5 things a debt collector will tell you when you ask for a “pay for delete” agreement


https://www.youtube.com/embed/RP83KnciXJg HI everybody Dave Sullivan here for the credit
guy on TELEVISION this time we are going to speak about the 10 things collection business will tell
you when you'' re attempting to work out a pay
for erase circumstance on a collection you see the collection
companies report undoubtedly the information to the
When they would go to eliminate it from, repositories through an e oscar electric type system
your file if they'' ve made an error in requirement to
remove something they need to then gotten in touch with the rep at the repository in get their
wan na go up one level in the chain is it actually depends on the.
amount of the negotiations so if you'' re working out a twenty dollar collection still be very hard to get that removed however if you'' re negotiating a 2000 or 3000 dollar collection there certainly going to desire to work.
with your one above what the change we get that have a response number to the OT the repositories put on'' t. do that which is again not remedy Tom if they.
were poor something in here they'' re going to get
it gotten rid of so it. simply means that they have a policy of the person you'' re speaking to isn'' t all lives in the ass for that the. that ' s how they need to react again you wan na increase one level numerous times the collection business.
will tell you is illegal for them to remove it in really in the Fair Credit Reporting.
Act there'' s no requirement that they reported information.
Clearly there is no law that tells them that
. they can remove it specifically it is a mistake so the truth.
that they state that it'' s unlawful for them to eliminate it is just another way to make you feel bad.
when you'' re asking for this so that you won'' t obviously you wear'' t wish to ask for.
something that is illegal so when they say that as a tactic to make you can''
t go. away or move far from that type A the demand aboard the 3rd thing is.
going to be the repository will allow them to do.
that once again i cranks is the repository is really open to.
correcting mistakes so if they report something as a mistake they will really quickly remove it so start.
with that goal.the fifth thing is we will not
. offer anything in composing okay so it makes no sense to go through.
the negotiation for them to inform you they will remove it and.
For you not to get anything in composing. You got ta.
get something on business letterhead the states it was reported Error signed by somebody at their office and the account number once you.
have that that'' s your golden ticket, you don'' t require
them. any longer you can go to the repositories and get this gotten rid of that'' s what you require so you desire the
. next 5 things that collection business tell you simply click.
on this video right here so you with a bit me we'' re gon na change.
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