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Debt Consolidation Iowa – DecisionLender 4 Tutorial – Document Tool


Debt Consolidation Iowa – Highest Rated?

DecisionLender 4 is a highly configurable and intuitive Consumer Loan Origination Solution for direct, indirect, and online lending. Other LOS products are slow to adapt and require IT resources to institute changes. DecisionLender 4 is a platform designed with today’s latest technologies and an elasticity that allows lenders to modify their programs, rules, dashboard, reports and requirements in real-time without software coding! Learn how you can gain an unparalleled competitive advantage by requesting a demo of DecisionLender 4 today!

Welcome to TCI’s DecisionLender 4 training series. This tutorial covers the new user-friendly Document Tool.

00:26 Navigating to the Documents Page
01:27 Step 1: Define a Document
03:39 Step 2: Specify Mapping Requirements
07:58 Step 3: Provide Additional Information
09:11 View and Track your Documents and Mappings

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