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A leader in the commercial mortgage industry, Blackstone’s approach is different than other lenders, we review each file on eight underwriting platforms which enables us to maximize our success rate in funding deals!


Commercial Construction Loans

Developers and investors who purchase underutilized land or run-down properties have special needs due to the financing that is required to get their properties up to speed. Not only must these clients worry about selling, occupying or owning a project, but they must obtain specific financing to make the land, and any buildings on it, habitable. These are some of the most common types of construction loans.

– Land Development Loan
When raw or undeveloped land needs to be made construction-ready a land development loan can be obtained. The raw land may be subdivided and sold as a number of parcels for commercial or residential use. It may also include the installation of sewer, water or power lines to the site.

– Acquisition and Development Loan
An A&D loan is appropriate if raw land is ready to be developed, or is already developed but needs improvements to its infrastructure or existing buildings. The A&D loan usually covers both the purchase of this land and the cost of any improvements needed before the development can be completed.

– Mini Perm Loan
This is a temporary loan typically used to settle an outstanding construction or commercial property loan on a project that, once completed, would produce income. After three to five years of generating income the mini perm loan is replaced with long-term financing. Mini perm loans are normally obtained through commercial banks.

– Takeout Loan
A takeout loan can provide permanent financing on projects where a temporary loan, such as a short-term construction loan, currently exists. Many lenders require their developers to secure a takeout loan before a short-term loan can be granted.

– Interim Construction Loan
This pays for the labor and materials used to construct a project. An interim construction loan is usually valid for 18 to 36 months, and is settled once a long-term mortgage is in place.

Multifamily Loans

A multifamily loan is typically reserved for purchasing a property that houses more than one family. In most cases, these types of loans are given to developers or investors to purchase apartment buildings or condominium complexes. The multifamily loan application can be more detailed than similar financing paperwork, and have stricter guidelines for approval.

The lender, or loan originator, may define a multifamily unit applicable for a multifamily loan as any building that contains more than five residential units, apartments, or healthcare facilities. Mortgages are usually financed for a minimum of 40 years for approved limited liability companies (LLCs) and corporations. In most cases, multifamily loans are only approved for 90% of the total value of the property.

Medical Facility Loans

– Medical Office Building Commercial Financing

Blackstone Commercial Finance offers financing for Health Care Property Commercial Loans. We offer conventional bank financing for doctors, nationwide. We finance Commercial Real Estate, New Construction, working capital as well as various types of debt consolidation loans.

– Medical Building Loans

Physicians and other medical professionals continue to choose Blackstone Commercial Finance for our competitive interest rates, flexible financing options, experienced underwriting staff that understands the nature of the health care operations, thus creating a seamless process in getting deals to the funding table.

– Health Care Building Loans

If you are considering purchasing or refinancing your existing Medical Office Commercial Building, we hope to hear from you.

A blanket mortgage is a loan that covers more than one plot of land that is owned by the same borrower. Land developers most commonly use blanket mortgages to purchase an area of land with the intention of dividing it into many separate lots for resale or development. Rather than mortgaging each lot separately, a blanket mortgage can be used to reduce costs and increase time efficiency.

A Bridge Loan is a short term loan that gives you financing between your present financial situation and the time it takes to secure your permanent financing.

An FHA loan is a mortgage loan that is insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). Essentially, the federal government insures loans for FHA-approved lenders in order to reduce their risk of loss if a borrower defaults on their mortgage payments.

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