Bitcoin Q&A: Are we the early adopters?


Andreas did you ever have the privilege of interacting with Satoshi or some of the first innovators in the early days of Bitcoin? What advice did they give that propelled you into Bitcoin? Thank you. I never had any interactions with Satoshi By the time I got involved in Bitcoin Satoshi had departed the scene I did interact in the very early days with a few of the core developers.

In fact, I picked fights with them over some minor governance and political issue.

Some words were exchanged, then some apologies were served up and things went on At the time I didn’t know who the important long term committed core developers were.

I was just chatting with people on BitcoinTalk, Github and places like that.

I got involved in some arguments.

Some things were said that were probably not very wise at the time.

I did apologise for being a bit too passionate in my arguments, toned it down a tiny bit and that was it No respect lost.

I hope That was my interaction.

It is funny that in situations where there are a lot of passionate people who care about the principles – some of the most common interactions – you have are.

Minor verbal skirmishes and debates which sometimes get a bit heated because people really care about these details. Those are some of the interactions I had with the early innovators in Bitcoin and the core developers.

Nowadays, the interactions I have with the early innovators and core developers are more rare because they are doing their work and I’m doing my work, But overall it is a very pleasant and very interesting environment.

I continuously read the development mailing lists, Github, pull requests and issues for Bitcoin, Ethereum and a couple of other projects.

I try to follow cutting edge innovations that are happening in my field.

I have enormous respect for the innovators who are working on these protocols.

I’m constantly amazed with the incredible things they come up with.

Then I have to explain them in my books, which is not always easy.

That is all for this question AUDIENCE.

My question is, and maybe this is a long shot, what if we become the mainstream ANDREAS Yeah that’s a great question: What if we become the mainstream? I think that’s extremely unlikely, because I think it happens over several generations.

For example, I think that eventually, the idea of freedom of information access at all times, sharing information being a content, creator and publisher as an individual not through an intermediary, will become part of the culture of this generation. People who grew up with the internet, who can’t remember a time when you had to sign contracts with gatekeepers, who decided what was worth publishing and what wasn’t That you couldn’t access information.

Unless you went to a local library and then you only had what they had, This generation will grow up, knowing that The generation that still remembers the past will die, then no one will remember a time before the internet.

They will remember it only in terms of a historical documentary that shows funny people With weird clothing behaving in ways.

They can’t quite comprehend.

That is how it always happens.

Right Trust me.

This will be funny clothing in 30 years.

It always is With the next generation the new becomes normal, the old becomes forgotten.

You will have a whole generation born into a world where banks are not dominant entities in commerce, where being banked, is not necessary to having access to financial instruments and to commerce Where people can innovate on their own, where anyone can do a transaction with anyone else.

On the planet instantaneously, and without any controls That will happen At first, it will be weird, Then it will be normal. Then people will forget the time when it wasn’t the case.

We are looking at the next three generations.

We won’t become the mainstream, Our grandkids, Maybe AUDIENCE With regards to success and user adoption.

Bitcoin Q&A: Are we the early adopters?

Are we in the early adopter phase or still among the lunatic fringe ANDREAS? I think we are beginning to touch the early adopter phrase.

You have maybe heard this before.

I’ve said that we’re, not the early adopters, we’re still the lunatic fringe and the early adopters come next.

One of the funny things that has happened is a big transition in the simple recognition of certain words.

The word cryptocurrency and the word Bitcoin are now broadly recognised by people.

They don’t understand what it is.

They have never used it and they have no interest in the principles They don’t understand why it matters To them. It is still the currency of hackers, drug dealers and weirdos.

Yes, all of that, But at least they recognize the word In 2013.

If you asked do you take bitcoin, they would stumble over the word itself.

Now they say No.

We’re, not drug dealers, Laughter Progress Soon they will understand, But in the meantime at least, I was at a comedy, show low key among the audience in Chicago, which is a great area for improv.

It was just after we held the first event in Chicago At this comedy show they were doing an improv sketch One person was pretending to be a hairdresser and the other pretending to be a customer getting a haircut The comedian as the hairdresser asked.

What do you think about Bitcoin? The other person said? Oh, I don’t know I don’t understand it.

Everybody in the audience laughed.

I looked around and thought 39.

Oh, I hope no one recognizes me. 39.



I do not want to be invited on stage to explain that joke 39.

That was surprising to me When you say that word bitcoin now people recognise it.

The zeitgeist has happened.

It is on television shows.

I remember when a single article in a single newspaper anywhere in the world with the word bitcoin in it, was something worth discussing on Reddit for hours.

Now it is in every newspaper every day, in thirty different countries, We are hearing it a lot in mainstream news.

There is still a very big difference in terms of people actually using it. The number of people who have ever used any cryptocurrency is maybe twenty to twenty five million, A very small percentage of the global population.

We are not in the early adopter phase.

Still the lunatic fringe Welcome.

Thank you.

So much Applause .

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