Where’s My Student Loans – Tips For Hiring The Right One

Mike Brown of LendEDU answers the question: “Can you take out student loans for living expenses?” Find the entire article at LendEDU: https://lendedu.com/blog/loans-for-college-living-costs

In this video on student loans for living expenses, you’ll find:
– Can you take out student loans for living expenses? (:16 – :30)
– College living expenses you can use student loans for (:32 – :53)
– Using student loans for living expenses relative to student loan limits (:55 – 1:33)
– How student loans are used for living expenses (1:34 – 2:12)
– Private student loan options for living expenses (2:14 – 2:49)
– Using federal student loans for living expenses (2:51 – 3:07)
– Using student loans for off-campus housing (3:30 – 4:20)
– Do’s and don’ts when using student loans for living expenses (5:07 – 6:14)
– Final thoughts (6:15 – end)

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