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We sold our 1,800 square-foot home in the city and about.
And then just a little tool bench there'' s a couch to check out on in here and
. We'' ve got the loft up here which is a huge piece of the space. We'' ve got this turn up table kind of offer them a little place to do that and lower it down if they require to something else up here like play video games. Below her bed Jared made.

Video Transcript: Hi I'' m Rachel and I ' m Jared and we ' re. from Latigo Life. We sold our 1,800 square-foot house in the city and about.
60% of our personal belongings in addition to my 68 Camaro and moved into a thousand square.
foot house in the nation we were overwhelmed with too much things a lot of.
expenditures and not adequate time for the things that mattered to us. we had more than $32,000 in trainee loan debt and were regularly keeping $5,000 or two on our.
charge card monthly so we started on Dave Ramsey'' s Financial Peace University.
plan to leave debt getting out of debt was hard we sold whatever.
that we could get our hands on we cut our budget way down we didn'' t head out to. eat we didn ' t go to the motion pictures there were no shopping sprees so the biggest secret for.
us to get out of debt was habits modification because we needed to like decide.
that we were going to actually do it instead of simply write it down and.
pretend like we were doing it and we did it on the extremely moderate income it was.
most likely $50,000 integrated we had the ability to do it in 15 months.We became debt-free of.
When we, everything but the house in September of 2011 and then June of 2014 is.
paid simply below the $100,000 mark on our home I decided one day that I wanted to.
go little I didn'' t wish to need to clean that much of our house we didn ' t usage
. half of our home it was constantly cleansing and rearranging and I could never unwind.
I couldn'' t play with the kids I seem like I have to have an extremely clean. environment and arranged environment to really operate well so when we started.
searching for a place to construct your home that we wanted in the size that we.
wanted we couldn'' t discover anywhere that would let us do it they desired you to.
construct a 60% or 70% brick house so we had actually found this concept of converting a metal.
building and simply actually needed to land to do it.We ran the idea past my parents.
they stated why don'' t you construct on our land? And we were like: alright, sure!
Among the ways that we selected what we were gon na build as far as size goes was.
based off of the budget plan that we had so we were trying to work within how much.
we were going to get out of the home and after that how the home will be offered and.
then a few of the money they currently had on hand we desired to pay cash for.
everything we didn'' t desire to have a mortgage and have a payment so we simply.
kind of dealt with that. Okay so this is our home let'' s go see so this is our entrance we have our shoe.
organizer over here The kids shoes are at the bottom so they can easily reach it themselves.So we are a homeschooling household and in order for us to do the.
homeschooling stuff we have to get innovative due to the fact that in our old house we had.
a real space for our home schooling things and now in this house we do not have an.
extra room for that so we have various locations in your home one of these is for.
one kid and among them'' s for the other child we also have this that we have. homeschool things in.So since we just have has two bedrooms if anybody wishes to remain over or.
if anyone'' s sick or anything then we have the sofa it actually takes out.
into a bed and we'' ve got the extra good mattress on it so it'' s actually. comfy and then we likewise have the Ottoman, it has storage in it so we'' ve. got some blankets in here and we have another one we'' ve got books which sort.
of thing so this Ottoman has in fact opens so it'' s got books in
it'and. it ' s also another place to sit as far as like the TELEVISION setup we wanted to get.
everything off of the ground which is why we redid this wall here and developed.
this to house all of our I think the game systems in here some DVD gamers.
over here.Our whole kitchen is from Ikea and it has pretty much everything that.
we need in it it'' s very practical for us these are drawers instead of has.
the doors pulled out put various kinds of things in here and organized for us.
And after that in a corner cabinet here and on the other side of the sink has the lazy.
susans in here that we can kind of get to the back of the cabinets and we put on'' t. need to stress over climbing inside of the cabinet itself.
all right so kitchen itself is actually sort of small however it'' s very practical for all. we required so we actually scale down all of our cups to simply that, and that'' s quite. much whatever that we have.Each of the kids has their own insulated cup that.
they take with them any place we go So at the corridor is our laundry.
room and half bath it'' s most likely the most uncomfortable room in your home, but we make it work. We'' ve got a washer and dryer some racks for video games and laundry stuff.
over on this side we'' ve got shelf, sink and toilet so like I said kind of an.
uncomfortable space however it works. This is the hallway and we made it additional wide so.
that didn'' t feel so confined in our currently little home and we have a magnet.
board down here and a place for them to keep their work throughout the week.
because we get do house school so we type of usage whatever in your house for that there'' s. always something homeschool oriented someplace you come down the hallway get.
to the kids room and so right now this is a playroom over here we'' ve got some more. house school things there'' s a map some little passports one for the older young boy and one for the younger.And so they type of can be found in here and do their little passport things. And after that simply a little tool bench there'' s a sofa to keep reading in here and
. then we'' ve got the loft up here which is a big piece of the room. When we developed the.
house we went all the method to the roofing line with this room so that we could.
eventually put the locked in we didn'' t know exactly how we would do it today.
that it'' s in, we did this part and after that we'chose to go on and include bunk beds. We ' re in the process of getting a bed mattress for each of these, it'will be twins, and that method we ' ve got room for them to sleep in the future.Okay so on the 2nd level up.
here is where we have Legos and we call this the Lego loft so they'' ve got their. table, they ' ve got type of some railing here to put their developments and then there'' s. some company stuff up here for that and even that extra tubs. this lower level.
of the loft is where they can come and do like art or coloring or things like.
that. We'' ve got this turn up table kind of provide a little place to do that and lower it down if they need to something else up here like play games. I included this little ladder.
Since number 2 here is extremely awkward so I desired to make sure, here.
that he had a protected method to get up here the third level is really just for.
laying down checking out books they can play video games as they desire and the bookshelf up.
there actually slides out completely and there'' s some attic space behind that fine so here'' s our restroom and just. closet I really like the size of our restroom I feel like it works really.
well we did a lot of scaling down in our restroom of our cabinets and closets.
When we downsized this is all we have for, were filled with so much bath things and.
bath stuff now so we don'' t have any closets in here yet we might ultimately do that.
We do have our racks for our towels and more up there for the shower.
and back here we have towels, obstruct and then we have our oils So welcome to the.
only closet in the entire home when we were developing the home we knew this.
would be the only closet and we would all going to share it so one of the.
things that we needed to take notice of was storage in here so clothes are a big.
thing due to the fact that there'' s five people so we went all the method to the roofing line when.
we were building the closet we'' ve really got storage on both sides up.
here we can save additional clothes or winter season clothing that sort of thing this entire section here is Rachel'' s over. here is where her vanity was initially we had a shelf came all the way throughout.
and she believed she wanted somewhere to sit now we'' re altering all that and I remain in.
the procedure of doing that so this is a truly fine example of if something'' s. not working the methods we needed it to we simply go change it up over here is the.
middle young boy his section so he wished to be able to get to his so we originally.
had it higher and we moved it down here so that was one thing that we altered in.
When, here to function the method he desired to is we in fact downsize a ton of books.
we move that was a huge part of our downsizing was getting rid of books and.
this is what we were entrusted so we sort of chosen our preferred ones and.
that'' s all we have now the whole closet is from Ikea and we want the closet.
itself was a little bit broader however the way whatever remains in here function is.
just fine and we type of offer with the width of it the finest we can that'' s just. one of the important things we ran into when we constructed house and didn'' t know till we got.
in here that we could have use another foot approximately on it.This is our bed room and this is the season.
of life we'' re in, we all sleep in one room right now and it ' s just simpler. when you wake up in the middle of the night, the kids wake up in the middle of the night simply tend to them and after that they roll over return to sleep. Underneath her bed Jared made.
this to have area for blankets or things like that so we chose to utilize this.
bit cutout area we made her a little closet location and she has her other stuff.
in the drawers like we have cloth diapers up here just a method to keep the infant.
organized and after that she'' s got a great deal of clothes due to the fact that grandma ' s you know so. When they grow out of clothing then, here we have the next size up of clothing or.
it'' s just easy to get to, and we'put on ' t have piles of clothing like simply everywhere.
and then over here Jared made this wood guitar holder for the guitars to.
display that method they wear'' t get messed up so this is our external shed it used to be.
a barn and my father-in-law converted it for us therefore we came up with this.
option to our toys within your house We organized all their toys by type so cars.
over here card video games obstructs that sort of thing so they'' re able to come out here
. get a couple things maybe they desire to get figures and they can take them in.
and play with those and after that if they wished to get state blocks.
and figures to play with together they can do that and what this does is permits.
them to be able to have toys without over running the room with them and.
without having a lot in your home that we can so we need to wind up cleaning up.So given that we'' re a homeschooling family we had to get truly innovative because we.
have actually restricted area inside so out here we actually extended the shelves next to.
toys and around so that we have an area for all of our materials so down low is.
where all those the kids stuff is that they can reach, paints, stickers paper that.
sort of things and after that up top you'' ve got more like adult supplies that we would.
require so every week we come out here and we get things together for the week and.
take it in the house and that'' s what we use for school that week.One of my favorite aspects of our.
house is that it takes 30 minutes to clean up the entire house that leaves all.
the time worldwide for anything else that we want to do a few of the things that we have gained.
from doing this are time undoubtedly a lot less stress and the flexibility to kind.
of work the way we desire or make money that way we want.So we have and.
whatever has a house obstacle. Start with just one room and think of making use of.
that room and after that find out what'' s going to be functional for that room.
anything that does not have a home eliminate it donate it offer it heck you can.
even put it in a box and look at it in 6 4 months however if you'' re
not. actively utilizing it and if it does not really have a house right now.
Get it up we'' re simply typical individuals with a quite small earnings but we.
decided we wished to have more out of life and so we took the essential actions.
to make those modifications and now we are living the life that we want.As discovered on YouTube – Creative Commons License.

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