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Today I’m gonna tell you about the super duper super amazingly oh my goodness easy budgeting app that has changed my life. And I’m not even exaggerating. Not even a little bit because we actually were budgeting for 7 full years before we discovered this app and we had never made an inch of headway. And in fact in those 7 years we actually accumulated more debt, a lot of debt, all supposedly while we were actually budgeting. Budgeting with our spreadsheet didn’t really help us achieve our financial goals and in fact I don’t know that I’d even call it budgeting. At least not the way I was doing it. And then in April of 2016, I downloaded an app that would change our lives forever and in that time we have paid off a hundred and eighty eight thousand dollars worth of debt, we have gotten one full month ahead, so that means what we earn in this month goes to pay next month’s bills and we’ve saved over $10,000 in sinking funds. All of that is something I would have never thought possible three years ago, so today I want to tell you about my most favorite budgeting app in the whole wide world and I want to tell you in case you are struggling to meet your goals maybe you need to change that maybe you need to try a different budgeting method and maybe this one’s the right one for you Or maybe, you need some more margarita.

I am Wendy Valencia this is my husband Mauricio and my daughter Melina who’s seven and we are fine in our way out of debt and we are doing it our way to fit our lifestyle so today I want to tell you about every dollar no this is in no way sponsored because I’m pretty sure Dave Ramsey doesn’t actually do sponsored videos because well why should he if I am willing to give him advertising for free so let me tell you about this at first and foremost with every dollar you do not have to be a Dave Ramsey follower clearly Dave Ramsey would like you to be a follower of his plan but you don’t have to be a follower of the Dave Ramsey plan to use the every dollar you can totally manipulate this program to do anything you want instead of groceries I actually budget by store I even budgeted by percentages for a while I’m not in accordance with Dave Ramsey’s plan we decided to get one full month ahead up on our budget so what we earned this month goes to pay next month’s bills and that is something that is very easy to handle in day every dollar app next every dollar is a zero based budget that means that every single dollar that you earn needs to have a job it doesn’t matter what the job is it just needs to have a job if you want to spend one percent of your budget and save ninety nine percent that’s okay you just make every dollar do what you want it to do there is no judgment in this app this app can be manipulated in pretty much any way that you want it is super easy and there is really zero learning curve like I downloaded and started budgeting the exact same day and if you don’t know how to budget it actually guides you through setting up your first budget it tells you all the standard stuff that come in most people’s budgets like homeowners expenses and water bills and donation and healthcare all that stuff’s already programmed in you can just delete what doesn’t apply to you and add in weird things like new underwear that you might need and I actually did a whole video on starting to every dollar budget like setting it all up and getting your first budget started and I’ll link that down in the description box if you want to check it out it is seriously so and being a hundred percent honest with you there are a few things that I wish that every dollar did but I actually talked about that in a video as well and I’ll link that went down in the description box in case you’re on the fence you can see what I think it’s lacking from my personal point oh oh there are two versions of the every dollar app there’s the free version where you have to hand key in all your transactions and then there’s every dollar Plus which is a paid version which connects directly to your bank accounts and this is why it changed my life my problem historically was with my Excel spreadsheet that I wasn’t really and truly reconciling I wasn’t accounting for every single penny that went through my bank account and with every dollar those automatically get uploaded every morning and I drag and drop them into the location that they go and so I can’t ignore anything I can’t pretend something didn’t happen not that I’ve done that in the past okay I might have the paid version of every dollar plus that is what changed my life because it is so easy to budget now and I am not kidding you that I can budget for a whole month I prepare my budget in under ten minutes every month and then I manage my budget daily in about two minutes so I’ll see you in the next one see ya throughout


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