Debt-Free Family Life in a Zero Waste, Plant Based Tiny House 2021


Yeah, it” s truly cozy. I think perhaps when you get to a particular age– I put on ‘ t understand– you kind of start to believe more seriously about what you ‘ re doing in life and the impact that it has on everybody. Yeah, we wanted to make the most of the uninsulated wall area, so we” ve just got basically all of our dry products here which from a cooking point of view works actually well due to the fact that when you” re working you can simply turn around and grab what you need. We can just take our containers now, no brown paper bags, if we need to chop them up.Yeah, we found it truly nice to be able to not produce so much stuff, you know, since undoubtedly you have less area– you can” t fit all this stuff in there that you would usually use, specifically not actually related to the kitchen area, but like having a child a lot of the things that you would usually end up collecting, we just actually can” t, because we put on ‘ t have the space for it. Ah, this is Alba” s room.

It” s not frequently that I feel short. I” ve been looking at tiny homes for years probably. I guess perhaps when you get to a specific age– I wear ‘ t understand– you kind of start to think more seriously about what you ‘ re doing in life and the impact that it has on everyone.
Yeah. yeah, and– cut the ends off– and planed and flat. So you can see they” re all different multi colors. And they” re all set up in 900 tiles. When we do desire to move, we can simply choose up the tiles and unbolt the deck and move it anywhere we go. And especially here in southern Australia, where the weather is really great, having that additional outdoor living space linked to the small home should be truly important. Yeah. That little bit of a flexibility is extremely useful specifically with visitors. Because it can get a little bit confined when there” s six or more people in the house.Yeah. I” d have somewhere outside to have a meal and have a chat and relax is pretty beautiful, yeah. And what about the property you” re on today? This is in fact my moms and dads property. They” re kind of in their yard, which is once again, pretty– we feel pretty fortunate. We have our groundskeepers, who look after our yard and the veggie garden. Oh yeah, they” ll love that. Thanks Mom. And what about future prepare for– ah– are you looking at in fact conserving up for your own little land at the moment? Is this like a stepping stone? It is. Yeah, yeah the house is a total preliminary financial investment we hope we” ll get perhaps 7 or two years out of it.But we” re looking to get a block of land also to proceed to’. And it ‘ s not just the 2 of you any longer. You really have a kid now, don” t you? Yeah, 3 weeks old. Just three weeks! A child. Yeah. Wow. And how are you discovering small house life with a newborn baby? It ‘ s been respectable up until now. I suggest we” re lucky due to the fact that we had like an additional little space on completion of the home so we turned it into your nursery, and yeah. Now you in fact brought to life your child right here, didn” t you? Yeah. Like where we ‘ re standing. Yeah, we had a birth swimming pool. We had the table and chairs over here, and a birth pool established, and it was actually nice. Yeah. Wow! Yeah, it” s actually unique. Yeah. When you were building this, did you have any idea that this was where you were really going to be starting your family? No. It was bit of a last minute decision to put the pool out here. I believe a home birth was something that Jo really wanted from the outset. Yeah. The specifics of where we would– yeah– we weren” t actually sure if it would work out in a tiny home in such a small space, however we had the deck and– yeah– we kind of just like curtained off the side for a bit of personal privacy and, yeah, it was really good. Absolutely! Well, I am super thrilled to have an appearance inside the small house. Can we see what you” ve done? Yeah, begun in! What a charming house! Thank you. Strolling in here, it in fact simply feels so spacious, doesn” t it? Yeah, we added a few windows and stuff to the original design to try to generate a bit more light, a bit more of the outdoors. Right now, we ‘ re in your living area. Yeah, we had a sofa originally that would you know collapse to pull and end up being a couch out to be a bed. We always had it as a bed, so we simply got a single mattress and put it there.Now it” s our chilling out day bed and now with Alba, if Jo needs to, she invests the night down here, because it” s easier to get up and feed the baby and things without having to go upstairs. Provides you a little bit of extra peace. Yeah. << laughter> > I wasn” t going to state that, but … Gets to sleep through the night. << laughter> > And underneath you” ve got storage. Yeah. The top lifts up and we” ve got a whole stack of things under there. Shoes and random things that we put on” t really use all the time. And a little storage loft for all the additional bits that put on” t fit in our kitchen area. And our projector. Really cool! Nice spot to just relax and see a movie then. Yeah, yeah, lovely. And after that you” ve developed storage into the staircase behind you as well, including a washing machine. Yeah. Yep, we were a bit concerned about the sound but we” ve had no issues with it all.
Yeah, it” s really peaceful. And this one” s simply bags and random things.
Clearly, you” re a chef, Mark, so this should have been an extremely essential part of the house for you. We can just take our containers now, no brown paper bags, if we need to chop them up.Yeah, we found it really great to be able to not produce so much things, you know, since clearly you have less area– you can” t fit all this stuff in there that you would usually utilize, especially not actually associated to the kitchen area, but like having a child a lot of the things that you would normally end up building up, we simply actually can” t, because we wear ‘ t have the space for it. It is quite a great investment since they ‘ ll last for her whole diaper-wearing life.
So, 9 months now living in this home, how” s it working out for you? I like it. Yeah, it” s really excellent.’It ‘ s really nice. Yeah, I truly like living here. That the way of life I like trying to have a minimal footprint and extremely satisfying and the fact that we made it ourselves.We can depend on bed and sort of think back and, yeah, what it was like developing it and … That” s in fact among the crucial things, I believe. Like, remaining in home that you developed yourself and having it be so comfortable, knowing that you made the best choices in what you contributed to your home or didn” t’put in. Yeah, it ‘ s really nice. I ‘ m pleased. Certainly, you ‘ ve done all the labor in this build yourself, but do you have an idea of what the task in fact cost to finish? Yeah, aside from the labor and the time, like you said, it was most likely, with all of the equipment, like washing device, ac system, toaster, all this type of things– a bit under 50 grand? Hmm. It” s a great result. Yeah. Yeah, we ‘ re really pleased with developing our own in little home for that much money, yeah. And what do you believe the future is gon na hold for you people now? << laughter> > I wear” t understand. That ‘ s a good concern to address. Like with Alba. Yeah. Living in a tiny house, I think it” ll limitation the time we can possibly live here. Since we have that back space, like, she” s got her own area for now, and I believe once again … Yeah, we can get our can entirely I believe until she” s perhaps around ten. And she would then eventually simply have this home, and she would live in here. We” d be leaving, and as soon as you get more irritating, we can simply tow it further and even more away …<< laughter> > I” m jacking, mother. Yeah, it will be truly nice to be able to provide her, essentially, a house, which is something that as a teen, you never ever actually get that area, usually speaking, so moving forward, that would be actually great. Yeah, what an extraordinary start to life that would be, huh? Yeah, so part of living in a tiny house– building it and being debt-free, essentially, supplies a great deal of, not a lot, however it offers more financial freedom to pursue the important things that we delight in more, which belongs to the reason the possibility is there to do company like the circle dining and invest the time that isn” t necessarily economically rewarded instantly in developing something that our company believe is actually essential. This is such a lovely house– strolling in here– it” s warm– it ‘ s welcoming. You ‘ ve both done a remarkable task with all of the surfaces in here, and I believe that this is going to be an incredible home for your household. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. Thank you very much. Thanks for coming. Thank you. Mark and Jo have actually produced a genuinely wonderful house for their family. But more than it simply being a home, it” s likewise using them an amazing amount of security and the ability to head out in life and live not only true to their worths, but likewise real to their inherent desires of what they desire to finish with their lives and that is an incredible position to be in. As discovered on YouTube – Creative Commons License