Debt Consolidation Credit Card – Whats The Best?

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There are so many companies out there on the internet vying for your attention online every single day, many who want to sell you their product. This includes debt consolidation companies. As it turns out, there are a lot of ways to do debt consolidation but only ONE WAY to do it CORRECTLY.

Debt Snowball Method:
Debt Avalanche Method:

Before you can even THINK about utilizing debt consolidation, you MUST make a few commitments/promises to yourself:

1. Remember that you are in DEBT! The Focus is GETTING OUT!
2. Cut up your existing Credit Cards!

You are in debt! That is why we are even talking about Debt consolidation at all. You need to make a commitment to NOT use your existing credit cards AT ALL while you pay off your credit card debt. Your focus needs to be 100% on paying off your existing debt as quickly as possible. On this same note, you MUST HAVE a written budget to do debt consolidation the right way. You need to be in control of your finances each and every month to make sure your income is being used efficiently and you have extra money left over each month to pay off debt.

The 1st step to completing debt consolidation the right way is to utilize a debt consolidation credit card that has (2) characteristics:

– The debt consolidation credit card MUST have a 0.00% interest rate period of at least 12 months but longer is definitely preferred.
– the debt consolidation credit card MUST have a $0.00 balance transfer fee

There are a lot of credit cards out there that offer a 0.00% interest rate period of 12-18 months, but very few credit cards out there also offer a $0.00 balance transfer fee. Most credit cards will have a balance transfer fee of $10 or 5% of the outstanding balance whichever is higher. As you can imagine, this could end up being a very significant amount of money depending on how much debt you have to consolidate.

The only credit card that I could find that meets these requirements is the American Express EveryDay Credit Card. This card currently offers a 0.00% interest rate for the 1st 18 months after the credit card is opened and it also offers a $0.00 balance transfer fee for every balance transfer completed during the first 60 days after the account is opened.

Some things to consider before opening and using this credit card are:

– How much debt do I need to consolidate?
– Will I be able to pay off this debt during the first 18 months?

After you have utilized the American Express EveryDay loan consolidation credit card, the next best option would be to utilize a debt consolidation personal from a company like Marcus by Goldman Sachs or Discover. Both of these companies offer excellent options for fixed-rate low interest rate unsecured personal loans that you can utilize to pay off your high-interest credit card debt. A debt consolidation personal loan will allow you to have one payment instead of multiple payments with an interest rate lower than your credit cards.

Here are the takeaways:

1. START with a WRITTEN BUDGET for your personal finances
2. Cut up your existing credit cards to avoid additional debt
3. START with the American Express EveryDay card then utilize a personal loan

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