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Module 4 Investing – Best Deal Right Now?

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Module 4 Videos:
1. Alveolar Ridge
2. Buccal Vestibule
3. Mandibular Subperiosteal Abscess
4. Mentalis Space
5. Submental Space
6. Sublingual Space
7. Submandibular Space
8. Ludwig’s Angina
9. Buccal Space
10. Submasseteric Space
11. Parapharyngeal Space
12. Palatal Subperiosteal Abscess
13. Infra-orbital Space (Canine Space)
14. Temporal Spaces
15. Infra-temporal Spaces
16. Infections
17. Delayed Postoperative Infections

Upon Completion of Module 4, general dentists will be able to:

– State the anatomical boundaries of potential tissue spaces of the head and neck.
– Recognize and classify infected spaces from mild, moderate, and severe.
– Appreciate when one should consider referring infections to a more skilled provider.
– List the hallmark signs of infection.
– Identify and manage delayed postoperative infections.
– Limit cases of delayed postoperative infections through proper surgical technique and perioperative care.

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