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Is It Harder To Get A Loan For Land – Tips For Finding The Best Company

Are you curious about knowing what the seller paid for the property? Does the lender that is involved in the transaction need to know what the seller really paid for the property? Well this video is the perfect video just for you! In this video we will go over the burning question of “Why
are Condos Harder to get a Mortgage?”

Now this is quite a common question I get from my clients, and let me tell you, it’s
surprisingly a simple one.

So although there are a lot of confounding and ambiguous reasons why condos are
harder to get with a mortgage the main, and most foremost reason is the fact that you
only own the inside of the ondo, and not the outside.

This ultimately leaves the HOA, or Homeowners Association to decide what they want
to do with the exterior. Now although seemingly unproblematic, if there happens to be
things like pending lawsuits, poor maintenance, or mismanaged money, it could be a

giant risk for a lender like us because we have to hope the HOA does not bring down
the value of the condo or drive the borrower out somehow.

Now by no means am I trying to discourage you from buying a condo, but i do want to
emphasize the riskiness that condos bring to the table instead of a house.

So hopefully that wasn’t too much, watch the rest of the video if you want a more in-
depth analysis on why are condos harder to get a mortgage. Oh and one more thing
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