How to get Amex Black Card in 1 Week (Centurion Card Guaranteed)


how to get a max black heart in one week centering cart guaranteed damn xsplit cart also known as American Express entering court is definitely the most exclusive credit card money can buy in fact it’s an invitation-only charge court there are no official requirements published the criteria are subject to speculation but in reality there are four of them on the shape of an American Express Platinum Card for at least one year with an impeccable credit history spend at least hundred thousand to five hundred thousand dollars a year earn 1 million dollar annually and be a high net worth individual if you meet the four criteria you might receive an invitation for unexplained Court not with my inside connections i guaranteed direct access to the American Express black card in one week only no invitation no year credit history no one near spending history no earnings of 1 million per year discover how to get them X black heart in one week straightforward and hassle-free stay tuned computer and partners Swiss banking lawyers calm we fight for your money hi I’m into kaput the Swiss banking lawyer the owner of the boutique law firm Capital Partners and the founder of Swiss banking Lawrence TOCOM the place where international business people find tips and solutions to protect their global assets with Swiss banks and make more money the official name of the AMEX Black Card is American Express centaurian court in 1999 the court was introduced for celebrities and ultra high-net-worth individuals at the very beginning the Centurion cards have been distributed free of charge to the Rolling Stones Madonna and other celebrities even today the eligibility criteria are subject to speculation obviously the secretive eligibility criteria are an important part of a very clever marketing strategy what makes the Amex black called the unique compared to other cards the answer is that 24/7 calls servus besides first-class flights exclusive launches and hotel suites you can book helicopters Ferraris and speedboats you become also easy access to VIP events such as Wimbledon and Formula One racing in case the tickets for special events are sold out that’s not an issue for the Centurion card owner the concierge service will find always a solution to satisfy to satisfy the extravagant requests of Centurion card owners if you order the Amex Blackheart with me it will be yours within one week the immediate access is guaranteed there is no need for an impeccable credit history with a no dynamics course no spending limits and no need to wait and hope for an invitation from American Express all you have to do is to give me a call or send an email asking for the Amex black card we will send you a very simple questionnaire for a Swiss bank account opening we have made an agreement with very few selected Swiss private banks all you have to do is opening a Swiss bank account with the minimum investment of 1 million Swiss francs we will prepare the paperwork and introduce you directly to the owner of an exclusive Swiss private bank you will meet directly with the owner of the Swiss private bank he will take care of your asset management and complete the application forms with American Express the Swiss banker will open your account immediately in Zurich and you can send the money to your new account the application will be approved by American Express a few days later the Swiss bank will issue a bank guarantee in favor of American Express you will receive a package with American Express internal court it will be a very simple and hassle-free procedure exclusive and urged by the owner of the bank and me you will meet senior people only no bureaucrats you will receive the approval from the bank account opening and the Superior Court before the invitation for the person of me in Zurich we will take care of the paperwork and introduce you to a top banker who will continuously take care and grow your assets we have a cooperation agreement with very few Swiss private banks having a cooperation agreement with American Express in Switzerland there is no invitation no checks of credit history what documents do you need you need to send us a passport copy a short CV a utility bill to prove your residents and some documents evidence in the region of your funds that’s all obviously you have to be prepared to enter into an asset management agreement with the bank having a Swiss bank account is a long-term relationship if you like this video show it to us and give us a like push the like button American Express knows the high standards of Swiss banks therefore they cooperate with Swiss banks because they trust Swiss banks as an Amex black card holder you have a dedicated relationship manager a concierge taking care of you the concierge service of American Express is similar to the relationship management of Swiss banks both have a dedicated concierge taking care of you please keep in mind having your Amex Black Card combined with the Swiss bank account is the most prestigious start to simple money can buy inside the information just like this cannot be found in universities and not in the internet if you like such information make sure to not miss the new videos and subscribe my youtube channel now click the subscribe button if you have a private and confidential question you would like to discuss with me grab your mobile phone now and dial zero zero four one four four two one two four four oh four it’s never too early to diversify your assets and transfer a big part of your essence to Switzerland bring your money to a Swiss bank and combined the Swiss bank account with the annex black cord be rich and stay have a wonderful day [Music] you [Music]

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