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That'' s not what I ' m. about. And it'' s a terrific bag for taking onto. And it'' s terrific for walking the pets due to the fact that I.
can put dog canine in my mobile phone, my keys and my wallet. Lou Vuitton store in Capri it'' s a fantastic bag. Because she'' s taken such fantastic care of these bags. Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel.
That'' s not what I ' m. about. Me personally I like wonderfully made purses and I in fact reward.
myself with one bag once a year. Depending on whether I'' ve attained my.
objectives. And these aren'' t just monetary goals however they ' re my fitness and health.
goals, my individual life advancement and personal development goals.Any other sort of aspects of my life that I'' m truly attempting to enhance and construct on. And if I.
attain those I then permit myself to go and buy one gorgeous bag. Which I.
have prepared and prepared for throughout the year. Looked into and most importantly.
conserved up. Whilst I may utilize my charge card to spend for the bag, to collect.
frequent leaflet points. I'' m actually utilizing money to purchase that bag. I will never ever borrow.
cash to buy something like a luxury good that simply values in worth.
Please comprehend these are the rewards from my successes. And I always.
prioritize the success and the achievement and the individual development behind.
me. Prior to I rewarded myself. Alright let me share with you each of these bags and.
the story behind them. Alright starting with this bag here. It is a leopard print.
bag by Dolce and Gabbana. I found this in the store and absolutely.
fell for it.I'' m particularly picky when it comes to a leopard print.
bag. And it can look truly tacky if you'' re not careful.
Now I did some. research study online and I handled discover it for about a quarter or a third of the.
price. On a pre-owned site, so it'' s been a fantastic buy.
It ' s a really terrific. It'' s exceptionally well made.
about five maybe six years old. The next bag I wish to show you men is actually.
a state of escape bag. Now these are terrific for young families. Because you can throw them in.
the cleaning device and they come out basically looking practically.
brand-new. And they'' re also vegan, they'' re neoprene. So there are absolutely no damage.
or ruthlessness to animals in these whatsoever.And they'' re exceptionally light,. they fit a lot of stuff and they ' re likewise fantastic for traveling. The next bag I want.
to show you isn'' t in fact a hand bag as such however it'' s my over night bag. And this.
bag has got to be about I think 10 years old.
This bag has been around the world with me. And it'' s an excellent bag for taking onto.
young when I bought this bag and my moms and dads contributed towards it.
As part of my birthday present, and I enjoy it.What I love the most about this bag.
is the history behind it. I'' ll never get rid of this bag. Also a Louis Vuitton do.
the monogramming, which actually makes it individual. So I simply love this. The next.
bag is this Celine bag. I can'' t remember what the design is called. And I bought this.
through an outlet. And again I got an at I believe about 30 to 40 percent off.It'' s. a great color. And something you ' ll notification that all these bags are, they. practically the majority of them and neutrals. Or if they differ away from a neutral color.
scheme. It matches my capsule closet collection. Since all of these bags.
deal with the majority of the clothing in my wardrobe. Since, which works really well.
when I'' m in a rush I can rapidly get something, I understand that it'' s going to work. The next bag is a bag I once again bought secondhand.I believe I'' ve got this one on
. ebay. It ' s a Louis Vuitton. I think it made be call the Thompson bag, and his style is.
If you desire this bag I will connect as much as a bag that I.
can find it'' s very similar to this it'' s not the sameExact same You ' d have to find a. secondhand site. And it'' s great for strolling the pet dogs due to the fact that I.
can put dog pet in my mobile phone, my keys secrets my wallet.
hands-free since it'' s across over. My next back is my Chanel 2.55. Once again I.
bought this secondhand, and this bag has got to be around about maybe eight years.
old. It is still in design and amusing feature of this bag is has really gone up.
in worth. I bought this one the Australian dollar was really strong so I.
paid approximately around $4,000. And I believe these now retail for over $8,000. So it'' s. most likely one of the couple of bags that in fact has not just held their worth.
She'' s going up in value.And again this is such a classic bag at never ever. heads out of design. This was actually made in February in 1955, which is why it'' s. called a 2.55. And I enjoy the history behind this bag and what the.
criss-crossing represents. The chain of the of the nuns.
in Coco Chanel'' s orphanage where she grew up. This suggests so much to me.
And whenever I take a look at this bag I consider how amazing my future is, and the.
things that I personally overcome. The next two bags I actually pretty much.
bought simultaneously. I was entering to buy one bag, and I ended up leaving.
with 2. Again I spent for these in cash. But I saw an extremely unusual chance to buy.
something I knew it would be truly hard to discover on a pre-owned market. And when.
you understand your bags, like buying research study my investments and shares. I knew that it.
was a fantastic buy. So I in fact bought these two concurrently paid for them in.
cash. And it was after accomplishing a substantial monetary objective. It was a huge reward to.
myself and once again I always understood that I was looking out for 2 bags in this.
color and in this style.They are both in the caviar so they'' re really resilient. I'' m. actually mindful with these because I love them, as I like all of them.
So i'' m especially mindful with this one regarding where I put. And on that note of.
taking care of my things. All these bags are kept away in my closet, most of.
them still live in their soft bags. And I constantly ensure I regularly.
clean them, and if they require to be repaired or altered I'' ll take them to the boot maker.
right away. I really do love, worth, use and value these bags. The next.
bag is a Louis Vuitton bag. Now I had a little an incident with my original.
black Lou Vuitton tote.Which was extremely traditional. All the glue came out of the bag.
and went all over my jacket and Tom'' s t-shirt. It made a substantial mess I entered into.
Lou Vuitton. And they immediately took it off me said sorry and so there was a fault in a.
line of these bags. They gave me a credit note which was more than what I really.
originally spent for the bag. Instead of buying the same bag again. As I was.
concerned that would occur once again. I decided to get this one instead and.
again this is a fantastic bag I can wear it 2 various methods and it'' s a truly great.
enjoyable summery color. That goes with the majority of the colors that I use in my pill.
wardrobe. The next thing I want to show you is something likewise actually special.
I'' ll always remember buying this bag and it is a Gucci disco Soho bag.I.
purchased it in Paris. It was the one thing I'' m a permitted myself to get in Paris. That trip was an actually special trip, since it was a trip that I took Rocco.
to Paris, since I'' d never ever existed before. And it was an incredible journey and.
experience for Rocco and I. Full of lots of testing however bonding minutes. And this is.
the something I permitted myself to get. Buying bags in Europe is.
typically cheaper, because you get the Vat back. You gotto make certain you understand how to.
get the barrel back before you leave the nation. However again this by utilizing this.
opportunity in a strong Australian dollar at the time I really bought.
this at rather a good discount.The next bag I wish to reveal you is in fact a bag.
that Tom purchased me. Now Tom is not into designer goods at all. Thinks bags.
are an absurd waste of cash, and he truly blew me away when he purchased me.
this for my birthday this year. And I was surprised at how well he picked this bag. I.
in fact love it. I believe I'' ve used this bag quite much 80% since providing it to.
me. It'' s navy blue I absolutely like using navy blue. Once again it'' s got two. straps so I can carry Rocco and have two hands free.Or I can just un-clip it and hold it like a lug like this. It'' s got zip locks in here so I can. keep the areas thing zipped away securely.
And again it'' s just actually classic and I use a great deal of navy blue so this really.
works with me. However I yeah definitely adore this so thank you Tom.
The next thing I wish to show you is a bag I in fact got in Lebanon in.
Bay bridge it'' s made by the detainees. Now what they do it they have this
special. program to help I guess educate and offer a greater.
chance for success in life. When the females leave prison. However they teach.
them how to make this bag of these is specific to have been crocheting and.
sewing to make a whole variety of bags. It'' s a great program an effort.
by the federal government and likewise by Sarahs bags who actually makes a whole series of.
these. And I will connect in the video description box her website.So you can.
The next 2 bags I'' m about to reveal you. Are really 2 handbags that are now for sale.
of living minamlistic lifestyle and the journey of minimalisim. I realized there.
are a number of bags that I don'' t simply utilize.
And they should have to go to a. better house where someone will like value and appreciate them. The.
bag that i'' m going to be offering is this Lou Vuitton one. I bought this from the.
Lou Vuitton shop in Capri it'' s a great bag. It simply doesn ' t get used. It'' s a timeless piece they.
description box listed below the account.where or the site I will actually be offering this.
bag. Along with it will likewise be this Bally bag which I'' ve had for a long.
time. But once again simply doesn'' t work with my closet anymore. So if you'' re taking a look at.
getting a new purse and you'' re interested either of these 2. Make.
sure you click the links listed below. And then the last two purses that I desire.
to reveal you, are 2 very traditional ones.Two various however extremely versatile black.
purses. Every lady requires an exceptionally reliable black purse.
Now the very first one is my Chanel Leboy phantom purse. This is a great bag.
again it'' s so incredibly flexible. I can use it as a crossover, over my shoulder.
or I can double off the chain and put it over my shoulder. I absolutely.
love this and a great size. Great for heading out or just simply out and.
about throughout the day. Love this one. And then the last one is my Givenchy nightingale. Now this bag probably has to do with possibly 8 or nine years old. It.
took forever to save up this bag at the time. But it'' s simply a really great casual.
bag. It'' s quite slouchy which is really various from my typical structured.
purses. Again a really versatile with two various straps which I can unclip.
at any time. Terrific size and considering it'' s leather and there'' s a lot of hardware,.
is really quite light.And again I like this bag I would never eliminate it.
It just deals with everything that I want and needs Now before I end this.
video I wish to advise you that I'' ve currently made you that closet tour
. video that you also requested for so long. Make sure you click on the card.
above here so you can see that video as quickly as you complete this one.
I also wish to enhance that I do not suggest you invest all your hard-earned.
cash on handbags. Make sure you buy what you love, value and value. But take.
a balanced technique. Make sure you have actually prioritized getting.
out of debt, avoiding of financial obligation. Having emergency situation money, investing, putting some.
money away for your retirement either through very, your New Zealand.
incredibly or your 401k plan. But make sure you prioritize your monetary health.
prior to you reward yourself with these kinds of luxuries.And make certain you do.
your research study, take care of these things. My mom still has a few of her designer.
When she was in her early 20s, Gucci purses from. And these bags are actually.
still in style. Due to the fact that she'' s taken such fantastic care of these bags. They actually.
still look brand name new. Now I actually hope you enjoyed this video.
Make certain you click on the video description box listed below. Because you can.
see links of where you can buy a few of these bags. I'' ve really found noted.
some sites that you can go to where you can take a look at these bags. And find them.
at a reduced cost. If you buy them pre-loved you can save a lot of, due to the fact that.
cash, and I have absolutely no embarassment in buying something that'' s pre loved. Especially when it helps save cash, that I can contribute towards the thousand.
dollar job. Alright everybody have a great week.
If you sanctuary'' t subscribed currently please make certain you do.And ensure that.
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