Debt Free Journey: Our Way is Different…Not Wrong


Yeah this is a.
consistent thing in my life. I have a tendency to like to do things in my own.
That doesn ' t mean that I can ' t become debt-free
by doing it a little.

Video Transcript: simply because my way isn'' t your
method doesn ' t make my way incorrect seriously hi I'' m Wendy Valencia. Yeah this is a.
constant thing in my life. I tend to like to do things in my own.
way, in my own time, you know in my own style. I pick from the best of various.
concepts and I merge them together to make my own philosophy and I have my.
whole life therefore my way is most likely no chance that anyone else will ever do.
anything however I will inform you that following a plan is very important however it.
doesn'' t have to be somebody else'' s plan that you follow, you can make your own. plan and follow your own plan and that'' s basically what Mauricio and I have done.
We have a goal of being debt-free and we have a way that we'' re gon na do it'and. it ' s not gon na follow any one particular plan.We have looked at our lives and.
identified what is the most important to us and chose that is how we'' re going. to do it how we ' re going to handle ending up being debt-free how we'' re going
to. conserve up cash how we'' re going to lease or purchase my moms and dads house however our way is our.'method and it ' s very extremely particular to our lifestyle and I'' ll inform you we ' ve. really chosen to settle debt a little more gradually than the suggested. viewpoint which'' s our choice and our authority and there is absolutely nothing in the. world to say that debt has to be settled rapidly there is absolutely nothing in the.
world to say that I can'' t take a journey to Colombia to visit my in-laws while I'' m. paying off financial obligation there isn ' t anything in the world to say that I can'' t conserve money. at the same time as I ' m paying off financial obligation now that being said certain viewpoints.
work I indicate they legitimately work but they don'' t work for everybody yes there.
are androids and thousands probably even.
millions at this point of individuals who have actually become debt-free using one standard.
That doesn ' t mean that I can ' t ended up being debt-free
by doing it a little.
you I'' m ish and I love it and I simply put on'' t I can honestly say I wear ' t truly. care what anyone thinks however my family I'wear ' t care if you don ' t like how I'invest. Since no one has to live, my cash or how much debt I ' m paying off this month.
with it however us and now if you wish to send me money on a monthly basis I'' ll let you.
have a say and how I settle my debt however it'' s got to be a great deal of cash it can'' t. be like a dollar cuz you'wear ' t get a say if you only send me a dollar.
no I'' m kidding I put on ' t want your cash I wouldn ' t no that ' s not all right for me I ' m. not a charity case however it simply I guess today I truly wished to tell you if the.
routine strategy the plan that many people follow doesn'' t work for you or you find. yourself regularly stopping working at that strategy perhaps take a look at the strategy and where.
you'' re failing and why'you ' re stopping working and repair it you can do that there is no.
law to financial obligation benefit it is everything about getting to financial obligation liberty it doesn'' t. matter how you get there well it does if you'' re gon na like rob a bank don ' t rob a.
bank again debt free cuz you know going to jail to be debt-free not an excellent concept.
however yeah it there is nobody best method for this there'' s not this was simply.
really on my heart in my mind today I guess a few of the comments I'' ve been. reading recently made me wonder like why do you or not you but you collective.
think that your way it'' s best why do you think your way is the just.
way and I'' m not again I ' m not stating that way doesn ' t work but that way'. doesn ' t work for everyone look at all of the individuals who'' ve tried it and stopped working I.
would have probably been among those people if it hadn'' t been for YouTube and. hadn ' t been for the changes that we'' ve done and I understand that
I have the. possible for failure or a great deal of people do I'' m sincere about that potential and I.
attempt really tough to avoid it and we'' ve paid off 2/3 of our financial obligation 2/3 we'' re gon na. be done in the next you know 18 months hopefully huh we'' ll see I haven ' t run.
the numbers and I put on'' t know what ' s going to occur with my
moms and dads so I. can ' t truly project out a date however I'' m hoping by the end of 2020 we will be.
debt-free which is a possibility at least today it is and that'' s my goal and.
I'' m extremely excited about that but we'' re refraining from doing it the very same method that everyone.
else is Oh anyway that'' s what I wanted to inform you all today so step I'' ll see.
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