5 Emergency Loans for Bad Credit: Where to Get a Fast Loan


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if you recently filed bankruptcy need fast cash to help pay for a small emergency you might resort to an unsecured personal loan you can get an unsecured personal loan even with bad credit or no collateral use the unsecured personal loan to get your car fix or pay household bills and buy groceries in this video I’ll show you 5 easy unsecured personal loan you could be approved for even if you filed bankruptcy if you don’t have time to watch the full video then just start applying for an unsecured personal loan through one of the links below please don’t forget to subscribe like and share the video or you in the process of filing bankruptcy and you wonder well what’s going to happen to me after I file bankruptcy how am I going to start rebuilding credit well I have the answer for you but before we get into that for some of you all I continue to share with you all that if you’re in a financial bind you can’t make your rent and you can’t pay your utility bills then reach out to two one one and three one one dot or when you reach out to them there you have resources to help you pay your rent pay your utilities get food on the table even getting new clothing because a lot of people have kids going back to school and stuff and they can’t afford clothing and everything so reach out to two one one and three one one to see how they can help you also again don’t forget to take advantage of your Community Action Agency these are some of your elected officials are stuff that have resources to help you in a community and one of the reason that I’m continuing to talk about this because a lot of our elderly and our single parents in the community they’re struggling and they need resources to help them but they just don’t know where to start like if you have a elderly parent or grandparent or somebody in the community whose house that may need some work and stuff contact 8:44 USA gov one okay they have free funding for elderly to help repair their homes and everything so make sure that you are looking out for your elderly in the community your single parents and stuff making sure that they have the capability to help keep a roof over their head its utility food on the table so that’s the reason that I’ll continue to share because I think it’s important for us to look out for our community okay so please keep that in mind now given to this video the best personal loans for bankruptcy again a lot of people think thinking of why I gotta file bankruptcy and one of the things I always try to do I try to discourage people from filing bankruptcy and here’s the reason why when you used to file a bankruptcy before the housing collapse what ended up happening was the banks would allow three years right and then they start letting you build credit well now is four years however many people in the community they don’t have a lot of bad credit they may have like twenty five or thirty thousand dollars in debt they don’t have conscience of thousands of dollars in debt so that’s the reason I tell people it’s not worth it to go file bankruptcy maybe you need to pick up an extra job to start doing a debt suit that’s Noble which I made a video explaining that but I’ll make another video so to help you all that are struggling with your debts but for those people who have recently filed a bankruptcy or in the process of a bankruptcy you may want to consider some of these loans to try to help pay off some of that debt or if you want to restart rebuilding your credit so here’s some of the personal loans that you could consider loans loans is very good because they give you so much flexibility and for most of these companies what they want to do they want to make sure that you’re at least 18 years of age you have an income after tax at least $1,000 a month plus you have a verified bank account a lot of people say oh I got turned down but to think about a day to have a bank account so that’s to think about an end again because they’re not these companies are not looking at your personal credit already know hey you file bankruptcy so you’re trying to rebuild credit so that’s what they’re taking into consideration so they’re trying to give you an opportunity to restart your credit now does these loans may have a little higher interest in traditional lenders but hey you just filed bankruptcy so they’re taking a bigger chance on you so you have to take that into consideration but after after in loans you have a cash USA and don’t worry about it guys I’ll put the links below the video so that way you can check them out yourself and you can see which alone is may be able to assist you with getting funny and helping you rebuild your credit so you have a cash USA you have a personal loans personal loans their database actually looks for you the best type of loans to help you get qualified to start helping you rebuild your credit like again like I said and the bankruptcy and one more thing I must add talking about bankruptcies here please remember to subscribe and like and share the video bankruptcies which is great but here’s the here’s the situation the banks have databases so when you fall back when you file a bankruptcy the banks have databases and so even though you may get that bankruptcy removed after it’s been discharged off your credit report debates they still have databases that tell them when you filed that bankruptcy so where are you thinking like all the bankruptcies on my credit report I’m good that’s not the case because of their databases is going to tell it when you filed that bankruptcy okay so they have a scoring systems inside the bank so that’s reason like when you get approved for a credit card and say it’s a loan limit and you call them they said well can I can you increase my credit limit and they do a restoring it’s not because of your credit for report is because of their eternal glory and a lot of people are not aware of this has never been explained to people but that’s the reason I tell you if you file bankruptcy and granted somebody I’ve got it off your credit report that doesn’t mean that that bankruptcy is gone because with financial institutions in China financial institutions they do have a way of telling when that bankruptcy started okay so that being said there’s a another lender alcohol get funds quickly Wow what a name but get forms quickly there another database that would help search to get you funding as well for your bankruptcy after your bankruptcy I should say and then CashNet USA a lot of people they don’t like CashNet USA but hey if you just filed bankruptcy and you’re trying to rebuild your credit and stuff the thing about it is you already have bad credit you don’t you start over fresh so just applying to see which one of these companies help will offer you the best loan so that way you know that okay now I know where to go what to do it yeah you’re not feeling like your stuff that you can’t rebuild that’s one of the bigger things that I continue to talk about people is that don’t just feel like you stopped that I don’t follow bankruptcy my life is over that’s not true even though when you file a bankruptcy after two years you can still get an FHA loan so you still can buy yourself a house because you’re starting over and the sooner you start over after bankruptcy and start rebuilding your credit because it’s fresh and everything the sooner you can start on your real financial journey you know we make a lot of financial mistakes as while we’re young making poor decisions most of the time in the community that we ourselves we’re trying to save face with our families so we would let them use our credit to get a phone in there and name will let them get an apartment in our day we let them get cars in our name and so because we’re trying to be good to our family and look out for our family and our family don’t come through and actually own up to their responsibility for us helping pay the bill now it’s on us as the individual right and so that’s the reason a lot of people end up filing bankruptcy because it’s not because of them personally because they was reaching out to help to help their family and their family did not reciprocate back to them so their end up with the day and some of the reasons I’m talking about like you may have a medical reason where your bills just get out of hand you have to file bankruptcy and I was talking about like a lot of people not being able to get good health insurance and stuff like that and which I did make a video talking about as a database of that can actually search to see if they can find you a cheaper insurance because Obamacare again it may be too expensive for a lot of individual


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