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It ' s settled. Note it, he took it himself, he'' d state, “I ' m going to. There
' s some theologians don ' t want desire go this far.
Religion calls if you say you'' re God ' s, they call it. If you'' re going through something that isn'' t. God ' s plan. ANNOUNCER: The Believers Walk of
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audiences. Expense Winston: Righteousness
put you back in right standing with God.
It puts you back in right position. Any person
who is exemplary, understand what righteousness
methods, and acts on it becomes Satan'' s master.
Any person who ' s. got spiritual power, you ' re coming out of this spirit male. and you speak words.
God backs your words. You will rule. political forces. You will rule the economic forces. You will.
rule the media forces. Take a look at Jesus, who is.
the one who informed you who you are, then'you will
. own what they got. Costs Winston: The devil ' s busy.
attempting to tell you that you are not who God says.
Jesus died to make sure you get to be. I ' m informing individuals right now, if you.
Do you. understand Psalm 119 verse 89, Forever Lord, come on. That word is.
what? AUDIENCE: Settled.Bill Winston: Is settled in heaven. It'' s settled. It'' s settled who you are. Come on.
It ' s settled. It ' s settled that you are recovered.
Now get on it. I ' m informing you'now
,. where we ' re going today, you can ' t be simply eating Twinkies.
Come on, you will have
to get strong in.
Is this the best bunch? AUDIENCE: Yes. Expense Winston: So I just think that we ' re now.
What I'' m stating now, is God, one sick person in the church.
What I ' m saying now, is God, Jesus came.
What he concerned do. was redeem us. He ' s called the Redeemer. What happened is.
And the 3rd day. Now. Costs Winston': Muhammad, he ' s still.
But Jesus is'getting up. This is going to be.
the secret. He ' s going to get up. Observe'what he said here,. prophesying about what ' s going to happen to him.So now it ' s. time for his passion, why? Since of Adam ' s sin, he was. the very first male born from life to death. Adam died instantly in.
his spirit, however it took him a while to pass away due to the fact that he hadn ' t. been taught to die.
Now. Now they got him. Now they begin to beat him with a whip.
well, let'' s go to Isaiah please. Isaiah 53 look what it says in. verse 3, he is disliked and declined of men, a male of.
sorrows and familiarized with grief. And we concealed as it were our.
faces from him. And he was disliked and we respected him.
not. Bill Winston: Watch this next one. Definitely he has born our.
Sorrows and carried our what? Sorrows.
him stricken, smitten of God and afflicted. Idea he was a.
prophet that got out of line and God was punishing him. But he.
was injured for our disobediences. He was bruised.
for our iniquities. The chastisement of our peace was.
upon him and with his stripes. Come on, we are recovered. Next.
verse. All we like sheep have actually gone astray. We have turned.
everybody to his own way and the Lord has laid on him the what?
The iniquity of us all.Bill Winston: So Jesus became sin for.
us. I stated he became sin. He took what you had and took it in.
himself. Not just that, but he took the diseases that could be.
put on you, enjoy this, and bore them. As you know, they.
And they inform me there'' s still. Jesus took every.
classification. Note it, he took it himself, he'' d state, “I ' m going to. take what ' s supposed to come on you, but I ' m going to take it on. me.
” And he ' s called the lamb, the sacrificial lamb. He was. your sin alternative.
State amen. AUDIENCE: Amen. Bill Winston:. Now you got to get this in you due to the fact that he said in second. Corinthians chapter 5 and verse 21, he himself who understood no sin.
became sin for us, that we may be made the righteousness of God.
in him.See, he took your sin. I said he took your sin. He never ever.
sinned, however he took yours. And the daddy, it pleased the.
father to bruise him. Why? Due to the fact that he saw you coming back.
He saw you securing free. Now notification, Adam was under Satan..
now Jesus concerns deliver everybody who has been under the.
rule of Satan and bring them back under the rule of God. Costs.
Winston: Stay with me, I'' m ready to close.Are you with me here?
So what is he doing now? He'' s got to take whatever that you.
should have. So Jesus took all the illness. Then if you look at.
the Bible in Psalm 103, bless the Lord, my soul and all that.
is within me, bless his Holy name. Bless the Lord my soul and.
forget not all his benefits. He forgiveth all your what?
Iniquities and heal all what? AUDIENCE: Diseases.
Bill Winston: How numerous of your diseases? AUDIENCE: All. Bill.
Winston: Everything from any kind of sexual disease, any kind.
of muscle disease, any kind of heart problem, anything that.
Satan would try to place on humanity.Jesus took it so that.
you can look at him and say, “” Satan, you'' re not going to put. Because he took it for me, that on me. I resist you in the name.
of Jesus.”” So once he got done taking it then the Bible says he.
gave up the ghost, it never ever did say they killed it. They said he.
gave up the ghost. And when he provided up that ghost, now his.
spirit went to hell. However they took his body down before.
night-time. Why? Costs Winston: If you left it there overnight,.
what was in him would return out on the land. Therefore he took.
whatever. Every if you can think of whatever coming in here.
sickness, every disease, from now back to Adam. Every thing.
coming, every headache, every migraine, every whatever disease.
for your memory. Whatever entered into him. None of that you have.
to bear, none of that you have to stick with, none of that. And.
After that, he passed away. They took him and his spirit went.
down to hell.Now Satan is going to do a number on him in hell.
But after three days, a voice from eternity stated, “” Get him.
up.”” Why? Since the rate for your sin, the rate for what you.
did, come on, have actually been now warranted. It'' s been paid in. complete. Now state it. AUDIENCE: Paid completely. Bill Winston: Say it. again. AUDIENCE: Paid completely.
Bill Winston: Everything that. you would not just have in your body and in your mind and in. your spirit is paid completely.
For every single house, every home town,. every company, every thing that you may ever
require or desire,. it ' s paid in complete. Do you believe that?
Buy and come with. no money. God might do something.
He may provide you the money from. Here, Jesus, he gets up.
The first thing he does. is open battle with Satan.
Expense Winston: Colassians chapter 2,. open battle. He himself erased the handwriting from the financial obligation.
You put on'' t owe nobody absolutely nothing however to like him. You can take that.
bible and supernaturally cancel your financial obligation right now. What.
happened next? Here'' s Jesus. Now he'' s raised up. Now he ' s got to.
go to the father.Now he appeared at that burial place since he.
Now when he gets. There
' s some theologians don ' t want to go this far.
Bill. Winston: This is a physical resurrection. And if you take a look at. Romans chapter 8 and verse 11 he speaks about it.
If the. spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwells in.
you. He that raised, come on, up Christ from the dead, begun,.
will likewise, come on, quicken your mortal body, keep going, by. your spirit. The word quicken might suggest repair work, might
mean. restore.Let me ask you. If you prick your finger here, in a. variety of days, won ' t it be restored? AUDIENCE: Yes. Costs. Winston: Because you ' re dropping billions of cells every day. But.
because the body was continuously expected to be repairing itself.
It'' s repairing? You ' re sitting here right now,'it ' s. repairing itself. Now what ' s the problem?
once again, but you have regret, pity, worry, doubt, that is a.
disease of the spirit. And you embarassment, worry, doubt, that is a.
illness of the spirit. And you question why individuals can'' t get this. thing.Why won'' t they get it?
No. We got to get that spirit. recovered. He informed a male who had been around the pool of Bethesda. watch this, do you wish to be made entire? Costs Winston: Now.
the man stated, “” Wait a minute. Each time that swimming pool gets stirred.
up, I try to make it there. And then Jake or Dawn or somebody.
jump and come in front of me and mess me up.”” He said, “” Rise.””.
You got to hear that man, increase. He was talking with his spirit,.
increase. So you see, when that spirit is maimed, the flesh.
gets maimed. If I can get your spirit home, come on now.
You follow what I'' m stating? Use up your bed and walk. And he did.
that. And spiritual leaders began him like I wear'' t understand what. Why? Religion calls if you state you'' re God ' s, they call it. blasphemy. Costs Winston: Watch this, however Jesus calls it.
scripture. So that'' s the first thing.Spirit, I got to get born.
again, get this thing healthy. The next thing is a soul.
Due to the fact that you going to be and prosper in health. Begin, help me.
There'' s your soul. One method Satan will come at you with.
condemnation, what you'' re doing, what things you ' re refraining from doing.
right, so forth so on, and try to compromise your spirit. The next.
thing he'' ll attempt to do is keep you from renewing your mind.
Only time you hear the word of God is when you are available in here on.
Sunday, that is not going to do it hommie. Expense Winston: Let me.
inform you right now, you'' re going to need to provide something to. contemplate every day. State amen to that.
Due to the fact that your spirit can. I lay my hands on you to get some.
action, but if I don'' t stay up to date with you, that thing will attempt to. return. It might. My point here is, I ' m going to teach you. how he said his word and it recovered them and provided them.
You need to say amen to that, since eventually that'' s where. He ' s putting you in a world complete. AUDIENCE: Of that world.
What am I saying? I'' m stating.
thing? Due to the fact that a few of you all believe I'' m too far out there.
currently. However I'' m going to go even more. I'' ll do that.
What. taken place? A pal of mine was talking on the phone. He was.
discussing some things. He stated God'' s transfers coming.
What'' s a transfer? It ' s the wealth transfer.
It ' s coming. He'' s going to be done. We'' re.
thinking of transfer. Let'' s see.
MoneyGram, Western Union,. who sent out some cash? Okay, that'' s one system. Another one,. wire transfer.
Man, I might get a wire transfer and wire cash. from here to South Africa.
Expense Winston: Then I said. There ' s another one higher than that. That ' s a Swift.
that Swift, I ' ve seen it work.
Then there'' s another one he called. It ' s.
above that. God ' s. system
is going to be above that.Bill Winston: And I start.
I ' m stating. faith is the original technology and God can move things around.
without people. Is this getting too deep here? I'' m closing right.
now, however he can move … I begin looking at that. I looked.
Acts, over in Acts chapter five. And what happened was here he.
was, they had taken the apostles, put them in jail.
since they were working these wonders and put them in prison.
Look what occurred. The angel came, got him out of.
jail and told him to return up there where they were preaching.
and continue to preach.Say dominion. AUDIENCE: Dominion.
Expense Winston: And then they sent a male up there to get the.
apostles to bring them down to where they work and the man came.
back stating, the prison genuinely we shut with all security and the.
keepers standing without prior to the door. When we had opened.
it, we found no guy within. My point to you is the doors of the.
jail were in location. Let me come over here. The doors of the.
jail were shut. The guards were right there, but where were.
individuals? Now if he can move people, he can move cash. He.
can move it out of a savings account over here and move it in.
here with audit routes. Costs Winston: I understand a few of you,.
See,'I ' m not protecting. I'' m moving into the assured.
I said money is about the circulation, that'' s the message you
got. See, if you ' re looking for reasoning, it is not.
affordable. God is putting you in this earth for the.
supernatural.Now this is going to be supernatural cash, this.
is going to be wonder. This is going to be cash that you.
didn'' t know even was out there. The Bible stated that this cash.
remains in dark locations. It'' s says, “” And I'' ll provide the treasures of.
darkness and concealed riches where, in secret places that.
May as know that I am the Lord, which called thee by thy.
name and the God of Israel.”” Expense Winston: They attempted to conceal.
it, but angels know where it'' s at. I am not attempting to go get.
You much better hear what I'' m stating. It ' s about to come to you. I ' ll.
til I get myself and you could come over and swim for the day.
time. You wait till I get my hotel, I'' m going to let you stay.
in it totally free of charge. You wait till I get my brand-new manufacturing.
strategy, I'' m going to let you have a job in it. You wait, I'' m. just saying dream a little. Bill Winston: Righteousness.
puts you back in right standing with God. It puts you back in.
right position. Anyone who is righteous comprehend what.
righteousness implies, and acts on it, ends up being Satan'' s master.
Any person who'' s got spiritual power, you'' re coming out of this. spirit man, and you speak words. God backs your words. You will.
guideline political forces. You will rule the financial forces. You.
will rule the media forces. Take a look at Jesus who is the one.
who informed you who you are. Then you will.
own what they got. ANNOUNCER: Today'' s series. Inhabit Till I Come volume two is available in its whole.
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in faith. Order Occupy Till I Come,.
volume 2 today. Expense Winston: Hello, Bill.
Winston here. Now I rely on that you'' ve been blessed by the.
day'' s message. I ' d like to take a moment to share a number of.
testaments with you that they'' ve come from our prayer. call center. We have a call center that ' s set up to hope. with individuals who would call in.Now we'' ve created this center.
for you, the partners, the viewers. Those would contact.
require prayer for any matter, it doesn'' t make any difference. We.
desire to pray with you, stand and concur with you, whatever we require.
to think God for you, for the important things that you need God to do in.
your life. Expense Winston: Now here is a.
testimony that was provided to me. This was available in.
from Florida. It'' s a particular person, had a. relative that remained in a coma that had actually been in a. coma for 2 weeks and that this family member was the family was. being challenged as whether to take the individual off of life.
assistance or simply leave them on.Well, this one person chose to.
call the prayer center here at Bill Winston Ministries which.
prayer minister prayed with them and believed God for that.
person'' s deliverance or that individual to come.
out of that coma. Bill Winston: Well, quickly.
after the family called this person and reported.
that the dear sis that was in a coma, opened her.
eyes and got up and then asked for a drink of water.
Now they ask what time that this sister called the person, at.
what time did they pray for this dear sibling in the health center?
They hoped at 11:16 AM in the morning which is the precise.
time the sibling awakened from a coma that she had actually been in for.
two weeks, right? It'' s God. Let me provide you another one. This.
testament originates from Illinois. This specific person called.
for prayer for their godmother. Now she had phase 4 cancer.
and was going to have surgery. Now after they'' d got prayer.
from the prayer call center, the doctor started the surgical treatment, however.
could not any longer find cancer in this person'' s body.Bill. Winston: Now these are real testaments that have been.
can be found in. I'' m just stating here that if you require prayer, if.
you require somebody to concur with you, we'' ve got people that understand.
how to get hold of God. I'' m telling you, you see God'' s plan. is that we all be recovered. God'' s prepare that all of us be provided,.
God'' s plan that we all have adequate abundance or whatever.
have you. If you'' re going through something that isn'' t. God ' s plan. To put it simply, there ' s something in your.
scenario there that you understand is not God'' s will for your life.
Call that prayer center. They'' re standing by. These folk understand how.
to pray, and as you'' ve hoped with them and they agree with.
you, we'' re going to think God that every requirement of your life is.
going to be met.Well, remember we'' re here for you. That.
prayer call center is readily available. We like.
you, and this is Bill Winston stating, keep.
walking by faith. ANNOUNCER: The objective of.
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