Hot Affiliate Offers – Student Loan Consolidation (SLC) – Pays up to $16.4/call

caption hey people G here from paper called plan calm I'' m also an Account Manager with Paolo Media Group and Paolo Media Group is a paper called affiliate Network and today I'' m speaking about why their offers this is student loan combination offer student loan is still alive and kicking it'' s still a big deal it'' s still relevant the difficult part is clearly a great deal of traffic sources have kind of clamped down on how you run it however if you'' ve handled to kind of beat the traffic sources or you have alternative methods of gathering data then this might be a deal for you so this offer transforms on 60 to 70 seconds on the phone it pays as much as sixteen dollars and 47 cents there'' s a bunch of states we can target this specific offer also works really well with the leads to call program which is if you'' re completing form so if you got form field information or you'' re purchasing age information or you simply have s LC data laying around and you could pump it into this protis platform and it will use a fancy SMS scheduling system to get the lead on the phone and when leave is on the phone that'' s where your legal convert and if this seems fascinating to you and you want to attempt it out just hit me up if essential I'' d enjoy to assist youAs discovered on YouTube – Creative Commons License

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