Real Estate Investing With No Money And Bad Credit – How To Buy A Property With No Money Down, BAD CREDIT & NO INCOME – Investment Property


Real Estate Investing With No Money And Bad Credit – Review

Thank you for 25K Subscribers! This is the loan that banks won’t tell you about unless you ask. I figured this out through my chase private banking and found out anyone has access to it. Its a pretty good thing to know but as I explain it is difficult to find a property meeting the criteria. Nonetheless, this is the best way to get an investment property if you have bad credit, no income or simply want to put 0% down or just little money down. If you are a first time home buyer this might not be the best move, however these deals are so good for the bank, which is why they give the loan, it might not hurt to jump on it. It seems a lot of people have been asking about getting into real estate and real estate investing but this issue of bad credit or no income comes up. As you see, you do not need a lot to start, you simply have to find value and “the deal” which is properties that meet criteria like this, which is the hardest and most valuable part. I really hope this helps and if this intrigued you, I would highly consider starting your real estate career!

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  1. Eric
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    Please help me and send me the link

  2. Yam T
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    Free Game again wildd thank youuu! God bless you!

    Came from YT recommendation

  3. Josh O
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    jumping to old vids thanks for all of this

  4. Dennis Williams
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    Can you give me access to the banks you used for these videos?

  5. Eufer F
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    So if I find a property for 10.5%, have bad credit and no money I can still be financed

  6. Tom Smith
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    Great video 240k subs now!

  7. Toney Greer
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    What’s the name of the loan program?

  8. Neptune
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    If I found something I’d gladly split profits to be mentored through the process

  9. LaDerrick Taylor
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    I literally learn something new every video 😂. Thanks for dropping gems josh

  10. YoungBuffett
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    Ooooo interesting, going to hunt for places like this

  11. Dirk Diggler
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    Total failure to deliver on the claim made in the video title. Not one word said on any of it.

  12. Samuel B. Culberson
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

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  14. MakingPancakesWithGod
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    I found a property with 11 cap, but the banks want min 25% down. who is the lender?

  15. Sandeep Boparai
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    Will this work in Australia? Can I do this if I live in Australia? What site do you use to find these properties and what does cap rate mean?

  16. YahBoyElias
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    but you dont state what the terms of the banks are where to find them or even what the type of loan is called. all you did was show us how to filter the properties smh

  17. India Praire
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    What is the name of the loan? I watched the video twice and I’m a bit confused lol. When I speak to someone at the bank, what exactly do I call this specific loan when I bring it up?

  18. Agency21
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    2.28 ?

  19. Original Records LLC
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    Lol i live in INDIANA.. Just followed you on IG! Aye TY man frfr

  20. Noel Osorio
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    what if the cap is 11.35% ? do i multiply the net operating income by 11.35? what if that is more than the property's worth?
    and what is the name of the loan ?

  21. Davis Davis
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    Hi mate, please make another video about what to present to chase bank in order to get approved for this type of cap % loan. Ive found several properties in my area that are around 9%+. I am a little puzzled what you mean by NOI and Sale price. So, it the cap rate is at 10%+ it is ZERO % down. How does it work? You say that your subtract the NOI*10 from the sales price for the amount of money needed, but where do we get the extra money, and when will it be ZERO % down? Also, what does 10 represent?

  22. Madness or Brilliance Savvy
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    Hello Friend, hope things all well for for you my friend, get better soon! I wonder if you can me with this type of loan from BOA, I have property in mind, but don't know where to start? Been searching commercial loans from BOA, but need your input first, thank you in advance !!

  23. Hope4Today9 Now
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    Was not aware of this.

  24. patrick sullivan
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    I just found one in mass that has a 16% cap rate, for 1.6m and brings in 280k net ……

  25. Donnie's Channel
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    So if I find a property at 14% cap rate, I can get it with 0 down payment?

  26. Valentin Antonenko
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    It's very interesting that the bigger the loan, the easier to get the money.

  27. Anthony A
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    You gangsta! Thanks for putting this concept into perspective my guy✊🏽

  28. Rad Elmenni
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    This is like selling people thin air, zero chance of success

  29. Mikhail Zavarov
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    Kinda hoping you were gonna teach us how to sell drugs or something

  30. Big A
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    You also realize those cap rates don’t include property management fees that are usually 8% to 15% of THE GROSS, so you’re gonna buy out of state, no money down, bad credit so you don’t pay your bills, and depending on full occupancy, this has zero chance of success on top of pretty sure zero chance of getting a lender

  31. Big A
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    I’m have a realtor license with Keller Williams specializing in commercial property and personally own almost 8 figures worth of commercial real estate and have never seen a lender that would lend only on cap rate and to someone with bad credit AND no down payment!? The closest to this was prior to 2008 market crash when they were lending to anyone with no money down at a variable rate and almost all those people defaulted when rate spiked. I’m in Florida and this doesn’t exist. All my rental properties are 4 plexus to multi unit office parks. Can you link just one of these lenders? Bond for deed purchase is the only thing that would even approach what you’re claiming

  32. Apollex
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    How do I get into this being 18?

  33. Amberlites
    July 27, 2021 at 12:12 pm