How to establish business credit in under 90 days


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all right how you doing guys here Brian Howard with the BJ’s credit group and bkh credit group calm and in this quick video I’m gonna show you what what I believe it’s the fastest way to start a business credit profile right the fastest way no in order to start a business credit profile you know one of the questions that I get a lot to know people asking about vendors and who reports and you know how many how many accounts do I need to be reported to generate this score have never accounts to I need to be reported in order to get that score and so you know as you know in the finance world you know it’s ever-changing and so what I want to do right now is basically show you guys a very very quick blueprint of exactly what you can do in order to build a business credit profile score really quick right now everything that I’m about to show you real quick as far as where I want you to go where you should go in order to build your business credit profile is based upon the premises and the assumption that you’ve already set up your entity that you’ve already set up a credible business with a deliverable business address and that you have a business phone number and a website and all those things that we talk about when we talk about Linda credibility matter of fact I’ll probably do another video in the next week or so just going back over and reiterating Linda credibility but here’s a quick quick way to build your business credit report really really fast and its really you know three places that you want to go to and you want to go to them in this particular order I won’t really go into too much detail as to why I’m saying you should go in this particular order but just know that going in this particular order it just works okay just know that it just works so here we are right here tray lines that are going to report to the business credit reporting ages now you want to have five of these in order to move on to the second level of building business credit a bit of second level I should say of types of business credit which would be like your retail store credit but this right here will actually jump start your business credit building process get you a dun and bradstreet of profile and get you an experience business credit profiles which is very very important right you’re gonna establish a credit profile with both experienced and dun & bradstreet first obviously you want to start with you line I’m gonna start with uline uline a lot of you are familiar with so I don’t have to spend a lot of time on that but just know that you line reports to both dun & bradstreet and experience okay and then and then you want to go with quill and quill is gonna report to dun & bradstreet oh right so that’s three payments and then you have the Wells Fargo business secured credit card now did a business on the Wells Fargo business security card so just look like on the challenge you can find that and I’m sure most of you are already familiar with you line and quill so what I recommend for a new before startup that wants to start the profile really quick go to Uline establish an account go to quill establish accounts and then get the Wells Fargo business security card that gives you treat three trade lines that reporting across to two bureaus that actually give you four payment experiences all right so you want to apply for that credit and you know keep in mind you may be tonight to start or you may have to buy some things you don’t need if you buy something that you don’t need say from a Uline don’t think that things those things to charity and you can write those things off but your approval for these cows just make sure you pay and you pay overtime okay all right I know that was a quick video but I just want to show you guys a quick quick way to get your business credit profile you know jump started you know again this is Brian Howard signing out for B cash credit group calm thank

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