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caption Hello Friends! the stock we are going over today have currently provided 200% returns in simply 2 months as you see here on 31st March 2020 this stock was trading at INR 3.30 only however on 9th June 2020 the stock price jumped to INR 9.20 in just 2 months, from INR 3.30 to INR 9.20 and offered 200% returns there'' s an extremely strong momentum in this stock now and throughout all this duration trading volumes were likewise substantial, as you can see here these huge trading volumes suggest a strong momentum after trading at INR 9.20 the Profit Booking has started in this stock, however such revenue reservation was also seen when stock reached INR 8 and before that when the stock reached INR 6, however after both times of revenue booking this stock developed new price highs and by the way this stock is currently trading at its long term resistance levels as you see here the highlighted area is the resistance level of this stock, which is around INR 6.5 and INR 7.5 if this stock sustains these resistance levels then would once again create a brand-new high, Now, lets go over the evaluations of this stock, presently this stock is trading at INR 7.35 and its book value is INR 14.81 yes, this stock is trading at half price of its book worth this stock'' s Market Cap is INR 157 Crores and 52 week high rate is INR 19 and 52 week low is INR 3 dividend yield is 1.36% Return on capital utilized is 31% and Return on equity is 25% and last 3 years typical sales growth is 12% and last 3 years typical return on capital employed is 27% and last 3 years average return on equity is 25% Promoters are Promoters holds more than 58% of shares and debt equity ratio is 0 company is absolutely financial obligation totally free, and last year'' s making per share is INR 3.27 and the industry in which this stock is working that industry'' s typical PE ratio is nearly 40 however this stock is offered at PE of 3.27 only, this PE Ratio is calculated on the trailing twelve months' ' EPS and this stock'' s main business is export & trading in commodities and this business exports to Middle East, East Africa, Malayasia, Indonesia, Ukraine, Agentina, Colombo, Turkey, Egypt, UAE & & other countries, exports its products its primary export items are sugar, oil & & oil seeds, grains like Rice, Wheat, Corn, Pulses, Spices, Animal feed & & cotton and other agricultural products so trading on low margins but managing to get great profitability Name of the stock & & Financial Details shall be talked about in this video, so please don'' t skip this video and watch till completion and if you haven'' t subscribed our YouTube Channel '' Equity Dhanda ' then please Subscribe Now and push the Bell Icon so you get all the updates of our upcoming beneficial videos and if you like today'' s video hit ' Like ' and ' Share ' Buttons Let ' s start with Annual Financial Results, we have plotted here last 8 years' ' Annual Financial Results and this is tracking twelve months' ' results, due to the fact that business haven ' t stated its March 2020 outcomes yet, you see during last 8 years business'' s sales grew 4.5 times yes, from sales of INR 978 in March 2012 however till March 2019, it jumped to INR 4400 Crores which is a multiple times development in sales in 8 years, 4.5 times development in sales is a fantastic development and throughout last 8 years operating profits grew by nearly 7 times March 2012 operating earnings are INR 13 crores however till March 2019 it leapt to INR 91 Crores in Operating Profits too company grew really amazingly and as you see in the expenses Interest Cost is reducing during last 3 years which means company is lowering its debt now profit prior to tax during last 7 years revenue before tax grew almost 10 times, in March 2013 PBT was INR 9 Crores but till March 2019 PBT leapt to INR 88 crores 10 times growth in 7 years is once again a wonderful growth and during last 7 years Company'' s Net Profits grew by 12 times, in March 2013 Net profits were of INR 6 Crores, but till March 2019 Profits jumped to INR 70 Crores and likewise Earnings Per Share was INR 0.37 in March 2013 grew by 9 times till march 2019 reached to INR 3.27, so in general an excellent profitability development, business is totally profitable, and that too with growing success by numerous times, about Balance Sheet, here we have outlined varieties of last 8 years business'' s reserves, as you can see are growing by bounds and leaps, throughout last 8 years reserves grew by nearly 7 times, and during last 5 years, the borrowings of the business are minimizing significantly Total term debt was INR 136 Crores in March 2016 nevertheless, the very same has actually been minimized to Zero by September 2019 Company is now absolutely Debt Free ever increasing reserves and Nil Debt are the favorable signs of business'' s ideal fund management In the asset side, company has really low repaired possessions this company is working on Asset Light Model due to the fact that of trading company needs minimum fixed possessions In September 2019 business have investments worth of INR 50 Crores and it'' s a Cash Rich Company it is handling excellent liquidity position from last 5 years company is managing very great liquidity position In Sep 2019 business have Cash & & Equivalents of INR 34 Crores talking about overall balance sheet size as you can see here Balance Sheet size is increasing year by year Total Balance Size was INR 176 Crores in March 2012 which leapt increase upto INR 800 Crores by Sep 2019 so profitability sensible along with profitability growth, company'' s balance sheet is extremely strong which is an extremely favorable sign of business'' s total management Now lets check business'' s most current shareholding pattern it'' s the March 2020 Shareholding Pattern which is newest offered as currently discussed more than 58% shares are held by the promoters, rest 42% is with Public Shareholders, out of which Majorly as we see here nearly 12% shares are held by only 35 investors whose financial investment size is above INR 2 Lacs, these big investors are buying the business, and more than 1% shares are held by Sangeetha S, who is a significant financier in Indian Equity Markets and her March 2020'' s total Portfolio Size is almost INR 150 Crores, likewise 2nd huge financier holding more than 1% shares is Shaikh Rahil Irfan comes from UAE apart from them 4% shares are held by Body Corporates, majorly Chandurkar Investments Private Limited, and investment company its holding more than 1.5% shares and nearly 1% shares are held by Moneymart Securities Private Limited once again a security investment company 0.83% shares are held by NRI Shareholders and nearly 10% shares are held by Overseas Body Corporate i.e.Foreign Investors out of which 6.66% shares are held by Al Malaki Foodstuff Trading LLC, belong to UAE, and 3.29% shares are held by R and R Foodstuff Trading LLC company Overall, really huge investors have actually already made big financial investments in this business which is an indication of company'' s brilliant future Now, its time to expose the name of this stock before that, i demand you to please '' Like '' and ' Share ' this video, and 'please Subscribe our Channel ' Equity Dhanda ' Stock ' s name is Sakuma Exports Limited trading and exporting in products stock is noted on BSE & & NSE both stock exchanges and being traded with big volumes and last 8 days' ' average delivery %age is nearly 70% huge deliveries are being taken in this stock which signifies upcoming bullish momentum and now this is company'' s official website, where you can check all the information of the business, Company'' s creator Late Mr.Chander Mohan Malhotra, lost consciousness of Delhi School of Economics a Development Banker, and had worked on highly regarded positions in RBI & & IDBI had dealt with such respected positions which reveals that company'' s management is educated and professional and holds expert working experience and company is operational from 1998-99 as you see here so business have a really good working experience and on the exact same page you see, business exports its products to many countries, significant ones are Middle East, South and South East Asia, Far East, Australia, Europe and Africa and Company'' s significant export products are Sugar & & Edible Oils, Oil Seeds, Pulses, Cotton, and lots of other specialty crops here in business Verticle Tab, you can check Company'' s export items are & Sugar & By-Products which is exported to Far East, Middle East and East Africa and it consists of Raw Sugar, Refined Sugar and Crystal Sugar and them comes the Oil & & Oil Seeds, being exported to Malaysia, Indonesia, Ukraine and Argentina, it includes export of Oil Seeds, Palm Oil then comes Grains which consists of Rice, Wheat, Corn, Barley, Millet and Sorghum are exported then comes Pulses, which are exported to Bangladesh, Pakistan, Colombo, Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt and UAE then comes Spices which includes Cumin Seeds, Turmeric, Kalonji, Fennel, Ajwain, Mustard, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Ginger etc and numerous other Spices are exported then comes Animal Feed, exported to SEA and Middle East, which consists of Soya Bean Meal, Repeseed Meal, Ground Nut Meal, Castor Meal lastly company also exports Cotton and its types Overall company have a varied item basket and customer network is also diversified, and such diversity is very encouraging for Risk Mitigation of the Company here we have Company'' s Dividend History, from last 8 years business is paying routine INR 1/- Per share Dividend is being paid every year and in 2018 stock got split each share of INR 10/- Face Value was divided into 10 shares of INR 1/- Face Value each accordingly, 10% dividend was declared during last year also this company with regular dividend history have dividend yield of 1.36% so it is good for Dividend Investors as well, in general, with a great Business Management, Strong Balance Sheet and Profitability Growth this stock is readily available at deep discount rate to its book worth with varied product basket and varied customer network, this stock is worthy of to be in your stock watch list since this stock is having a strong momentum and in coming sessions, a strong movement can be seen in this stock That'' s all for today, Please ' Like ' and ' Share ' our video and publish your viewpoint in the remark section Please Subscribe our channel '' Equity Dhanda ' and Press the Bell Icon to get routine updates of our upcoming useful videos Thank You !!:–RRB-: DAs found on YouTube – Creative Commons License