0 whats up you guys thank you for tuning into my channel for another video today were gon na talk all about budgeting and saving cash and motivation how to be successful how to really attain definitely anything that you desire in life I mentioned this a few videos back perhaps like a month ago that I personally began checking out some actually inspiring books and truly just changing my mindset and I was getting up in a lot more favorable delighted like favorable place I guess and it really set my tone for the day and for me to in fact set more short-term goals and long-term objectives and really believe that I might accomplish them and I just feel that Ive been in such a much better place the previous couple of months and a great deal of you had requested if I could do an entire video regarding inspiration and books that Im reading and resources and things like that and after that Ive likewise had a great deal of my younger audience ask me for ideas on conserving cash and budgeting I really did not utilized to be great at conserving money and budgeting I was in fact type of like awful at it I can admit but there are like the previous 2 years Ive found out a great deal of methods online like resources and like sites that I go shopping through and coupons and manner ins which I conserve money that I feel can help you guys if youre older these are some things you might already understand but I know a great deal of my audience remains in the teenage years or youre leaving like into college and you need to save cash so in this video Im gon na review everything inspiration success budgeting whatever like that I believed I would type of integrate it all into a chitchat video because this has actually resembled a truly requested subject so I have a lot to cover so lets simply enter it go on and offer this video a thumbs up and register for my channel and lets get started so first of all I wish to share with you guys a few resources that I personally utilize that Ive discussed on snapchat and once again a few of you just desired more information these can use to any area of your life personally Im using these books to help me with health and wellness and my weight loss and also simply achieving any objective that I have in life but whether its a profession youre pursuing you wish to buy a house these books can assist you to switch your state of mind and be exceptionally positive no matter what goal that it is youre going all out does not have to simply be like weight-loss or anything these can use to everybody the primary book that I always discuss is called the secret its by Rhonda Byrne I think I selected my own up at Target however you can get it online you can get it on Amazon this book is readily available all over billions of copies of it have actually offered theres also a film its essentially just essentially letting you understand the trick of how to get whatever that you desire in life and how to be incredibly delighted and generally the entire secret is simply that your mind believes what you inform it and it tells you all about the law of attraction how truthfully the Fox that you tell yourself and what you speak out loud that comes to life so if you get up every day and youre like Im fat Im unsightly your mind truthfully truly like thinks those thoughts like any word that you speak out loud that you believe your mind immediately thinks it opposed to awakening in the early morning and being like you know what Im grateful for this life my physical body works Im able to go exercise Im on a roadway to getting healthy basically changing your state of mind like that and searching in the mirror and informing yourself I like myself I enjoy my body right now as it is as Im on the journey you understand to attaining a more healthier physical look or whatever or say you desire to purchase a house or purchase a car and you inform yourself every day I am solvent you will be solvent like anything that you state out loud essentially concerns the light this book talks everything about the law of tourist attraction which I have actually told you people a lot of times has actually literally altered my life I cant even like go into it enough theres so many videos on YouTube and if youre just google like the secret success stories or the law of destination success stories they will all come up however I highly advise that you guys to take a look at this one and read it and after that the other 2 the very first one is you are a badass which I understand a great deal of people have spoken about for good reason this one provides you a lot of terrific tips in service for if you desire to be more successful in your profession or attain a different profession also how to save money dealing with like social networks and simply anything like business-related I believe that one is terrific its also fantastic like for life but its more of like an organisation mentality and then this is another book I truly love by Barbara Corcoran I think Im saying that right shes from the program shark tank which Im consumed with business owners get on the show and you understand they pitched their ideas to these multi-million dollar people and theyre hoping to get their assistance for their company her book is basically just everything about her success story how she turned a thousand dollars into a billion-dollar company and now shes actually the owner or like sub owner of hundreds of companies and she is so economically rich and stable and like simply extremely educated and well-informed about being an entrepreneur and earning money so I extremely recommend this book too I had talked about all of these on snapchat and some of you desired more detail I will leave all the names of them down below in case youre interested another thing that I wanted to mention going along with succeeding and getting up pleased and simply altering your frame of mind and living simply living a more pleased favorable life I wanted to show you people my little like dream goal board that I made I got this idea from my friend Kate Nicole here on youtube I had actually made one of these a long period of time ago but after seeing her video I wanted to make a brand-new one and simply reassess all my objectives essentially I have on here simply a lot of healthy food like photos of actually lovely things sunlight do not hesitate theres a little kiss some flowers gorgeous right here simply a lot of like really healthy a positive lively stuff because that is genuinely how Im trying to alter my frame of mind and live my life and you might likewise make a goal board with your dream house or your dream cars and truck like anything that you want to attain in life its actually nice to just make something like this put it on the refrigerator put it on your space also on my in my restroom I take lipstick in some cases and I write on my mirror self affirmations like youre lovely youre healthy I genuinely enjoy myself and I search in the mirror and I in fact say those things and I state them and I think them I do not just say them you understand thats another thing they state in the book of the trick with the law of attraction you cant just state something you truly have to think it and order for it to occur and prosper in your life so thats really great as saying day-to-day affirmations too and likewise like making an objective board Ill show you men in another video I do have one that has like a substantial home on there and a swimming pool and like images of me and my boy for other like materialistic goals this one was essentially just based like around health but yeah it thats also just a really advantage to do I encourage you people to make any kind of goal board possible and similar to post it up somewhere that youre gon na see it every single day then proceeding to saving money and budgeting like I stated Ive encountered a bunch of new resources within the past year or 2 which has truly helped me to conserve up a lot of money that I want to show you people you people saw like on my Instagram or whatever I publish photos Im never ever posting a picture of like anything incredibly lavish I dont you men know I enjoy like my pharmacy appeal and my dollar tree house and Ill constantly discover a method to have like an adorable clothing or like my makeup on point without it have being very pricey I feel like Im sort of a pro now at shopping with vouchers and each time I go shopping online I go through Ebates I have lots of couponing websites that I use when I patronize the pharmacies Im gon na leave all of them down listed below for you due to the fact that its a lot of details but I would extremely advise whenever prior to grocery shopping makeup shopping anything that you always attempt to see if there was any type of coupons available do a substantial exceptionally important consider maturing and spending for things yourself is having a good credit rating or having an excellent credit rating you will discover as you grow older how essential that is I understand since I really had horrendous credit and have actually been needing to repair it and I can tell you its really very hard do not make those mistakes early on since its so much easier to worsen your credit than it is to much better it to much better up your credit is extremely very tough to personal experiences that Ive had where Ive stayed a lots of money is funding my car and funding my brand-new laptop computer all since I had excellent credit so I was able to get an extremely super low rate of interest as opposed to if I were to enter there and I had a credit rating that was a hundred points or 200 points less my rates of interest would have skyrocketed and that makes a huge difference in something like a vehicle payment I understand a ton of you people are in high school or going into college maybe youre buying your very first automobile let me tell you having a 4% rates of interest and a 14% or even like a 24% if your credits not great at all is a huge distinction your monthly payments will differ by hundreds of dollars and you might not be able to pay for that so I d highly suggest that you people constantly are checking your credit and seeing what is on your credit report theres many like sites and apps out there but a great deal of locations charge you personally I use credit Sesame I will leave that site listed below as a resource for you people its completely complimentary you can look into it daily and it in fact provides you your credit report basically you just go to their site totally free of charge like no credit card or anything required and theyll provide you your credit history for complimentary and likewise individualized pointers each and every single month on how to better that score I have personally used a couple of other sites prior to I discovered credits to me and I can tell you their site is just like the easiest to browse its something that I constantly check like I stated for any future purchase if youre gon na want to buy a car a home financing anything like I understand like at Best Buy and things like that a great deal of you have actually told me that youre youtubers if you wish to purchase lighting or a laptop computer and you do not have the cash for it upfront they enable financing alternatives for that you simply do have to have an at least like a great average or in the greater rankings of a credit rating so credit test me will generally just offer you men a lots of ideas and things that you can do to better your score so yeah if you are uninformed of precisely how important your credit rating is or how frequently you need to be checking it or youre just more youthful and you do not know these things I would extremely advise that you keep a truly close eye on your score and if it decreases discovering precisely why and discovering out precisely why or how you can enhance it since thatll simply assist you considerably in the future when you want to purchase anything it also truly assists you to lease a home to rent a condo your living situation and like your driving car scenario end up being like the most important things when youre over 18 and if you cant get authorized for an apartment or something because of past credit concerns it becomes a huge offer so enough about that I just desired to worry the significance of having a good credit rating due to the fact that I know what its like to not have an excellent one and to have to like rebuild it up and its an annoyance so Im gon na leave that site down below for you guys just as a resource I would highly recommend you sign up and simply be mindful of what your rating is once again its totally free so check that out then a few other ways that I personally conserve cash you men know each time I shop online I go through Ebates its simply a website where you can get money back whenever you shop online and if I were to add up buying everything that I acquired last year routine cost and after that buying it through Ebates where it had actually got the cash back I would have saved over $1,000 or I did conserve over $1,000 which is big like thats remarkable eBay is also another totally free site Ive been discussing it for several years enjoy it again theres vouchers calm and where I print out vouchers all the time for getting groceries getting pharmacy makeup bath and Bodyworks candle lights they have like a lots of brand names on there also another complimentary site Ill leave all these down below due to the fact that I understand its a great deal of details something else I did to save up the money for my surgery is I entered into my bank and I asked 2 in a cost savings account that would be very really hard to get money out of so I can never go to the ATM to get money out of that account or when I put money in there it has to remain in there for 60 days so different banks will have like various kinds of accounts definitely take a seat with the lender and like check your choices but I desired to put cash because account because I knew that I wanted my surgical treatment and other things I likewise have an account for my boy that I cant take money out of so I understand that its just truly good to know that like when you put the cash in there its stuck in there and you actually are saving it up if I like really desire a set of shoes or like something petty I cant just go get money out of there and buy it which is fantastic because you know time passes and I recognized I didnt need like that petty product or whatever and Im simply happy that I basically have an account thats a bit more safe and secure than like a regular debit account where you can get money out of regularly likewise an excellent suggestion that I personally do I actually need to impose this on myself much more since in some cases Im lax on it is making a list and then also making spending plans so like when you go to the grocery store plan out before what meals youre gon na have that week and make a note of your list of the precise components that you require so you do not go on other aisles and simply go nuts and buy other things I can inform you guys a substantial distinction when I go to like Albertsons or Whole Foods or something and I do not know what I want and Im like let me simply enter and discover something and literally spend a lot more cash its outrageous if I were to accumulate per month just how much cash I lost since I didnt like plan out my meals or anything its certainly a couple of hundred bucks so that conserves you a lot and then likewise budgeting for the week personally I provide myself 45 bucks every week for myself and for Christian for food which typically covers whatever if we wish to like eat in restaurants or something thats different but I truly like to document in my phone on my little notes pad how much Im going to invest and this does not simply apply to like grocery shopping if youre going to the mall or you wish to buy something on your own clothing you can still make a note of a precise budget plan and try to prepare it out prior to you get there I understand it can get a little crazy like at the mall hi like entering into like clothing stores and fashion jewelry like me I just love shopping so Im always like I desire this its tough to stay with a real budget plan but if youre truly trying to save money or youre residing on your own you dont have additional money I highly encourage you to compose a note down and just budget plan it out for now and then later you understand when youre making more money or youve conserved up enough you can type of splurge but for the times when its tight Ive discovered that creating a list assists me a lot so those are simply a few of my individual ideas that I have utilized to conserve cash like I said theres a lot of websites that I go shopping on get coupons on simply so many things also you men can go on Pinterest and key in budgeting 101 or conserving cash or pointers to save cash Ive utilized Pinterest myself so numerous times on getting great deals of different ideas and like inspiration so I desired to share that with you people together with my inspirational and type of inspirational favorable thinking resources that you guys had actually been asking to become aware of as constantly I feel like I have a lot more details to inform you however I know my videos always get so long and some of you comment I understand that I like ramble I just like speaking with you guys but I seem like there is so much more details than simply what I shared so make certain to follow me on snapchat if you would like whenever I find a brand-new book or a brand-new anything that I desire to talk with you men about I love doing it over there so yeah I hope that you men really enjoyed this video every resource I talked about will be connected down below I would enjoy if you would subscribe here to my channel and I will see you soon with 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