Impact Investing Dc – BCCI Inclusive Finance – Impact Investing series Part 1: CAN FINANCE SAVE THE WORLD?


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In this first ‘Impact Investing Series’ session organised by BCCI Inclusive Finance & Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile, Paule Ansoleaga Abascal will interview Bertrand Badré to understand how we can reform capitalism, redefine its fundamental purpose and regain power over finance to divert investment capital into sustainable strategies, spur a green and inclusive recovery, and regain trust.
As a visionary, a keen intellect with deep experience in the world of private and public international finance, Bertrand Badré will share his vision of an ethical global financial system. He will explain what can be achieved if we move beyond simply repairing the financial system to avoid another crisis, to focus on its incredible potential to bring about economic, social and environmental progress. Bertrand will challenge the old bifurcated system of positive impact and returns which is gradually breaking down as Stakeholder Capitalism and Impact Investing gain traction. He will demonstrate he has walked the talk by launching Blue like an Orange Sustainable Capital to provide mezzanine financing to entrepreneurs in Latin America, delivering both strong risk-adjusted returns and inclusive growth for the surrounding communities.

▪ Event in collaboration with Crédit Mutuel Investment Managers and Exane Asset Management

🎙️ GUEST SPEAKER: BERTRAND BADRÉ – CEO and Founder of Blue like an Orange Sustainable Capital, and author of ‘Can Finance Save the World?’
✅ HOST & MODERATOR: PAULE ANSOLEAGA ABASCAL – Co-chair and Founder, BCCI Inclusive Finance
✅ HOST: SIMONETTA CRISTOFARI – Co-chair and Founder, BCCI Inclusive Finance
✅ HOST: FRANCESCO BICCIATO – Secretary General at Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile (ItaSIF) and Board Member at (EuroSIF)

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