Loan Iq – Commercial Banking Interview Questions


Loan Iq – Whats The Best?

This video will help you prepare for a commercial banking interview. Whether you are applying for a credit analyst, commercial banking associate, or lending officer role, most commercial banking interviews follow a similar format. Start by understanding the group you are applying for. Then prepare for behavioral questions as most interviews focus on “fit” and your communication skills.

From a technical side, understand the basic credit terms, ratios to judge the performance and efficiency of a business, and know how to read the three financial statements. As always, practice is most important. Good luck!

We walk through 6 different commercial banking interview questions;
1) Why commercial banking?
2) Tell me about a past sales experience
3) Walk me through a $1 million credit proposal
4) What does it take to be a great commercial banker?
5) Name three important credit ratios?
6) How are the three financial statements linked?

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    Is CB a better path than IB, for an experienced hire (military and consulting) and a family? From a work/life balance and career options perspective?

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