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Hi everyone, so today I have an incredible story to share with you. This is Celine. Celine actually emailed me late last week and she shared with me her story and it is absolutely incredible what she has achieved. She shared with me her story and when I was reading this email, I was absolutely blown away but there was a little part of me that thought this might be a practical joke and that someone was setting me up. Anyway, I forwarded the email on to Tom who is the world’s most skeptical person and he replied back it comes like a that’s incredible, absolutely amazing. So, I replied back to Celine to congratulate her on her successes and her achievement but I also invited her to come and meet me in person and to have a chat hear her story in her own words, and not only did she agree to do this but she also very kindly and graciously agreed to share her story with you.

So, as I publish this video for you I would love to hear from you what you think about this and if you enjoy the video and want more. Like this if you find this video inspiring and motivating. Let me know by putting a comment in the comments box below giving me your feedback and letting me know if you want more videos like this and also make sure that you give me that really important thumbs up so I know to keep going also it would be really fantastic. If you think this video is important and powerful particularly for Millennials, and you’ll know why when you watch this video Please can you make sure that you share this video. Can you please forward this video to 10 Millennials that you think will benefit from this video or simply share it on your social media? platforms now this video is a little bit longer than usual and at times Celine gets a little bit nervous because she’s a little bit shy but her words are incredible and what she has achieved is will absolutely blow you out of the water and make you realize how powerful you are too.

So, listen up and hear what this incredibly powerful and successful millennial has to go. She’s got a bright future ahead of you and she wants you to know that you can do this too. Enjoy watching this video and don’t forget to comment and give me the thumbs up I do something really interesting for everyone to make some very special as someone who actually served an amazingly inspiring and motivating wake-up call to everyone out there. This is Celine. So, basically three years ago. I came across to a channel through Chloe Morelli and Actually inspired me so much because I didn’t grow up knowing about money.

I didn’t know about saving .I had no clue and at the time I wasn’t earning much I was work in retail It was about twenty thousand a year, which really isn’t much to work with house. Also if you need student Yeah, I was eighteen years old at the time and I thought okay, let me have a look at this YouTube channel and he actually blew my mind that there’s a whole wealth of You know financial advice and how to make more money how to say it was Okay, you watched a couple of my videos and What was your financial situation? Like we were did we just spend your be early? Yeah, how are you using money in your life? And what do money represents you’ve back then? Yeah, so money actually has no value in my life I was spending everything that I earned and so were the people around me all of my friends everyone I worked with they didn’t really know what’s a And what would you what would you spend your money on? I was basically spending it on food going out with friends.

Just basically Socializing. Yeah, and we think that were there other things like clothing and shoes clothing Yes, all of that, but majority of my money was going. Okay. Thank you Was there a confining moment we went right? I wouldn’t go doing this myself. Would you start like casually slowly like lenient? Really? How would you go from being that to a visionary? Well, I realized that there’s so much potential in the money industry and I pretty much got straight into it I was just so inspired and after watching about three videos and educating myself a little bit it Allowed me to once I got my next pay.

I just put it straight into my savings that come that’s the second account and Yeah, so every second counted from there I’m like if it was five cents and you always mention it in your videos like seeing a coin on the floor before I’d be Like no way I’m not gonna freak out You know now I’m just like every dollar comes up with sounds and I think also when you do that you see, you know Say to you You know train sets on the floor you pick it up you’re saying you’re sending a very powerful message through University Like I respect money.

I appreciate money I wanna money and that thing gets reflected back in your life because like appreciating appreciate you We’re still working more each other. You have a lot of things to raise money. Yeah Well, what I did was initially I made a budget I didn’t know. What about you Videos, which is it sounds bizarre but in school you obviously don’t get taught these things so I have taught us at university So yeah, it’s university. It’s crazy. Yeah yeah, so I started budgeting and then I Gave myself a goal to reach by the end of the year and I can’t remember exactly how much it was But just as an example, whether it was, you know $2,000 by the end of the year and It surprised me because when the end of the year did come around I had five thousand Let’s say in my house and I was trying to be realistic when I read 2000 but I was just so hungry and so Motivated that it just built it up who builds it up and the fact that every cent counts And I think it just accumulated from that and when you walk into your savings account How would you feel I just felt more and more? inspired to keep going and sorry to answer your question the way that I was making money other than being a retailer system was selling the things that I had in my house, you know buying things with cheap and then selling them on eBay as well, which was Yes I didn’t realize that this is a huge market on eBay for bending and Sheridan and all of those things so The other things I was doing was tutoring got some things to be teaching There was primary school kids, you know, I’m teaching them English and maths.

Mainly you find that really enjoyable. Yes. It was amazing Because they would come back to me. I’ve got this great class and it made me feel so because I rewarding on different levels. Yeah And then I ended up taking up a second job, and I know not Everybody wants to do that because the tax purposes you get taxed more but but then with there is a lot of people think of beggars in drama you tax the top marginal tax rate you will but It will even out in the wash because the end of the federal year you’ll be taxed of what you earned between the two salaries so it’s almost like war savings because it Yeah, so it was amazing because Actually the money I was getting from tutoring I was using that as my spending money whether other times we thought you were missing out or depriving yourself Were you just so motivating focusing that it was what you gained? That way things? You’re losing? Yes, actually What happened was I eventually burnt out So the problem with this as well is if you work too hard if you overwork yourself You can easily burn out and I ended up hitting that point of my life and It caused me to realize am I actually living or am I just work here? Am I gonna be like this forever? You know at the time me and my partner we were dating for so long I think he was like six years or something cuz we met in high school and I just said to him You know what? I’m focusing so much on money money money money Then I’m not really leaving and what if I die before I get the chance to live So I said screw this let’s get married What have we Prepared But yeah created he was like, you know, what like we’ve been working really hard and we’re just gonna go for it So we ended up getting married.

Oh Yeah Okay, the question that’s burning on everyone’s lips So but more question should ask you how much did you say at my local Asian? How do you save up to today? okay, so basically from three years ago when I was 18, I had nothing and then today I was able to say $100,000 so So you you have you know, you say more than I have done on a thousand dollar project because I watched around $3,000 produce and I am I think about like 87,000 Believable, well, the other thing is the other advantage I had was I was living with my parents. So I Didn’t have any bills to pay I wasn’t paying for grocery shopping. They were doing all the spending So that’s and then you know, I would make something a really big point about that So we were our shoes behind that it was easy. Actually. No, there is so much media and conversations about how tough it is for Millennials how They are going to never be able to get into the property market. They don’t have enough discipline that have enough focus There I want right now generation You are proof that that’s not the case at all Living hope is an amazing opportunity to save and you know Thinking create a good nest egg that you can use to get your foot in the door the property market or establish a an innocent Portfolio so and you are living proof that the all is like dreaming low for poor Millennials is okay And this is what I really want to talk about on my channel some videos Next week is about the opportunities and advice out there for Millennials to be like Selene and to really get ahead Now, what is your goal without hundred thousand dollars? So actually what we ended up doing because I spoke to my partner We invested it in different areas.

Also a lot of the money we still have like I didn’t spend all of it We are keeping it on this side of emergency money what she always promote and the thing is he never knew what? Emergency money was until I introduced it to him from your channel and it’s being so helpful to have that security We know that if something does go wrong. Just say one of your cars break down You didn’t think about these things, but it will cost you a lot and these things do happen really not Immune from things like that. We get parking fines. We have dental bills medical bills. This is life So yeah, it’s sort of responsible. Yeah. Okay. I want to see one last question You talked about you’ve got your popular husband. I should say. Yeah At times of you guys interesting with each other about money because you’ve been obviously working your Backside off like hustling saving working like long hours And you know, how is your house at being your partner? Yeah, so what happened was once I started to become all motivated from these videos.

I tried to Bring them to my level and I realize that not everybody Thinks the same way not everybody has the same life goal and not everyone at that point yet. Yeah There’s a big slowly watching on the sidelines sitting on a fence yeah, they don’t really see jump, but we always have to respect so we reached a point where I Ended up giving human and I said, you know, you’re either on board with me or not because I had this goal but I just really wanted to buy house and that’s the other thing a lot of our money is still there because we want to buy a house and keep saving as well, but Initially, he wasn’t and it frustrated me.

So I managed but instead of making an argument about it We spoke about it and communicated and in the end he decided that he wants to go ahead Obviously with the relationship me being his motivation and now he’s doing really well Successful in his job and he’s saving more than me I’m Sicilian I were just say you would Relax you some money early That’s a really tough touchy sensitive subject, but you’re always going to come from a place of motivation inspiration towards your partner And as I said, they’re not always necessarily write they write yet, but you you let silence be a success you never like You know put pressure on or be mean or bully your partner just gently educate Jennings fire Let them see and feel the benefits that you’re experiencing themselves and slowly Like introduce them and show them what you’re doing And eventually they will get on board and you’re never going to be perfectly in sync There’s gonna be some times where one partner is feeling a bit flat and unmotivated Or the other one is thriving that’s what you need to work together as a team be, you know, unite, you know 90 front is what Trump calls it and pull each other through And those times where you both are down you bring it up and you need to be you know You’re very powerful when you can work together whether you’re in sync or not But when you actually connect together and communicate respect But also always come from a place of motivation inspiration from a general perspective.

I Am so incredibly proud of you and I am so incredibly inspired by you And so was Tom My boss, my dog’s an event and I saw Chloe Morello and I was telling the employee a baffling and choose life We like know you like believe you could see this email. I pulled it off by some radiator She’s like come on and like this is not this like beautiful Russian blogger. There’s own. She’s like, oh wow Tomorrow I hear all about this so not too old Millennials out there I hope you realize you’ve got an amazing opportunity in front of you to build incredible financial security and wealth Ahead of you, and I love it If you can keep you posted on how you’re going what you’re doing through your journey if your partner as well So that we see this Motivation like obviously it’s been going for a couple of years now, but first going to continue on indefinitely So honored to be able to meet you and you’ve honestly changed my life in my partners and I Look around at all.

The people all the friends I have and honestly our Generation is not as motivated and they don’t have that belief because of the media Yeah, that’s how I was initially yeah with media tends to focus on the German gloom and this is where I really want to try to break away from that and There let’s talk about solutions. Let’s talk about strategies That’s yeah, that way we can motivate each other and we can prove the media wrong because someone said is clickbait sometimes You know doing wimps gets people that sells newspapers You know negative news sells unfortunately And I really like to crush that habit and actually like be the voice that leads by example and shows people Little things to have definitely done and one thing I just want to say to the younger audiences It’s so important to also prioritize because of the columns to ground mods as well It’s easy to get sucked in anything that I want this I want this album is and it’s really about biting your tongue And once you start to see the money build up, that’s when you just keep working hard for it.

Yeah success Fuels your motivation. Yeah that purpose Alright everyone. Thank you so much for watching Please make sure you check out my other videos and kick eula in my conversations with ellen who also Saved a huge amount of making a very young age on a very humble simple background These are the stories that are going to be your wake-up call to change your ventral future forever Thank you everyone for watching and I will see you next week. Well, that’s a lot of visual indication violently switched on.

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