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0 Today Im gon na inform you about the very duper extremely astonishingly oh my goodness simple budgeting app that has actually changed my life. And Im not even overemphasizing. Because we really were budgeting for 7 full years before we found this app and we had never ever made an inch of headway, not even a little bit. And in fact in those 7 years we really collected more debt, a lot of financial obligation, all supposedly while we were actually budgeting. Budgeting with our spreadsheet didnt actually assist us accomplish our financial objectives and in truth I do not know that I d even call it budgeting. A minimum of not the way I was doing it. And after that in April of 2016, I downloaded an app that would change our lives permanently and because time we have settled a hundred and eighty 8 thousand dollars worth of financial obligation, we have gotten one full month ahead, so that indicates what we earn in this month goes to pay next months expenses and weve conserved over $10,000 in sinking funds. All of that is something I would have never thought possible three years ago, so today I want to inform you about my most favorite budgeting app in the entire large world and I wish to inform you in case you are struggling to fulfill your objectives possibly you require to change that maybe you require to try a different budgeting approach and perhaps this ones the right one for you Or possibly, you require some more margarita.I am Wendy Valencia this is my hubby Mauricio and my daughter Melina whos 7 and we are fine in our way out of financial obligation and we are doing it our way to fit our way of life so today I want to inform you about every dollar no this is in no chance sponsored because Im quite sure Dave Ramsey doesnt really do sponsored videos because well why must he if I am willing to give him advertising free of charge so let me inform you about this at primarily with every dollar you do not have to be a Dave Ramsey fan clearly Dave Ramsey would like you to be a follower of his strategy but you dont need to be a fan of the Dave Ramsey strategy to use the every dollar you can absolutely control this program to do anything you desire rather of groceries I in fact budget plan by store I even allocated by portions for a while Im not in accordance with Dave Ramseys plan we decided to get one full month ahead up on our budget so what we made this month goes to pay next months costs and that is something that is extremely simple to handle in day every dollar app next every dollar is a no based budget that suggests that every dollar that you make requirements to work it does not matter what the job is it just needs to have a task if you want to spend one percent of your budget plan and save ninety nine percent thats fine you simply make every dollar do what you want it to do there is no judgment in this app this app can be controlled in quite much any method that you desire it is super easy and there is actually no learning curve like I started and downloaded budgeting the precise very same day and if you do not understand how to spending plan it in fact guides you through establishing your very first spending plan it tells you all the basic stuff that can be found in the majority of peoples budgets like homeowners expenses and water bills and contribution and health care all that thingss currently set in you can just erase what does not apply to you and include in strange things fresh underwear that you may require and I actually did a whole video on starting to every dollar spending plan like setting it all up and getting your very first budget plan began and Ill link that down in the description box if you wish to inspect it out it is seriously so and being a hundred percent truthful with you there are a few things that I wish that every dollar did but I in fact talked about that in a video as well and Ill link that decreased in the description box in case youre on the fence you can see what I think its lacking from my individual point oh there are two variations of the every dollar app theres the free variation where you need to hand type in all your transactions and then theres every dollar Plus which is a paid variation which connects directly to your bank accounts and this is why it altered my life my problem traditionally was with my Excel spreadsheet that I wasnt actually and really reconciling I wasnt accounting for every cent that went through my bank account and with every dollar those automatically get uploaded every morning and I drag and drop them into the place that they go therefore I cant disregard anything I cant pretend something didnt happen not that Ive done that in the past okay I may have the paid version of every dollar plus that is what changed my life due to the fact that it is so simple to spending plan now and I am not kidding you that I can spending plan for an entire month I prepare my budget in under 10 minutes on a monthly basis and after that I manage my budget plan daily in about two minutes so Ill see you in the next one see ya throughout Read More: GET OUT OF DEBT MOTIVATION: MY DEBT FREE JOURNEYAs discovered on YouTube

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