Automatic Premium Loan Provision – What Does APL On Life Insurance Policies Mean?


Automatic Premium Loan Provision – Highest Rated? – What Does APL On Life Insurance Policies Mean?

Discover why agents should consider almost always to include APL, or automatic premium loan provisions, on all life insurance policies, especially final expense insurance.

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  1. Keith Clark
    July 27, 2021 at 11:33 am

    Thanks David. You are helping me with my L&H test as well. ha

    July 27, 2021 at 11:33 am

    I check "YES" for APL on all applications.
    I explain this coverage can pay premiums in the future.

    (Applicant's name), if you find yourself, say several years from now, you are confined in a nursing home. The "person" (get person name) taking care of your business closes your checking account.

    Your policy would lapse, in another words, it is no longer any good, except for some policy provision or state requirements that your "person" (use person name) may not be aware that exist and that has to be inprovised within a certain of time lapse.

    (Applicant's name), this policy can pay your premiums for you by taking a monthy loan from your death benefits (by use of loan on cash value in policy). (Applicant's name), for example, your policy of $10,000, every month your death benefit would reduce by the amount of monthy premium, plus one month of simple interest.

    (Applicant's name), lets say after a two year stay, you die, the "person"(use person name) taking care of things, first thing to look for is an insurance policy. "Person" (use person name) finds your policy with a benefit of $10,000 less premiums paid plus simple interest, without this benefit, "person" (use person name) would receive nothing.

    Like my grandma said, "Nothing means NOTHING, zero, notta (not a thing), forget it, you're not getting anything".

    (Applicant's name), would you like to add this benefit to your plan so "person" (use person name) finds a policy with SOMETHING still in it?

    This script can be used to build value, or when you feel, you need "SOMETHING" else to close prospect.