How to Sell Your Car When You Still Have a Loan

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How To Get A Free Loan Without Paying It Back – 7 Tips

I get a call about this guy that has a that he bought for $28,000, and he wants to get out of that loan because the car payments are so high and his only making $2000 a month. The interest by the way was above 20%.

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1. Car Value ( and yes it is legal to sell it )
– To find out the car value you can use Kellyblue book or just check out the general market
– However, usually you will not sell the car for what you paid for it
– Car loses around 10-20% the first year and 50% by the time it hits year 3-5

For example:
– The guy that bought the car for $28,000 and has only been paying 90 towards capital because the interest is so high
– That car is only worth $14,000
– So even if sold it ( he would still have a negative balance of $14k )

2. Escrow Service
– Most buyers do not want to buy a car that has a lien or balance on it
– Because they know they cant get the title of the car until the balance is paid off and even then it might take a 2-4 weeks to get the titles
– So to ease the tension ( you can use an Escrow Service )

For example:
– This means the company will hold on to the money until all conditions have been meant
– And then once the conditions have been meant you will get paid
– And they will handle all the paperwork to transfer the title over to the buyer

Tip: the problem, most of you are going to need that money asap to pay the loan, and hopefully get another loan to refinance the debt ( so the title can get released )

Answer: sounds like for this, you might need to get A buyer for the money the car is worth, plus b a lender for a personal loan to pay off the debt ( so the title can be release,d and most likely you can pay less money in interest )
Another Option is a Bill of Sale: where you make sure you sign a contract saying once the last payment has been made you will transfer the title to me ( for stuff like this you need a lawyer or again just use an escrow company )

3. Using the Loan as a part of the Purchase price
– Now this is a fast way to take care of the problem that most people will not be able to do
– If the car is worth 15k and you only have left $10k on the loan
– You can go directly to the lender of the money, right a check for 10k and get title transfer and give the buyer 5 once the title has been transferred.

The moral of the story, don’t buy something you cant afford. Especially things that depreciate




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