A debt collector, a problematic phone call, a refusal of proof: This is one Colorado man’s story


https://www.youtube.com/embed/RYs9YEBC5QM of the millions of Americans who will find themselves on the incorrect end collections call no credit from a pleased couple of we'' ll have a story rather like the one now being informed what is your name sir informed by Austin case did you ever think that potentially some of the conversation they were having with you might be incorrect year is 2016 case was contesting a debt with his former landlords at this house complex in Westminster he thinks strongly he didn'' t understand it yeah I got nothing in the mail Bible and so he asked the debt collector on the phone to reveal him evidence of the financial obligation something he can legally ask for 27 minutes into the call it ended like this do me a favor Austin wear'' t ever call me back again okay I'' m gon na document that you contesting the account due to the fact that you'' re among those individuals you put on'' t wish to hear the truth and you don'' t wish to accept the reality case decided he'' d heard enough so you grumbled yeah exactly – the Colorado Attorney General which in turn asked the debt collection business for the recording this taping the business national credit systems based in Atlanta Georgia appointed the AG'' s inquiry to this guy yes Brian Baxter who found the recording listened and after that believed the map a vodka he believed the NCS staff member might have broken the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act I can inform you wouldn'' t been great we may have lost our license to gather in that state so Baxter in this problem stated he alerted among his managers who then he told me that we must compose the Attorney General back and tell them that we had actually lost the call recordings Baxter once again according to the problem declined and after that somehow not that long after a vice president with NCS wrote this letter to the Colorado Attorney General recommending NCS was unable to find the recordings not able to find these recordings is that you everything asks a concern doesn'' t it the question my colleague in Atlanta press reporter Brendan Keith was more than ready to ask the CEO of NCS if we have the recordings and we have a letter to the Colorado Attorney General saying the recordings don'' t exist how can those 2 things both be true I wear'' t understand I would need to look into it Joel Lackey stated the employee was eventually fired just not for the call with Austin case a call Lackey admitted was not good the professionalism dreadful professionalism so that was it that was a that was a dreadful call and yet somehow we got the recording and somehow the Colorado Attorney General did not Baxter composed the workplace this letter telling private investigators here in Colorado the recording did in reality exist and he would not lie to cover it up definitely no way am I gon na do that there'' s no chance I ' m gon na get involved in that if the Colorado AG is reopened the case now with the new info it won'' t state that ' s for case this is all blast from the past he finds the entire thing a bit curious as well considering calling national credit system he believed this was all as an attempt to collected information about function Carter tape-recorded just one bad memory Chris van der Veen 9 News an extra declaration form from a spokesperson for nationwide credit systems called what took place here in Colorado a quote low effect separated concern that happened three or two years ago not clear if the Colorado AG feels the very same way as for the financial obligation collection as a whole we have recommendations from a Colorado Attorney General when it concerns your rights when dealing with the collector and all of that I was on my news.comAs discovered on YouTube – Creative Commons License