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[Music] is this hair big enough Lisa hey guys and welcome back to my channel I hope you guys are all having a fantastic day how’s your week going as it was I’ve been so out of touch with this community between like moving and things going on in my personal life but I am so excited to be that no one tells you the Sun Sun oh the Sun but yeah no one tells you that moving like into your first home it’s actually moving into like a black hole of projects that are just never going to be complete I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody now that I sit back and think about it I don’t see anybody this ever saw it hmm I’ve moved in everything is done there are no projects or things that need fixed or redone or redecorated or designed or anything like that so anyway today I wanted to share with you guys how I was able to save twenty thousand dollars last year when I announced I was buying a home like in my personal life off the internet my number one question I got was how are you able to do that you’re just a performer we don’t have to get a google-like rice or performer you know defense but that was like the number one question that I got asked hold on the losses I only have like half plates these are my tips that I personally save so much money at last year to put on my down payment number one I made a needs only budget these only emphasis on that part it had living expenses you know insurance things that I needed to spend on a monthly basis for a matter regardless regardless of what happened that money was going to leave my bank account like my rent I build utilities all of that I made a list of it made sure I knew it was going on I noted months where they were not going to be the same I noted month where I paid you know my quarterly for different insurances and I made sure that I kept on top of that each month that is I think the most important tip is just know your number know your number how much do you need to spend every month to live number two I cast myself every paycheck the government doesn’t like can I do it too at first I tried to figure out how much I could take out of each paycheck for this tax but then as last year unites a lot of changes with employment I did a lot of like acting jobs and whatnot so I decided no matter how much money I was making for a gig whether it was my full-time job or like an acting gig or singing a wedding or giving a lesson or whatever it was I took 10% every check it came into my hands and my bank account 10% of every check went to savings it did need a matter how small the check was I think one of my checks is like 30 or 40 dollars like a tutoring session and I did put that $4 10% into my accounts as the year went on and I did obtain full-time employment and I did you know take out my necessities I was able to put a whole lot more but just for starters if you need you know give inconsistent incoming you just need to know how much I can tax I would say 10% is a good start and you would be so surprised how quickly your taxing will fill up your standing accuse number three I created my own convenience Asst at the singer I always want to carry a bottle of water and the hater of mornings I always want to go out and get coffee what I did to kind of you know create a convenient if I went out and I got one of those really nice reusable plastic water bottles like to fill up with my water filter downstairs and then a French press so I can make my old my old my own coffee in the morning these helps me because I don’t have to sit here and tell you this video how quickly buying beverages and small being in things you know can add up at the end of the year or the end of each so creating your own conveniences it’s a wonderful way to help save a little bit number four is what I like to call trimming the fat I got rid of things like cable I’m going to discount on my internet where I actually did this might not be safer like this is probably little unorthodox I guess my neighbor at my old apartment building I went knock on the door and she and I agreed to share an internet package because we were just divided by the wall and she and I both shared I got it I got the router by the wall and I gave her the password and we both just contributed to it so essentially we’ve got half off internet for the one year that we were both there and then it supplements not having cable I was able to use friends Netflix and Hulu and Amazon Prime and all of that stuff you’ll get a lot of videos people say like I cut cable or I found other ways to you know have the entertainment in my house and fraction of the cost number five I became the jack-of-all-trades I learned how to cut my own hair you can tell huh I learned how to do my own nails how to mend my own clothes how to cook my own meals how to just do all the things that I normally would pay for the convenience of doing I learned how to do it and this is not to say that I didn’t go out and get like an occasional manicure with friends or go out and get a good meal and someone special into town like that it’s not the case I’ll just say nine times out of ten if I needed to you know get my nails done I would do them I need to trim my hair half an inch I was invoked a $30 to cut this much hair off I would trip my hair on top of that I also became the queen of scheduling side jobs or they call a side hustle I would take a look at my planner very big you know paper planner person and I would say oh I have you know X amount of free time on Saturday fill it up with teach voice lessons singing wedding babysitting I would even sell like my neighbor’s furniture they were leaving and they didn’t want to bother selling it they give it to me to sell from my own full profit or they would have me sell it and split it like 50/50 but that a bit of money usually not tax money helps you I think what would strangest things I did as like a side hustle if I actually helped like high school seniors prepare for college interviews you’d be surprised how many kids get really nervous when it comes to sitting down in front of a panel with people who are going to like decide if they’re getting into college or not and you know it’s a performer and somebody who speaks in front of thousands on their own I kind of started a small business needed meat here I would sit down and I would have like a list of questions that they do they were going to get asked and I you know give them tips on no standing how do you know think eye contact shake firm handshake to remember names activities to do that and a lot of my kids you know stuff that help them in their college interview process I didn’t mean but to be a side business but I did it was one of my voice students like I just did that to her and then word of mouth I got like three other kids that called the hey can you tutor me for a half hour for college interview so you never know where side how super come from oh the sun’s coming cooks are we good number six I stopped paying full price for most things I got a gas card for every gas station in the city and even if it’s only three cents off that was the recess I wasn’t paying per gallon some of my gas cards actually accumulated to more than three cents and I’ll get to that because I saved quite substantial amount of money and gas this year I would use coupons but only in a way that I was using coupons for things I would have applied on my own without the coupon if that makes sense some people clip the coupons and think oh I don’t really need this product but because it’s on sale I’m going to buy it and they go and buy it it goes back and they wasted that money you know they for example let’s say they bought like apples for a dollar and they had a $0.50 off coupon and they bought a bag of apples for 50 cents they took it home and I went bad they just wasted fifty cents I only use coupons on things that I was going to buy on my own and it really did help like on average my coupon for 75 cents but my grocery started double so I got like a dollar fifty off it helps a lot of like shampoo items if you did get to see my how I stopped my shower for $10 video I’ll link it right here but that was an amazing shopping spree and that would have kid to clothing I was big on like and hearing from friends who were moving a lot of my friends pregnant last year so it it what their clothes they were like I’m going to get maternity wear than buy my own when I have my child or I’m is going to like resale shops or online social medias group number seven is pretty common I would use cash only allowances each I gave myself between thirty and fifty dollars a week to spend however I saw fit and then if I had a little bit of extra I would like either take it for the next week and put it into a little bit of savings but having a cash-only allowance kind of helps you from grabbing cards and aspyn whatever he wanted I wasn’t planning on trying to save like twenty thousand that’s just kind of what came to I was trying to save as much as I could I think if I had a number I may have saved a little bit more but it worked really well happiness cash and once it was gone so on number eight I kept a change jar you would not believe is keeping a little pasta jar there’s one downstairs right now into later so now to get it because dolphin apart but I have a glass jar downstairs and every day when I come home from my cash-only allowance I will you know talk a little bit of change and to the changed or I would keep maybe two or three quarters for parking in the city and then at the end of every couple weeks if I had a bunch of ones and my wallet was well stick I didn’t like it I would take a couple ones and pop out of the wall own of the change jar I wrote down because I went to like one of those banks that has a change counting machine that would charge you excuse me is it charging for using it let’s see here’s my 2016 change our let it be two hundred and seventy four dollars and eighty three cents this is awesome to change each week there were some weeks where I only spent like 20 of my purity allowance so I would toss $10 in there their cup fives in there but for just tossing and change and random bills I wasn’t using 274 dollars is Pepperdine is also a little unorthodox I’m sure all my budgeting friends are going to hate this one Bob many audits and just let it out there I use my credit card 20 now before everybody wants to kill me let me just state I use my credit cards like and debit system I set them up that way at the fake if I spent $100 on my credit card and I only pay 80 I do not pay into the line extra 20 I have the banks automatically take the 20 out of my savings and pay it off I’ve not ever paid a cent cent of credit card interest that’s not a thing it is not going to happen but with that being said I did set up for all of my bills that I had to pay every month that allowed me to pay – credit cards I set that up so I would say like my utility bill on a credit card I think one of my insurance is I don’t have a credit card and then every once in a while I had a big purchase I would make it off the car and I was able to use the credit card points and I know the games they play they want you to spend a whole bunch because they make more I know and I get that but I figure I’m already going to pay X amount for a bill why not let that ride on a card a it’s already going to get paid I don’t want to worry about it and be at the end of the year I think I took another 200 plus dollars in Chase credit card points again didn’t pay a penny of interest but I do understand students understand why flexures say no to credit cards I understand you know the desire to spend more than you have I get all of that and number 10 is I made a vision board exactly why I was saving all of this money so there were times I would see all my other friends who also just got full-time jobs it means go out buy a whole new wardrobe and great soon they get a new car all these things and I was into myself I have money too when I go out and spend it like that make it a vision board of you know you want a whole kit would look like but I knew I wanted to be a buyer and not a renter so I went on Pinterest I made a pro right before word it was called like my future life or something like that and it had like just a couple pictures of small houses I didn’t get a big space it reminded me why I was saying money in the first place and I know we all think Oh saving money is good I need to do it but without buy the goal end in sight you can sometimes think what’s the place I had my whole life to save money I’m just kind of well spend thousands of dollars on things submissions the vision board was pretty good and if you guys didn’t get to see the home that I’m now sitting in I will lake my SP house for because obviously these rooms are not ready yet because house is a black hole like I said of never-ending projects anyway those are my 10 tips of how I saved $20,000 last year if you have any money saving tips that work well for you that I didn’t mention I would love to hear them just leave them down below give this video a thumbs up and introduce this channel be sure to click the little red subscription but no update you each and every time I upload a video thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next

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