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10 Weirdest Things Ever Found Inside Animals

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10 Weirdest Things Ever Found In Animals
The strangest things are found in the strangest places. Historical documents have been found in
dumpsters, and historical wedding beds have been found in motels. It's just the way of the world for the
craziest things to be found in the craziest places.
And when we talk about crazy places, we mean really crazy places. Like the insides of actual animals.
Yes, we aren't joking.
Today on 100M we'll take a look at the craziest things that have literally been found in the insides of
animals. Stick around for number one on this list. It's an actual bomb.
Yes, you heard that right. A bomb.
#10 The Legend Of The Ostrich
In 1930, an ostrich at the London Zoo slumped and died. This was a pretty healthy ostrich, so its death
was quite mysterious. It was so mysterious that an autopsy on the Ostrich was ordered.
As the autopsy was being carried out, the most incredible things surfaced. In fact, the autopsy was so
incredible that that Zoological Society of London photographer Frederick William Bond saw fit to
document them for posterity. Here are some of the items that the doctors found in the stomach of the
They found three odd cotton gloves. Three handkerchiefs. The wooden centre of a silk spool. A piece of
a lead pencil. Four halfpennies. One franc, one farthing. One coin too worn for identification. Part of a
bicycle valve. Part of a metal comb. One piece of wood. Two yards of string. An alarm clock key. Several
small metal washers and other pieces of metal. And a four inch nail.
According to the autopsy, it was the four-inch nail that finally led to the animal's death through
perforation. But how did this happen?
Well, in the wild Ostrich swallow food whole. This Ostrich obviously took a liking to the hard objects in
the urban area of the zoo and decided to swallow them. Sadly, one of them led to its death.
#9 Whole Find
Did you know that alligators can swallow huge animals like Does, whole? Well, Alabama Taxidermist,
Ken Owens, found this out in the weirdest way.
He'd caught an alligator of record size at the state's annual gator hunt. The alligator was pretty huge and
was about 15 feet long. It had weighed 1,011.5 pounds and was, simply put, gigantic. Owens cut the
animal open and was beyond shocked to discover two ears. It appeared that those two ears were
attached to a female deer— and the deer was intact in the alligator's stomach. Owens said that the deer

had to be about three years old, and must have weighed about a hundred pounds. Much of the doe's fur
and its flesh had been digested, but it still had cartilages and its hoof.
Owens was so shocked that the Alligator had swallowed the doe whole. And who wouldn't be?
#8 The Book Of Fishes
To check this story out, we'll have to travel about four hundred years back in time to 1626.
In that fateful year, a cod was cut open at the Cambridge market— and the cod contained an entire
sextodecimal text wrapped in canvas, only partially digested.
After serious examination, it was determined that the texts were, in fact, several evangelical tracts
published a century earlier during the reign of Henry VIII. They were said to belong to the reformist
Martyr, John Frith, a man who had met his end at the stake in 1533.
Yes, the manuscripts of this man survived for over a hundred years, only to land in the stomach of a fish
and be cut open in the market.
The following year, Tex was published under the title Vox Piscis: Or, The Book-Fish. To make things even
more peculiar, it was discovered that Frith had been imprisoned in a fish cellar beneath Oxford
University. In the cellar, his senses were assaulted by the fumes from the fish, and it's said that these
fumes claimed the lives of many young men during the period.
#7 The Frog Puked The Discovery
Scientists discover new species in lots of different ways. Some times they find them in hidden forest
patches in the Amazon. Sometimes they find them in the mountains of Bolivia. And other times, they are
hiding in the vomit of an actual frog.
In 2016, researchers in Ecuador captured a diablito, or little devil frog, a bright orange poison frog. They
had hoped the frog would help them learn how frogs created the alkaline that they used in chemical
defences. They were supposed to do this by learning what the frog had eaten— and instead, they
learned something else. To make the frog vomit, they inserted a soft tube in its mouth and proceeded to
feel it with water so that whatever it had recently eaten would flow out.

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