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Real Estate House Flipping Business Plan TemplateThis is a Do-it-Yourself Industry Specific Real Estate Investing & Flipping Template Package. Please read full gig description and FAQ’s for more info.Business plan template for a company that will be flipping & Investing in real estate. Home & house flipping and investing can be extremely profitable and this business plan provides a way to start and raise capital. It has a lot of well written content to explain the business and is set up for making an investor presentation.Extended Video with further details at: read the PDF files attached to the gig above, next to the pictures; they answer many questions and explain the documents.A Power Point pitch deck is available as well for a quicker but still professional presentationThe docs will be delivered in (Msft Office). This plan is in U.S. dollars. Seller is offering no legal advice and is simply supplying a doc.The docs are not for resale, copyright or to be posted online
MORE INFORMATION ABOUT US AND OUR TEMPLATE PRODUCTS,WATCH A SHORT VIDEO ABOUT US AND OUR TEMPLATE PRODUCTS HERE:,How does the House / Home / Real Estate Flipping and Investing business plan come?,The document is attached to your order and you download it directly from the Fiverr site.,Can the Real Estate business plan template be used if I want to flip commercial properties?,Much of the content can be used, for example the due diligence strategies for finding properties, closing them and re-selling them could easily be the same for both residential properties and commercial.,Can the business plan be used for a real estate operation that will be holding and renting properties?,Yes. It takes into account for the rental of properties, especially in the short term before they are flipped.,What exactly is the Real Estate flipping and investing business plan template?,We term the business plan and its associated extras Hybrid Documents. This is a document that is between a template and sample. The vast majority of the writing and content is already created.,Is the Real Estate House / Home flipping busines plan good for all markets? And what kind of analysis does it have?,Real Estate flipping business plan has a general real estate Industry Analysis section, this talks about the real estate industry in broad terms and will apply to most developed countries around the world. You will need to paste in research for the specific market location you will be acquiring in.,Are financial projections included?,The business plan comes with a sample set of 3 yr financial statements that detail the financing sought (in the sample it is $5,000,000), the source of funding, revenue/sales forecast, and profit & loss projection,Potential Buyers are encouraged to read the full gig description,There are links to several videos in the gig that further explain the documents. There are also PDF files attached next to the pictures that provide more information. There is no customization done to the templates for this gig.,
Legal Disclosures & terms of use,All documents are copyrighted; by accepting these products, you are granted a limited right to use our copyright for your own personal and business use. This use is limited to the initial buyer of the document(s) and it is understood that these documents are not for resale or to be posted online,Flip through all the pages of the Business Plan Template & Excel you will receive,See all the pages of the template in this video: all the pages of the Excel workbook at:
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