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good evening from expert Credit Suisse my name is Kristen for those of you that do not know me you know tonight I will tell you about two different consultations I had today number one is John number two is Paula no that’s not the real names and the reason I’m telling you about these is because there are thousands of people that are with the same company or have the same issues with similar companies and I have a solution for it so consultation number one was super duper smooth this guy couldn’t believe that I have all the solutions to his issues and that I can actually get rid of the pain that he’s going through so he told me that he’s been with this company for thirteen months and they’ve only gotten rid of four items he told me that he calls them he’s on hold for 40 minutes every single time or more maybe less than 30 minutes whatever and he never talks to the same person ever he’s never talked to the same person in 13 months so out of those four items two of them are Ian started because they were verified after the fact and that he even called and said hey my name is John here’s my social because obviously he needed to provide a social every single time he called and I’d like to know number one what’s going on my file number two I’d like to actually see copies of the disputes that are going out and number three I’d like to know how long this is going to take and how many more months actually have to pay the answer was no we cannot give you and is not our policy to give you any copies of the disputes because it’s confidential okay and it’s going to take however long it takes so basically that meant you’re gonna be with us forever we’re gonna charge you forever there’s no end in sight and you’re just not gonna get the deletions that you want because we don’t have your best you know interest in mind so he couldn’t believe it he’s like Kristin I can’t believe that I just went through all that I’ve been with them for this long I’ve been paying amount per month and there’s no end in sight like what the heck is going on so he even told me that they specifically told him that they only dragged on month after month so I had to explain to him that the reason they’re doing this is because not only are they trying to drag him on but the you know they’re they’re using templates in their Lobby they’re only spending five minutes per file per month so that they can you know have the most medical and all that kind of great stuff and that’s not what I do so I did a comparison after we went through the whole thing into the comparison oh why I give him and he was just blown away he said you’re telling me that I can actually go onto my portal and see copies are the disputes that you said that I said yes John that’s what I’m telling you so he’s a wow that’s amazing so I explained to him hey you know I dispute with the bureau’s the creditors the collection agencies not only that but I send out your collections certified mail not only that but you get copies of the certified mail not only that but I’m making complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau the Attorney General the BBB the FTC and HIPAA obviously we’re applicable so he said wow that’s a lot of work well obviously that’s a lot of work but you know what that’s what gets the job done and I’m not just telling you that I’m not just I you know I mean you’re just taking my word for it not just hearsay you can go onto your portal you can download those Docs and you can physically see what’s going on on top of that you know who you’re paying you know what they’re doing and there’s absolutely no question I only accept debit and credit for payment security your payment security I’m the one that takes on their risk first of all people come to me after not paying their bills so they’re already predisposed to not paying okay and I actually extend the ability to pay over a specific period of months okay so yes my issue is that I do have people who you know get their services rendered and they don’t pay I guess what I have those people as well that can’t believe that I’m giving them a second chance and I’m building their scores and I’m getting rid of their debt and I’m saving them all this money and they are able to obtain financial freedom so you know what that outweighs all that other crap that I go through so consultation number two that one Paul was more aggressive and obviously John and Paul and not the real names he he literally had the same issues but shook like from SuperDuper aggressive point of view you know I’ve been skimmed I’ve been with this company for a year they haven’t done anything for me you know he wasn’t like he was telling me all this stuff and we went through his whole file in our case stuff he just wasn’t listening to what you know I had to offer for him to actually solve all these issues so 20 minutes into he said wait a second you’re telling me that I can actually get copies of my disputes and that you only accept everything credit and that you know so when it’s up for them like yeah dude that’s what I’ve been telling you this whole time these oh wow okay yes I want to sign em yes let’s get this going I’m gonna cancel with our other company and oh my god whoa but I’m like well dude that’s what I’ve been telling you for like the past now thirty minutes so I signed both of these clients up and you know now we’re on the same page but um these two different consultations really solidify you know why I do what I do and what I do is for you um if you look at one of my recent videos it’s um you know Credit Suisse both on guarantees and what that means is that I’m literally doing everything for you I’m giving you all these guarantees there’s nobody that offers more than what I do so just to recap I I just read everything that you have every single round whether it’s a hundred counts in to 52 different dispute letters I just beat what the bureau’s the creditors the collection agencies I make complaints with the CFPB the BBB they are the AG that I mean so on and so forth literally everybody possible where applicable like I said I’m not just going to make frivolous complaints and I give you proof of everything so there’s absolutely no question we’re on the same page not only them but your receipt literally says expert credit sweeps okay for credit sweep services there’s no you know professional services LLC for services as subscribed that’s not how it works that’s not how it should be you should know who you’re paying what you paid for and what the duration was all that kind of stuff my program is only six months not the minimum of 12 months with that company not the average of 36 months they have a average deletion in six months of 10 items mine is 43 okay 43 versus 10 and that’s because of how aggressive I am so if you’re looking for free advice you can obviously go to my youtube page you do have tutorials and everything I did put together a playlist so we have most viewed credit tutorials Q&A at Damone eels if you are looking to find one my next video is going to be or what it’s going to be on I am going to be posting that now in the discussion section over here but if you are looking for me to take over your file I do give 30 minutes for free all you have to do is go to expert credit suites calm it will be down in the description and you just schedule your free consultation once again this is for me to take over your file and um once again the free information is on the YouTube I do put out ton of content on here and it’s you know obviously to help you guys do your own credit so that you have the right information to get your actual maximum installations in the least amount of time so in my last video I did introduce my new video series that is going to be coming out I will have a real intro video to it so I could show you parts of it but it is going to be about four or five different videos specifically targeted towards specific deletion of items so deleting charge-offs enquiries bankruptcies so on and so forth is a paid video series and it is immediate it will be an immediate delivery either a playlist or you know something on my website I haven’t really figured that out yet once I do figure it out I will obviously let you know but once again if you need my assistance with your credit file to take it over please schedule your consultation if you have any you know comments or suggestions put it you know on this video and make sure to subscribe so that is it from expert credit sweeps and you know we do have a current storm right now so I hope everybody is safe and warm and don’t go out if you do not need to but that is it you guys have a wonderful evening from expert credit sweeps


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