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Hi everyone! Welcome back to my channel SugarMammaTV. If you haven't subscribed already, please make sure you do and in
this video I'm sharing with you what is inside my own personal and private
investment portfolio. You guys share with me so much information in your comments and your feedback in your emails to me. In your one-on-one Skype consultations
with me and I thought you know it's time I share with you where I invest. Now,
before I share this information with you I want to remind you that these videos
are general advice just because I've invested in a certain way, don't copy me
because it may not necessarily be the right thing for you. I want you to
understand that I am a growth to high-growth investor.
I love market volatility. I love watching my portfolio bounce around because that
presents opportunity for me and also I am in this for the long term.

I'm not
trying to make a quick dollar. I'm about building wealth conservatively over a
long period of time and I always take a diversified approach to everything that
I do when it comes to investing because not all of my investments are going to
perform in the same way at the same time. Some will do quite well some will do
badly and some will do averagely but when I look at the overall return with
all different assets inside my personal investment portfolio they all help
smooth out a good strong average return. Now, when I am shopping for my own
personal investments, I look for two key ingredients now when I say investments I
talk about investments that are going to help build and grow my wealth these two
key ingredients you could say are growth, capital growth and income growth.

When I buy or an invest in an asset I wanted to grow in value over the long run. I also
want the income stream that's being created off that asset base to also grow
over time because as you guys know the key to building financial independence
and security is passive income streams. I want my investments paying me a
passive income stream that more than covers my living expenses because when I
get to that point I can choose to work if I want to not because I have to. I
have enough money coming in where I don't even need to get out of bed to
cover my my needs and my wants now what is inside
my personal private investment portfolio.

Well, there's a combination of different
things there is residential property separate to my family home I do not ever
consider my family home to be an investment. It's a lifestyle asset. I also
have commercial property that I own and I also have a diversified share
portfolio separate to the thousand dollar project. Now, within my personal
share portfolio I have hand-picked individual stocks and these are stocks
that I've read about in the paper or come across a research report or read up
or really believed in that business and I've invested in it and I've done lots
of research before I've picked those investments importantly also inside that
share portfolio is a range of different listed investment companies and
exchange-traded funds. Now, both these two investments elicited investment
companies and exchange-traded funds allow me to continue on building my
investment portfolio but ensuring that it's diversified.

What's In My Investment Portfolio? || SugarMamma.TV

I do not believe I am
an expert at picking stocks and I do not want to try and be one of those people
I'm not trying to beat the market but when I invest in exchange traded funds
or lists of investment companies I basically hand over that stress and that
responsibility to a professional fund manager and they have actually already
hand-picked those stocks in a diversified portfolio for me and they
charge a very small fee for those funds to do this. Now, my exchange-traded funds are the international based ones. They include a us-based ETF and they also
include an all-world index ETF as well so not only if I just invested in the
Australian share market but I've also invested internationally as well and I
don't need to worry about whether I'm you know the currency and when to buy
and when to sell whether by Microsoft or whether I buy you know Heinz it doesn't
really matter because that is all handed or taken care of by a professional fund
manager so it's a really easy way for yourself you work to build up a
diversified passive income stream through a diversified share portfolio
now those are my assets that help build my wealth over the long run and as I
said these are very volatile you know and I barely look at my portfolio I
probably look at it once every 1 to 2 months because I don't care about market
volatility I only care about it when I want to buy and invest more.

Now, the
other asset that's within my personal investment portfolio and that is cash I
only keep a small amount of money in cash any time I have a mortgage I'm
trying to pay down as quickly as possible but I also always keep in cash
emergency money so something suddenly pops up out of the blue or there's a
medical emergency or you know something happens I always have liquid cash ready
to go to cover that expense I will never need to reach for a credit card to get
myself out of trouble but if I have any excess money beyond that emergency money
I either use it to pay off my mortgage or I use it to continue on building my
passive income streams.

Now, this brings me to my final question which I want to
share with you. If someone wrote me a check for a million dollars and said
there you go Akana this is your money do what you would
like with it well my answer what I would do immediately is I would pay off my
mortgage wipe out my toxic non deductible debt and then I would read
all that money through a separate investment loan and I would have missed
that money and I would invest that money into shares I wouldn't actually invest
in any more property when it comes to comparing the two different investments
main investments in my portfolio that shares versus the property I genuinely
and honestly much prefer the share portfolio and that includes the ETFs and
the list of investment companies because it is so much easier and more
cost-effective to invest in shares and my dividend so it's more consistent and
higher than what I get for my property investments now this strategy is
actually called debt recycling and it enables me to focus on paying off my
home and getting ahead financially but also not lose out on valuable time in
building and buying investment streams through shares
it's called debt recycling I've already made a video that explains how to do
this for yourself which I will link in the video description box below and I
also have a guy making a new version of this video so that you really understand
how it works but it'll labels me too I guess put my fingers in a few different
pies and continue on growing financially and also get a few tax deductions along
the way because that investment loan to you to buy those shares is
tax-deductible all right everyone thank you for
watching this video and thank you for hearing about what's inside my personal
share portfolio because these are the things that I'm doing to build my own
wealth and as you know I practice what I preach thanks for watching guys don't
forget to subscribe if you haven't already and I will see you later in the
week for lifestyle love ciao

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