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Investing In Oil And Gas Royalties – Best Deal Right Now?

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America is in the middle of an energy renaissance. Thanks to new methods and exponentially improving technology, energy companies are reinventing older oil fields, maximizing reservoir potential, and discovering a massive volume of untapped reserves right here at home.

This boom has put the United States on the road to energy independence for the 1st time since the horse and buggy.

It has also opened the door of opportunity for private investors.

Oil and gas royalties are providing an unparalleled vehicle for diversity, growth, and stability.

Royalties are nothing new. They have been handed down through generations. Families have been receiving royalties from oil and gas for over 100 years.

Until recently, they were only made available to institutions, large endowment funds, and ultra-high net families.

Now the private investor can own the same type of asset without having access to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Oil and gas royalties allow participation in the energy sector without the risk of drilling and owning wells. Here’s how they work:

When oil and gas is produced, mineral rights owners receive Royalty Payments for the production where drilling is performed on their property.

Payments are sent directly to the royalty owner’s mailbox every 30 days.

Royalty owners don’t pay any costs for the operation or development on their property. They don’t assume any liability whatsoever.

They just collect cash flow.

The drilling company and operators handle everything.
For an investor, these royalties provide incredible returns with zero management or maintenance.

This tax sheltered income is not tied to stock or real estate markets.

There is simply nothing else out there like oil and gas royalties. For more information on investing in oil and gas royalties, visit us online at

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