How to Avoid Debt Harassment Calls and Get Rid of Credit Card Debt Fast | Freedom Debt Relief Review


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hello my name is Sharon Scanlon I'm from Pompano Beach Florida about two years ago I entered the Freedom Debt Relief Program we had credit card bills and medical bills and it was just getting overwhelming and before they actually started to call me and harass me and all this I called Freedom Debt Relief I found him on the internet I called him and talked to him and they told me that they could help great so they sent me the booklet and if you pay attention to the booklet and do everything the booklet tells you to do just follow right along they will they'll help you out and I had turned him in or gave him all the credit cards and everything they the phone calls started happening so I just wrote him down on a piece of paper like they asked me to do and I just turn him in to Freedom Debt Relief and they take care of it I didn't have to put up with him and after a couple months of turn in a minute stuff you didn't even have to answer the phone anymore so you didn't have to wait on the harassment and they would call and tell you when when you had enough in there they it was a real low monthly payment that I had to pay less than what all the credit cards were which we could handle and they gave us the option of how much we could pay which was great and because we were both on limited income and so they gave us the option of what we wanted to pay within a range I mean you know ten dollars is not going to work that you know that and so it saved us from a lot of harassing phone calls and in about it was about two years and we are now totally debt-free no credit cards no medical bills no anything and if anybody is overwhelmed with debt relief I would say call Freedom Debt Relief because they are awesome the staff the people the way they get things done they're always in community with you you could always get to them if you need anything and I just recommend them highly

How to Avoid Debt Harassment Calls and Get Rid of Credit Card Debt Fast | Freedom Debt Relief Review

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