Hi everyone welcome back to my channel SugarMama TV. This video is part of my how to series for minimalism I’m taking minimalism and going deeper with it and giving you lots of ideas, Lots of steps, lots of tips and tricks, So you can apply minimalism beyond just simply decluttering your life, So you can Take some of these ideas or all of these ideas, and hopefully you will feel the benefits from this Now.

This video is all about minimalism and money, Which sounds kind of counter intuitive, Because we always want to maximize money in our lives.

However, I want to talk about maybe making money in our life a lot more efficient, Minimizing the financial stresses in our lives And learning to be a lot more efficient and emotionally comfortable with having money in our lives.

So here are 10 ideas or tips for you to apply in your own personal finances, Where you will quickly feel the benefits and feel financially lighter Tip number one is to have one bank Now within that one bank.

I want you to have one everyday account with an attached ATM debit card, Then attached to that one ATM everyday account.

I want you to have three online accounts Now.

The reason why I want you to just pick one bank account Is because, when you log on to that one bank account, You can see your whole entire financial situation from a cash flow perspective.

There are no more online bank accounts floating around in cyberspace.

You log in to one place, and you quickly and efficiently, see everything about your cash flow right then, and there And use that ATM debit card to pay for everything.

The three remaining online internet bank accounts, One is for your life and emergency account. That is where you stockpile for all those infrequent quarterly biannual annual expenses And things that just happen in life.

On top of your emergency money.

The second online savings account is your lifestyle account.

This is where you can put money for your lifestyle goals, Such as saving up for a holiday, maybe buying new investment piece for your wardrobe or upgrading your laptop, Whatever your lifestyle goals may be.

That is where the money goes for that particular goal.

The third online savings account is your financial goal account Now.

This is where you put money in for your future financial investment, whether it be to eventually save up money to sign a share portfolio or maybe even a deposit for your first home, whatever it may be, but three online bank accounts all linked to that everyday account Tip number two is to have one or no credit cards in this day and age.

You don’t have to have a credit card.

You can quickly and easily pay for things online using that ATM debit card.

Also, by having one or no credit card, it means you’re, not wasting money in fees. However, if you are someone who is very responsible with your credit card, you pay it off in full each month and you appreciate the benefits that come with a credit card, such as free travel, insurance and frequent flyer points.

That is absolutely fine, but just have one.

This also means that if you ever get into a little bit of credit card debt, its contained to one credit card, which means it’s quicker and easier to pay it off and getting it back on track.

And, of course, if you do have one credit card make sure it has the benefits that are right for you, don’t just go for the code, a car that has the maximum benefits because you may not be making the most of those benefits tip number Three is to remove all those store cards, membership, loyalty, program cards from your wallet and unsubscribe from them.

Often, when we have these types of memberships or subscriptions, they just encourage to spend more money in their store and often buy things that we simply do not need.

It is a complete and utter financial destruction.

Remove them tip number four is actually around social media.

We always told social media can be really toxic to our mental health and that we can get encouraged to buy things that we don’t necessarily need or want, or have that pressure to keep up the Joneses.

I do agree with this, but actually social media can be incredibly powerful.

Why don’t you detox or declutter your social media? Take away all those people or brands that you’re following that tend to encourage you to spend money and replace them, replace them with people that inspire you motivate you and empower you. For example, I love to follow the debt free community.


All these people will post up their financial goals, share with everyone, their challenge struggles and everyone helps support each other and contribute ideas to help people get back on track.

It’s incredibly inspiring and incredibly motivating tip number five is to clean up and declutter your internet banking go through your pay accounts and go through your biller codes and look at the accounts which those people don’t exist in your lives, or you know That those people’s accounts that were closed a long time ago and remove them.

When you use your internet banking, it’s supposed to be quick and easy and efficient to use.

If you’re having to scroll through long lists of people that you don’t actually transfer money to or pay money to anymore, simply delete them off your internet banking will make it so much quicker and easier for when you do use your internet banking Tip number six is to lighten your wallet: go through your wallet, remove any old bits of paper and receipts and junk that it’s just simply, clogging up your wallet will also free up the energy of money in your life, as I said in the other Tip remove those old store cards and loyalty, programs and membership cards you don’t need them.

Another great idea is to remove the flow and heaviness of coins in your life everyday.

When you come home, why don’t you put the coins in a jar that you keep next to your hall table? So when you come home, you’re not weighed down by these anymore as the jar increases and gets full.

Take it to a bank deposit into one of your lifestyle or financial goal accounts, so you can actually feel the benefits of this new habit.

Tip number eight is about your retirement savings account so in Australia that’s called superannuation in the: u s: It’s, your 401k plan or RSA account, and in Europe it’s your pension account.

You only need one of these accounts. You do not want multiple accounts all over the place, you’re wasting money on fees and also there’s a lot of extra paperwork in your life that you don’t need, which is not great for the environment.

Now, when you’ve consolidated, all your retirement money into the one account make sure that money is invested for the long term, which means typically having a higher asset allocation to long term.

High growth investments, investments such as shares international shares and property, but of course, make sure you understand your risk profile.

This also means it’s really easy to keep on top of how much money you have retirement savings account whether it be super an RSA 401k or a pension account.

You know how you’re tracking towards your financial goals for a healthy, long and luxurious retirement.

Tip number nine is to remove your financial danger zones, be aware of when you get that temptation to spend money, avoid going to the shopping mall, make it a really quick in and out their trip.

Don’t spend your spare time wandering around or looking online on your favorite stores, also for things like takeaways and home deliveries know that when you’re feeling tired, you tend to waste money on those things so pre prepare have healthy food.

In your fridge.

Already do your food planning do your meal prepping, all those things to remove and minimize financial danger zones in your life and then the final tip tip number 10 is to minimize and remove those financially self destructive mindset, beliefs, things like getting caught in the trap of Well, I can afford it just because you can afford something: doesn’t necessarily mean you should go ahead and buy it remember you know anybody, love value, use and appreciate also spend time being really conscious and aware of any self destructive toxic mindsets.

You’re having things around self worth. There are a lot of people out there who have this incorrect, toxic, unhealthy attitude or mindset that was planted in them at a very young age that they’re not worthy of being financially free and independent.

That is complete and absolute rubbish.

There are a lot of fantastic blessings that come from being financially secure in it and independent such as having more time more time that, then, you concern with the people that you love and helping the people that you love so take time to really honor your financial Habits take time to explore, sit with and remove those toxic financial mindsets and attitudes that you have around money.

Now that’s it for this video around mill, ism and money.

Remember the less expenses you have the more money you have and the more money you have, the more time, the more twists and the more freedom now who doesn’t want that, so that’s it for this video.

Let me know what you think of this video and, if you like it, and if you have any other tips around mill, ism and money, please put them in the comments box below, because I love hearing from you now remember.

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