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Day, one of my 10 day no spend challenge As per usual, I’m having a coffee at home, Not wasting money by getting a coffee in a cafe, And I have a coffee with hot cream in it. So it’s kind of like a bullet coffee, Keeps me going for a really long time And stops me from like popping to the shops and getting like, snacks like muffins and banana, bread I have packed my lunch for work. Today I have some kale a boiled egg, some avocados and some leftover sweet potato from dinner last night. So not only am I saving money, but I’m also reducing my wastage. So this morning we are making our coffees for our no spend challenge. Rocco’s just made me a delicious bullet coffee. Now, yesterday we had an impromptu playdate, with my goddaughter and Rocco’s best friend Lottie. We think they’re gon na get married one day And I was about to go jump in the car to go pick her up and in my head I’m like 39. I should really quickly swing by and grab some quiches for them in case they might get hungry And quiches are really great way of getting vegetables into them’And then I caught myself And went 39. Stop hang on it.’s no spend 10 day. No spend challenge you don’t need to do that. 39. I opened up my handbag and the fridge and threw a range of lots of different little snacks for them and took them to the office of my local park and They were so happy playing and eating all the different types of snacks. Also, last night I had to spend some money. I had to get a babysitter because it was my dad’s, 80th birthday And we went out to dinner as a family and unfortunatly. It was a bit too late for Rocco to be up that at that time, So it is what it is I’m. Obviously I can’t spend absolutely nothing. I do need to spend on the essentials, But it was money well spent. I had a really nice time Just quickly heading to the supermarket. I’m only gon na buy exactly what I need for the next couple of days. So not only am I not wasting money, I’m not wasting food Everything I’m going to buy. I’m gon na eat in the next couple of days, So I shops really responsibly. I stuck to only what I needed. I bought some a loaf of banana bread which I’ve already hold into coz. I was a little bit peckish whilst driving And that’s gon na act as packed snacks for Rocco’s playdate this afternoon I bought one carrot because that’s all Tom needs for his dinner tonight Amongst other food, obviously, which I’ve already Got Essentials, toilet paper, Green matcha, I think you say it powder, which I have been wanting to try for ages And my friend Tess at work very kindly bought in her’s. So I could try it before buying and it was great, Was shopping naked. I one didn’t have any bags, But then just towards the very end as I was buying this I accidentally walked out with this, So I’m actually going to return it back to the grocery store Something’s wrong me all. I can think about is quiches It’s. Just on my brain, like I woke up this morning, thinking’For lunch. I’ll get a quiche Like a goats cheese and pumpkin quiche 39. Anyway, I have managed to operate some control and discipline And I am making myself very cost effective. It’s not looking particularly attractive scrambled eggs for lunch today, But costing barely anything and also eating up all the bits. In my fridge as well, We are just having a playdate with some of Rocco’s. Friends, I’ve got snacks for the kids And I’ve also bought my book. It is A zero waste life by Anita Vandyke, To lend to my Rocco’s, friends, mum, Who is also saving money and having a zero spend month. Today we are going to the zoo. Now I actually have an annual membership for Rocco and myself and my goddaughter to the zoo, But it’s actually just about to expire. So We’re gon na use it one last time and I have packed all these snacks for them To take to the zoo, so I’ve, peeled and chopped carrots and Apple. I have also bought these munch seeds and nuts Teriyaki seaweed. Some healthy stuff Woolworths have got these new beetroot, seeds or nuts, or something so trying that And some yogurts and obviously some more fruit And even as a treat in case they aren’t want, like chocolates and ice creams and stuff, like that, I’ve Packed some digestive chocolate biscuits, I’m, still really determined to like keep this as a zero spend weekend. This is gon na, be my weakness because When it comes to Rocco and my goddaughter, when they ask for something I have a rubber arm and I give it to the So I’m gon na try and be really strict and before we go. I’m enjoying a coffee at home, So I’m also saving money. This is the best money I’ve ever spent. We have just turned up to the zoo and we are not parking in this. We park our car park Because it’s really expensive. We’ve parked the car around the corner. Just a two minute: walk, no big deal, So we cracked it. We spent some money. I bought Rocco a biscuit. I’ve bought what he my goddaughter and I suppose, and I rewarding myself for the coffee, Because I am exhausted from walking around the zoo all day. It is Sunday morning and Tom is taking me to breakfast as a treat We wouldn’t normally like waste money. By going to breakfast, it’s a bit of a luxury and like it once in a while thing to do, But because he’s gon na be traveling so much with work over the next couple of months. It’s a was a nice way to do something together before he jumps on a plane. I am so hungry. I cannot wait The one thing that’s really come up repeatedly this weekend is the desire to go and buy a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers for my house Anyway, I resisted the urge And then I realised I’ve actually got a really beautiful tree Outside It’s a camellia tree outside my own house, So I’m gon na go and chop some of this, these flowers off myself and put them on my table Over this weekend. I’ve spent a little time inside, Like I’m, trying to avoid maybe temptation of spending money, And so, whilst over the weekend, I decided to list a few things on gumtree Anyway, someone just turned up and bought something that I was literally going to Throw away For 20, it was a camera lens that I just what I wasn’t using was a complete waste of space Anyway, not only in my I’m saving money, we’re not spending it. I’m making money too. I just dropped off some dry cleaning and I feel really bad Because I quickly ran in and dropped my stuff off. I was like 39, I know I’ve got heaps of stuff here. I’ve got to come on pick it up, but I will in a couple of days’And like bolted out. Luckily the dry cleaners I used a so lovely and she’s like it’s. Fine, I don’t worry, But it made me realise this spending challenge is not good for the community or the economy By me, not spending that might cause a like picking up my stuff and paying her for my dry cleaning. That could actually have a flow on effect in her own business and in her own personal financial situation. So This zero spend, whilst it’s, really beautiful, and I’m really liking the break from not spending. It also can have a negative side effect for people around you. I just returned that plastic bag. Yesterday I had a really budget friendly day. I spent a total of four dollars. I had to go to an event for work. I, like MC’d at an event, Well hosted it, which was really fun And they had the most delicious food at this event And then, when I got to work, I was so tired coz, it was a really early start. I was so tired, so I splurged on a muffin which wasn’t particularly healthy at all, But I was so tired and rundown, And I was also so tired and rundown. I was actually just like stuff this I’m not cooking. Tonight I’m gon na get. I’ll, get it like a healthy, take away salad for dinner tonight for Tom, and I I don’t care, Like I just don’t have the energy to cook, let alone clean up afterwards, But then spontaneously. We were invited to a friend,’s house for dinner, Which was lovely and they cooked the most incredible meal. I’m still full from last night, So really budget friendly day today, I’m actually feeling really tired, still And run down. My throat is sore, got a blocked nose. My ear I’ve got one blocked ear, So I’m actually thinking I might honor myself by getting a salad for lunch And actually like spending some money, Because you have to honor your well being in doing this, I am realizing from zero spend. I need lots of vegetables into my system and I’m so tired. I’d, actually don’t have time to go to the shops quickly, make a salad before work. I just I’ve stuffed my day up a bit. I should have probably been more organized. I am about to pick Rocco up from day care. I’m, taking a couple of minutes to just like hibernate in the car before the onslaught of Rocco coming home. I just had a little bit of a stuff up with the no spend. I went to the butchers to get some meat for the next week or two, And I spent a little bit more than I planned Tom happened to call me just before I went to the butcher And asked me where I was and I was going. I said I’m going to the world’s best butcher. He’s. Oh great great, can you grab some Scotch Fillets And I just said Yeah no problem. Oh my god, Scott Fillet! No wonder that!’s why don’t buy it!’s so freaking expensive. It was like thirty one dollars and sixty two cents. I was like they wen’t to charge me and there’s. No one’s gon na, say sorry that’s too expensive put it back. I felt to uncomfortable as like, okay, So I’m gon na save those Scotch Fillets for a special occasion That is ridiculously expensive And I’m not a big meat eater either So that’s even that’s really wasteful. I’m annoyed with myself about that Yesterday for zero spending. As I agreed with myself, I allowed myself to have a salad from my local cafe, And this cafe is such a great cafe to support. They also donate all the unsold food at the end of the day to charity, Which is fantastic Today I’ve got my lunch already. You would take it cooked from last night. I already had my morning, coffee and I’m – trying to lose a little bit of weight, So I’m determined to not get a muffin this morning. Hopefully, I’ll have another really successful zero spending day. However, I do need to make a quick trip to Woolworths. I need dog food. I need um a couple of other essentials, So zero spend I’m at the supermarket buying the essentials. I would normally grab the finish powder, But I’m gon na use. This month, as a perfect opportunity to experiment, I’m gon na try the shine all in one dishwasher tablets, Which are on special. On that note, it is so important that you check the comparison, So this one is 75 cents per tablet. This one is 16 cents per tablet Like that’s, a substantial saving. Almost like 80. I have some leftovers from dinner. The last night Which I am taking to work so a nice healthy, sweet, potato salad, No spending challenge just got thrown a curveball. I had this lovely lady talk to my office And she was selling French macaroon’s, Anzac, biscuits and truffles, And I just couldn’t help but admire her initiative and proactive measure like to make some extra cash. So I had to buy a couple of packets of biscuits from her and give it to the girls in the office So yep I spent money. I definitely didn’t shouldn’t have done it, but it was definitely worth it. It’s nice to just support other people. Okay, I just spent some money after I swore to myself was going to spend no money today, There’s. This amazing cafe near my house called the organic bread bar And they make the most incredible Organic spelt. Scones with blueberries and almonds It’s so incredibly delicious. I bought one for Rocco for after school today because he’s got karate and he’s always starving. When I pick him up, I need to make sure his full for his exercise. I’m also, I’m gon na be work from home today. I’m a little bit behind not only on the thousand dollar project but also on my book, So that’s gon na be my reward to sit down at my laptop with a cup of tea And munch on that, whilst I type away with all My ideas inspirations for getting ahead financially Yesterday was the second last day of my zero spend challenge We had karate and we would normally take the kids to go and grab Pizza for dinner. But this time I cooked the kids dinner took it over to my girlfriend’s house And all the kids had dinner together And her, and I enjoyed a glass of wine and some cheese. So one other thing I did was I last weekend I made my own cleaning products, Excuse the kids. In the background. We had a sleepover last night, So I don’t have to waste money, buying cleaning products anymore. The flow and effect from doing the zero spend challenge has continued. Oh, my god, look at these crazy kids! I just caved in. I bought Rocco a tiny keyring, Which he’s obsessed with Bit of a fail there on zero spend. This is the last day of our zero spent challenge. It’s coming to an end. We are off to a playdate at one of our local parks. I’ve packed a whole pile of snacks in my bag and I have packed a bottle of wine and myself and my girlfriend to enjoy. Now we will be catching an Uber there so that we can drive safely, And today I have been cooking up a storm. I’ve got my slow cooker happening over there And we’re gon na enjoy the rest of the weekend, just hanging out at home, not spending any money And just laying low, and I have to say This has been a fantastic challenge. I really recommend it: it’s good for the wallet It’s good for the soul. It’s good for the heart. It’s good, for you Rocco helped. I hope this video has inspired. You

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