preschool and not having any of the basics down because me and my husband and our rest of our family we work with him on a consistent basis to make sure that he is not behind but that savings of going to an in-home sitter is over five thousand seven hundred dollars a year the final the eighth expense that we save a lot of money on is Christmas and birthdays I don’t go crazy at Christmas I don’t go crazy for birthdays I just know that being together and just being as a family is usually good enough because that was important to me as a little girl I guess I like stuff and I like gifts and I want to give gifts to my kid and as he gets older and it’ll be harder to stick within a smaller budget but right now I can savor that moment we spend not very much I put together a whole blog post that I’ll link down below for you that kind of goes through how much we spend on birthdays and Christmas for most of our family and it really does detail exactly why and how much we spend and how we’re able to save so much on top of that I also use our credit card reward point we use our credit card for gas and groceries and then we right off but to us that is what’s easiest and so all those reward points that we rack up all year long are then used to pay for Christmas and has actually worked out perfect this year where I ended up having and some extra reward points leftover that we didn’t even need for Christmas gifts so totally worked out but I don’t spend a ton on Christmas and I really do work on that budget last week I posted a holiday savings tips where I kind of break down how I create my holiday budget and what all I include and how I track everything to really make sure that we stay within that budget that is what I go to that is my go-to to help us that savings on making sure that we stay within our Christmas and birthday budget is well over $500 each year if not more than that that’s just what I estimate from before I started using the Christmas budget to where I am now and with our birthdays and the guy that we created it’s about $500 sometimes more depending on you know how much I was spending the year before how many new people come into her family how many people are born how many new kids are coming in so sometimes that budget does go up because you know like my sister just had a little girl this year so obviously she was not planned for it last year but she’s included in the budget this year but I still saved over $500 so I want to know comment below let me know one expense that you’re gonna really work on in the next couple weeks in the upcoming year to cut back to start saving more money leave a comment let me know what that one expenses so now you know exactly how we save over $14,000 each and every year how we’re doing it why we opted to start saving that money and start changing just a few of our habits and how it has really helped us I also created a video a few weeks ago that I talked about our top five monthly expenses and all this money that we save each and every year that’s why we’re able to spend that money on retirement on our son’s college and paying down debt is because we cut back on some areas in our lives that we really didn’t need to be spending that money on and now we can put that money to better use also if you want that budget success checklist I will link that in the card up above and down below so grab that is my free 9 step guide it will really help you figure out where your money is going so that you can get a better handle on reaching your goals let me know if you have any questions down in the comments below and I will be happy to answer you don’t forget I encourage you to hit that subscribe button so that you don’t miss a new video

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