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Halifax Debt Consolidation – Whats The Best?

Halifax Debt Consolidation

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  1. SP330Y
    July 20, 2021 at 5:52 am

    Without doubt the worst bank ever!, I have banked with Halifax for over
    30 years, Corona virus popped up I asked for an overdraft via telephone
    conversation, said NO, despite me paying in over £700+ a week for many
    years, then the scottish lady advisor said, "I will have to TERMINATE
    THIS CALL" and did exactly that, cut me off??, ENDED THE CALL HUNG UP!!,
    Terrible service to a customer of over 30 years, will be 100% changing
    banks away from BOS, HF and LLOYDS, when this coronavirus is over, in
    bad times people and businesses show their TRUE COLOURS, not for me
    anymore no more £700+ per week from me paying into MY account anymore, I
    also have a business account with Lloyds,and a personal account with
    BOS, all will be TERMINATED,( your words HF) when back on track, so your
    advertising here to help is all BS, If your a new customer and thinking
    of coming over to HF Lloyds, or BOS, then please take my 100% TRUE
    comments and think again, even when the WORLD is at it's lowest and they
    don't help, then ask yourself when will they ever help you?? Goodbye
    bank, there are many others out there who will welcome my £700+ per
    week… Stirling Bank, hello, customer service is everything….lessons
    learnt and moving on

  2. Joshua Humphrey
    July 20, 2021 at 5:52 am

    I like cat one