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I do need to spend on the basics, But it was cash well spent. Ive invested a little time inside, Like Im, attempting to prevent maybe temptation of spending cash, And so, whilst over the weekend, I decided to note a few things on gumtree Anyway, somebody just turned up and purchased something that I was literally going to Throw away For 20, it was an electronic camera lens that I just what I wasnt utilizing was a total waste of area Anyway, not just in my Im saving money, were not investing it. My ear Ive got one obstructed ear, So Im in fact believing I might honor myself by getting a salad for lunch And actually like investing some money, Because you have to honor your well being in doing this, I am understanding from zero spend. Okay, I just invested some money after I swore to myself was going to spend no money today, Theres. Ive got my slow cooker happening over there And were gon na enjoy the rest of the weekend, just hanging out at house, not spending any money And simply laying low, and I have to state This has actually been a great obstacle.

https://www.youtube.com/embed/YeJ3fQSuuLE Day, among my 10 day no invest challenge As per typical, Im having a coffee in the house, Not wasting money by getting a coffee in a coffee shop, And I have a coffee with hot cream in it. So its kind of like a bullet coffee, Keeps me going for a truly long time And stops me from like popping to the stores and getting like, snacks like muffins and banana, bread I have actually packed my lunch for work. Today I have some kale a boiled egg, some avocados and some leftover sweet potato from dinner last night. Not only am I saving cash, however Im likewise reducing my waste. So today we are making our coffees for our no spend difficulty. Roccos just made me a delicious bullet coffee. Now, yesterday we had an unscripted playdate, with my goddaughter and Roccos finest good friend Lottie. We believe theyre gon na get married one day And I was about to go dive in the car to go select her up and in my head Im like 39. I need to actually rapidly swing by and grab some quiches for them in case they may get hungry And quiches are really excellent method of getting vegetables into them And then I captured myself And went 39. Stop hang on it.s no invest 10 day. No invest difficulty you do not require to do that. 39. I opened up my purse and the refrigerator and tossed a series of great deals of various little treats for them and took them to the office of my local park and They were so delighted playing and consuming all the different kinds of snacks. Last night I had to spend some money. I had to get a sitter due to the fact that it was my dads, 80th birthday And we headed out to dinner as a family and unfortunatly. It was a bit far too late for Rocco to be up that at that time, So it is what it is Im. Certainly I cant invest absolutely nothing. I do need to invest in the basics, But it was money well spent. I had an actually good time Just rapidly heading to the grocery store. Im just gon na buy precisely what I require for the next couple of days. Not just am I not squandering cash, Im not wasting food Everything Im going to buy. Im gon na consume in the next couple of days, So I stores truly properly. I adhered to only what I required. I purchased some a loaf of banana bread which Ive already hold into coz. I was a bit peckish whilst driving And thats gon na function as packed treats for Roccos playdate this afternoon I purchased one carrot since thats all Tom requires for his dinner tonight Amongst other food, obviously, which Ive already Got Essentials, toilet tissue, Green matcha, I think you state it powder, which I have been wanting to pursue ages And my friend Tess at work extremely kindly purchased in hers. So I might try it prior to buying and it was terrific, Was shopping naked. I one didnt have any bags, But then just towards the very end as I was buying this I inadvertently strolled out with this, So Im really going to return it back to the grocery shop Somethings incorrect me all. I can consider is quiches Its. Just on my brain, like I got up today, thinking For lunch. Ill get a quiche Like a goats cheese and pumpkin quiche 39. Anyhow, I have actually managed to run some control and discipline And I am making myself very cost effective. Its not looking especially appealing rushed eggs for lunch today, But costing hardly anything and likewise consuming up all the bits. In my refrigerator also, We are just having a playdate with a few of Roccos. Buddies, Ive got treats for the kids And Ive likewise bought my book. It is A zero waste life by Anita Vandyke, To lend to my Roccos, good friends, mum, Who is likewise conserving money and having a zero spend month. Today we are going to the zoo. Now I actually have an annual membership for Rocco and myself and my goddaughter to the zoo, But its in fact just about to expire. Were gon na use it one last time and I have actually packed all these snacks for them To take to the zoo, so Ive, peeled and sliced carrots and Apple. I have actually likewise bought these munch seeds and nuts Teriyaki seaweed. Some healthy stuff Woolworths have got these brand-new beetroot, seeds or nuts, or something so attempting that And some yogurts and obviously some more fruit And even as a treat in case they arent desire, like chocolates and ice creams and stuff, like that, Ive Packed some digestion chocolate biscuits, Im, still really identified to like keep this as a no spend weekend. This is gon na, be my weakness because When it concerns Rocco and my goddaughter, when they request something I have a rubber arm and I provide it to the So Im gon na attempt and be really rigorous and prior to we go. Im enjoying a coffee in the house, So Im likewise conserving cash. This is the best cash Ive ever invested. We have simply turned up to the zoo and we are not parking in this. Because its truly costly, we park our vehicle park. Weve parked the car around the corner. Simply a 2 minute: walk, no huge offer, So we cracked it. We invested some money. I purchased Rocco a biscuit. Ive purchased what he my goddaughter and I suppose, and I fulfilling myself for the coffee, Because I am tired from walking the zoo all day. It is Sunday morning and Tom is taking me to breakfast as a reward We wouldnt typically like waste money. By going to breakfast, its a little a high-end and like it every so often thing to do, But because hes gon na be traveling a lot with work over the next number of months. Its a was a nice way to do something together before he gets on an airplane. I am so hungry. I can not wait The something thats actually come up consistently this weekend is the desire to go and purchase a stunning bunch of fresh flowers for my house Anyway, I resisted the desire And then I understood Ive in fact got a truly gorgeous tree Outside Its a camellia tree outside my own house, So Im gon na go and slice some of this, these flowers off myself and put them on my table Over this weekend. Ive invested a little time inside, Like Im, attempting to avoid perhaps temptation of investing money, And so, whilst over the weekend, I chose to list a few things on gumtree Anyway, somebody simply showed up and bought something that I was literally going to Throw away For 20, it was a camera lens that I just what I wasnt using was a complete waste of area Anyway, not just in my Im saving money, were not investing it. Im making money too. Due to the fact that I rapidly ran in and dropped my things off, I simply dropped off some dry cleaning and I feel actually bad. I was like 39, I understand Ive got loads of things here. Ive got to begin pick it up, but I will in a couple of days And like bolted out. Luckily the dry cleaners I used a so charming and shes like its. Fine, I dont stress, But it made me realise this spending obstacle is bad for the community or the economy By me, not spending that might cause a like selecting up my stuff and paying her for my dry cleaning. That might in fact have a flow on impact in her own service and in her own personal monetary situation. This absolutely no invest, whilst its, actually lovely, and Im truly liking the break from not costs. It also can have an unfavorable side impact for people around you. I simply returned that plastic bag. Yesterday I had an actually spending plan friendly day. I invested an overall of four dollars. I had to go to an occasion for work. I, like MC d at an event, Well hosted it, which was actually fun And they had the most tasty food at this event And then, when I got to work, I was so worn out coz, it was a really early start. I was so exhausted, so I splurged on a muffin which wasnt especially healthy at all, But I was so tired and rundown, And I was likewise so tired and rundown. I was actually simply like things this Im not cooking. Tonight Im gon na get. Ill, get it like a healthy, eliminate salad for supper tonight for Tom, and I dont care, Like I just do not have the energy to cook, let alone tidy up afterwards, But then spontaneously. We were invited to a buddy,s house for supper, Which was charming and they prepared the most incredible meal. Im still complete from last night, So truly budget friendly day today, Im actually feeling really worn out, still And run down. My throat aches, got an obstructed nose. My ear Ive got one blocked ear, So Im in fact believing I may honor myself by getting a salad for lunch And in fact like investing some money, Because you have to honor your well remaining in doing this, I am understanding from no spend. I need lots of veggies into my system and Im so worn out. I d, in fact dont have time to go to the stores rapidly, make a salad before work. I just Ive packed my day up a bit. I need to have probably been more arranged. I am about to select Rocco up from day care. Im, taking a couple of minutes to similar to hibernate in the automobile prior to the attack of Rocco getting back. I just had a bit of a stuff up with the no invest. I went to the butchers to get some meat for the next week or 2, And I spent a bit more than I prepared Tom happened to call me simply before I went to the butcher And asked me where I was and I was going. I said Im going to the worlds best butcher. Hes. Oh terrific terrific, can you grab some Scotch Fillets And I just said Yeah no problem. Oh my god, Scott Fillet! No marvel that!s why dont purchase it!s so freaking pricey. It was like thirty one dollars and sixty 2 cents. I resembled they went to charge me and theres. No ones gon na, state sorry thats too expensive put it back. I felt to unpleasant as like, alright, So Im gon na conserve those Scotch Fillets for an unique celebration That is ridiculously pricey And Im not a huge meat eater either So thats even thats really inefficient. Im annoyed with myself about that Yesterday for absolutely no costs. As I agreed with myself, I allowed myself to have a salad from my regional cafe, And this coffee shop is such an excellent cafe to support. They likewise contribute all the unsold food at the end of the day to charity, Which is great Today Ive got my lunch already. You would take it prepared from last night. I currently had my early morning, coffee and Im – attempting to lose a bit of weight, So Im figured out to not get a muffin today. Ideally, Ill have another actually effective zero costs day. Nevertheless, I do require to make a quick trip to Woolworths. I need dog food. I require um a number of other basics, So absolutely no invest Im at the supermarket buying the essentials. I would normally get the surface powder, But Im gon na utilize. This month, as a perfect opportunity to experiment, Im gon na try the shine all in one dishwasher tablets, Which are on special. On that note, it is so essential that you examine the contrast, So this one is 75 cents per tablet. This one is 16 cents per tablet Like thats, a considerable conserving. Practically like 80. I have some leftovers from supper. The last night Which I am taking to work so a good healthy, sweet, potato salad, No spending difficulty simply got tossed a curveball. I had this lovely woman speak with my office And she was offering French macaroons, Anzac, truffles and biscuits, And I just couldnt help however appreciate her effort and proactive procedure like to make some extra cash. I had to buy a couple of packages of biscuits from her and provide it to the women in the workplace So yep I spent cash. I definitely didnt should not have done it, but it was absolutely worth it. Its great to simply support other individuals. Okay, I simply spent some money after I testified myself was going to spend no cash today, Theres. This amazing coffee shop near my house called the natural bread bar And they make the most incredible Organic spelt. Scones with almonds and blueberries Its so extremely scrumptious. Due to the fact that hes got karate and hes always starving, I purchased one for Rocco for after school today. When I select him up, I need to ensure his complete for his exercise. Im likewise, Im gon na be work from house today. Im a little bit behind not only on the thousand dollar project but also on my book, So thats gon na be my benefit to sit down at my laptop computer with a cup of tea And munch on that, whilst I type away with all My concepts inspirations for getting ahead economically Yesterday was the 2nd last day of my absolutely no spend challenge We had karate and we would normally take the kids to go and grab Pizza for dinner. But this time I prepared the kids dinner took it over to my sweethearts home And all the kids had supper together And her, and I enjoyed a glass of white wine and some cheese. One other thing I did was I last weekend I made my own cleaning items, Excuse the kids. In the background. We had a pajama party last night, So I do not have to squander cash, purchasing cleaning products any longer. The circulation and effect from doing the no spend obstacle has continued. Oh, my god, take a look at these insane kids! I simply caved in. I bought Rocco a small keyring, Which hes obsessed with Bit of a fail there on absolutely no spend. This is the last day of our no invested obstacle. Its concerning an end. We are off to a playdate at one of our local parks. Ive loaded a whole pile of treats in my bag and I have loaded a bottle of wine and myself and my girlfriend to take pleasure in. Now we will be catching an Uber there so that we can drive safely, And today I have been preparing up a storm. Ive got my slow cooker taking place over there And were gon na take pleasure in the remainder of the weekend, simply hanging out at house, not spending any money And simply laying low, and I have to say This has actually been a wonderful obstacle. I really suggest it: its good for the wallet Its great for the soul. Its great for the heart. Its great, for you Rocco helped. I hope this video has motivated. You As discovered on YouTube – Creative Commons License

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