Will Va Loan On Manufactured Homes – How To Find The Best Company

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In this video we talk about whether you can do a VA home loan on manufactured homes. The simple answer is yes, but it takes further explanation.

1. To get a reverse mortgage on a manufactured home, it has to be a single wide, double wide, or triple wide manufactured home built after June of 1976.
2. You have to own the land. You can’t do it if you don’t own the land and are renting or leasing the land.
3. Property needs to be de-titled and taxed as real estate and not personal property.
4. Needs to be affixed to a permanent foundation.
5. The tongue and axle have to be removed.
6. Foundation inspection after your loan is approved.
7. Home has to be 400 square feet or more.
8. Your manufactured home can’t be in a flood zone.
9. Has to have permanent utilities hooked up to it.
10. There needs to be comparable sales (other manufactured homes).

Remember, not every lender does it. So, if you’ve been told “no”, is it because your property specifically, or because the lender you spoke to doesn’t do it. Not every lender does VA mortgages on manufactured homes and even less will do them on single wide manufactured homes

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